Not Like the movies

This is your typical love story... It's perfect. Late night walks on the beach, its picture perfect. But He's hiding a secret that you won't believe ...


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4. -Chapter 4-

"I'm sorry" he said, I was still puzzled... Where did I know that voice from... When I heard it I felt hatred, and if he's apologising... "For what?" I asked, and finally had the guts to look him in his eyes, his beautiful blu- "This morning... I accidentally pushed you over... I was on the way to the hospita-" he started, I didn't want to hear anymore, that and it was my stop. I was really upset. I started limping off the bus when i felt myself lifting up in the air and being flung over his shoulder. He carried me out of the bus and put me down. It was beautiful, the residue of water on the rich green grass, the last of the raindrops rolling down the windows of the houses. "I was going to come back, but my grandmother was dying" He snapped me out of my daze, "I-I just wanted to say goodbye." He finished, I say a tear, developing, like a raindrop, starting to roll down his face. Maybe I had been to harsh on him.


"I-it's ok, I was just upset. My new clothes are ruined, my phone broken and I'm going to be late to my own birthday party." I said, realising that I didn't even know his name. As he started to look down ashamed I felt really guilty, he wanted to say goodbye, I remember, when my mother died in that car crash last year all I wanted to do was say goodbye.........



A/N: Hey, so for those of you who have been reading this, first of all, I hope you like it and there aren't too many spelling, grammatical or punctuation errors, second off all I really would like to know what you think of my writing so tell me what you think in the comments or you can Skype me at Katz_Unicorn and tell me what you think. Finally I am so sorry that I haven't been updating that much, I have been really busy at school and renovating my house, but I honestly try to update as much as I possible can. Also I need a name for the guy in this story, I'm not very good at coming up with character names but I cant keep saying "He" or "Him." Thank you all so much for being patient and hope you keep reading!

One last thing: If you were wondering, which you probably weren't but, I don't publish A/N's as without a chapter cause I think thats mean to 'update' but it only be an A/N especially since I don't update that often. I also (in case you havent noticed) do an A/N every chapter, its not even a pattern, I do them whenever I think I need help or want your opinion on my writing. 


~ Unicorn4Life xx <3

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