Dark Fate

*DARK Niall H. And Luke H. Fan-fiction*
This story contains swear words and not allowed for people under 12 plus keep in mind that these characters are fictional they do not exist in real life and thank you :)


3. Chapter 3

Chapter 3 

Melody's POV

I woke up this morning and I felt like my head and my ears are gonna explode , last night's music was so loud , and I can't get out of my head "One Direction" s song its so catchy but most of all this mystery blond boy who left me marked is catchy . I decided to get all of those thoughts out of my mind and go prepare my self , I wore jeans and a cute top with flats :
Outfit :  http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_94/set?id=98475072
I got downstairs and ate breakfast without my dad, he left me a note telling me that he is gonna leave early every morning great...now I feel even more scared.
I took my bag and headed towards school but on my way there , a black range rover kept chasing me around but I didn't pay much attention , I thought it was gonna park somewhere ; I guess not...
I entered the school and headed straight to my locker on my way there everyone kept waving and saying hi to me...okay weird where I found Ashley :
- hey Melody how are you ? 
- oh hey Ashley ! I am great and you ? 
- me too...so I heard that yesterday you were at Luke's party right ? 
- uh yeah why ? 
- you are now part of the popular kids
- what why ? 
- well baby when you go to Luke Hemmings's party on your first day of school that's a record ! 
- really ? What's the big deal about it he is just a boy...
- a bad boy ! He is the hottest guy in school and the most popular plus he has an awesome band and girls are all over him ! 
- so what ? I really don't think its that big of a deal...
- really ? Well I think you should think that...( Luke popped out of nowhere and cut Ashley off )
- mmm but I am not gonna think that ! Plus I don't think your that bad talented or even hot ( I said to piss him off )
- um I-I think I am gonna go now...bye Mel ! ( Ashley said and ran off I looked back at Luke and he was frowning his vein was gonna pop out of his neck he came close to me and pinned me to the wall he was so angry he scared the shit out of me ) 
- Do you think I am bad now ? Hot or even talented ?? ( he raised his voice at me his hand was closed into a fist and I started crying )
- L-L-Luke I-I was joking...please stop ! ( I said threw my tears ) 
- YOU WERE JOKING ! WELL I AM GONNA MAKE YOU REGRET JOKING IN YOUR INTIRE LIFE MELODY ! ( he screamed at me all eyes were on us I was so scared and embarrassed I didn't move until his hand flew hard on my cheek the tears starting to pore out of my eyes like a river ,  he was going to hit me one more time until Ashton ran to us )
- LUKE ! Stop it ! ( he came and hugged me close to his chest , Luke just looked at me and him in disgust and went off everyone was silent )
- Melody ? ( Ashton spoke up ) 
- Y-Y-Yes ? 
- are you okay ? Are you hurt ? 
- no , that's okay I just think that my cheek is swollen that's all...
- come with me...I'll help you wash your beautiful face...
- thank you Ashton , you are really nice... 
Ashton helped me wash my face and take care of myself , he even stayed with me all day incase Luke comes back , the point is I just can't believe what he did , I didn't even mean what I said ! 
The day went slowly , I enjoyed every minute of it with Ashton he is so sweet and nice , I walked home alone , Ashton insisted to come with me but I refused politely . I opened the front door and heard someone talk with my dad he sounded awfully familiar I wonder who it is so I entered the room to find the blond boy with blue eyes from yesterday I stood still in my place not even knowing what to do :
- Melly ! Here you are ! Niall has been waiting for you for the past hour...( okay so his name is Niall...original ) 
- really ? Well I didn't know that Niall was waiting for me ! ( I said rudely ) 
- mmm and I didn't know that he was your boyfriend ! How could you not tell me ! 
- WHAT ? My boyfriend ? Since when ? ( I looked at Niall who had a smirk on his face , he got up from the couch and stood in-front of me ) 
- shhh sweetie , we don't have to hide it anymore ! So don't do that...
- but I...
- eum anyway we have a date tonight I will pick you up at 7 okay ? Be ready... ( he cut me off ) so I am going to go now...bye it was a delight to meet you sir ! 
- and it was a delight to meet my daughter's lovely first boyfriend ! Melly accompany   your boyfriend to the door please
- okay dad... ( I went with Niall to the door I was gonna slap him but he caught my hand and smirked )
- shhh be quiet...tonight you must go with me to the date and you better obey me...because if you don't you will see a side of me that you never wanna see , besides you don't wanna make your dad sad don't you ? 
- I...
- just be ready at 7 and wear something pretty okay ? 
- fine just go now ! 
- don't you ever kick me out of your house or talk to me that way baby...
With that he went away...okay that was really weird . Its the worst day ever first Luke and now this "Niall" guy ! 

Oooh what will happen next ? Is Melody going to go out with Niall or not ? And why is Ashton being so nice ? Is there a benefit behind it all ? And is Melody ever gonna forgive Luke for what he done ? Keep reading my story to know it all ! 

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