Dark Fate

*DARK Niall H. And Luke H. Fan-fiction*
This story contains swear words and not allowed for people under 12 plus keep in mind that these characters are fictional they do not exist in real life and thank you :)


6. Chapter 6

Chapter 6 Melody's POV - M-Melody I...I have no idea what to say to you , I am so ashamed of myself , I am afraid if I tell you who I really am , you will make fun of me and treat me differently but most importantly you will leave me , I- - Niall...please just tell me what is going on ! I promise that I won't treat you differently and I will stick by your side no matter what ! - fine . Do you remember that kid named Steve Hicks from your neighbourhood ? The one who was older than you ? - ooooh you mean Stinky Steve ? ( his gaze dropped ) - yeah...tell me more about him - uhm...Niall what does it have to do with our subject ? - just please say what I tell you too , please...for me ? - ugh , fine . Well he was bullied he was a nerd he had problems at school and at home , once I heard that something happened between his parents , uh I remember he had an older brother he was from the cool kids but he used to make his life hell , well I think . He was top hated at school but I have no idea why , that's what my friend's used to say but that's a loooong time ago , I don't hear about him much now . I don't know that much about him , he is older than me . ( I looked at him and he was tearing up a bit ) Niall ?? - Melody...I , ugh well I know that Steve used and still has a huge crush on you...and he still thinks about you till now... - uh how did you know that ? - Melody , I...I am Steve - what ???? Hahahaha ! That isn't possible ! You look nothing like him ! He had glasses and messed up teeth his hair was hideous ! Niall wake up honey ! ( I looked at him and he looked hurt that's how I believed him he really is stinky Steve ! ) wait what ? Please I promise I won't make fun at you ! Just explain again...please ? - fine but its the last time Melody ! I am Steve Hicks , I had a huge crush on you and I still do , I followed you all these years , made fun of myself for you ! But when I moved with my dad when my parents divorced I was in a total agony I didn't want to leave you ! And when I heard that you came here I was really shocked and thrilled and I wanted to make you love me ! Ever since I came here I started a new page , now everyone has respect for me and are afraid of me , I even made up a new name which is Niall, Niall Horan ! Just so at one point I can go back to you ! And make you love me ! Looks like you came to me... - I...Niall...no one has never been in so much trouble for me ! Thank you ! ( he leaned towards me and kissed me hard sweetly and meaningfully , we just sat there making out on the bed , he wanted to go further but I left him wanting more ;) ) I wandered to my room still trying to absorb the fact that this nerdy hated and ugly kid was Niall ! And I just kissed him , the taste of his lips were still on mine and I can't get his image out of my head ! I think...no I know I am falling for him ! The next morning I woke up with a shake ; someone was shaking me a bit lightly whispering sweet nothings in my ear . My eyes fluttered open to find Niall beside me looking as cute as ever AND shirtless , I bit my lips but he noticed and smirked : - you like what you see ? - mmmm no , actually my ex-boyfriends were buffer than you (I said to piss him off a bit he frowned but soon noticed the amused smirk on my face and his frown turned upside down ) - mmmm is that so ? - yes yes it is ! - fine...(I thought he was gonna go but instead he lifted me off the ground and stareted twirling around and smacking my bum every once in a while ) - Niall ! Niall ! Put me down !!! - not until you say : Niall Horan is the best man ever ! The handsomest the sexiest and the most buff one on earth ! - NEVER ! ( I shouted at him threw my laughters ) - NEVER SAY NEVER ! ( he yelled and put me on the bed and tickled me ) - ohhhh fine ! Niall Horan is the best man ever ! The handsomest the sexiest and the most buff one on earth ! Happy now ??? - ah hahaha yes ! ( he let me go we were all sweaty ) so lets go eat my lady ! - well of course my man ! ( I held his hand and we went to the kitchen to eat ) * PS : sorry with the never say never part I also LOVE Justin Bieber <3 * We were eating bacon and eggs it was delicious ! Niall made them too... - so...Niall ??? - so...Melody??? ( he mocked me ) - how long am I gonna stay here ? - mmm as long as I want you too... - oh really ? - yep ( he said popping the "p" ) - well I am super bored so yeah... - mmm is that so ? in that case tonight we're gonna have some fun ( he smirked ) - what do you mean ? - wear something hot we're going out... - oh where ? - somewhere now do what I do and you'll be fine ok ? - okay... The day went supper fast and the last thing I knew is me being with Niall in the car... A/N Sorry girls I haven't been updating because I just hate my life ! Everythimg is going just wrong ! I hate my crush and I think he hates me all because of this stupid bitch ! Sorry I am just sooo sad !
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