Dark Fate

*DARK Niall H. And Luke H. Fan-fiction*
This story contains swear words and not allowed for people under 12 plus keep in mind that these characters are fictional they do not exist in real life and thank you :)


2. Chapter 2

Melody's POV - Oh me...I just want to invite you to my party tonight , you better come and wear something sexy ok ? - Luke I...( he put a finger of his on my lips ) - shh ! Don't say anything your coming ! Be prepared Ashton is going to pick you up at 7 and my word is always a word understood cupcake ? ( he whispered-yelled in my ear , frantically he scared me . He looked in my eyes before he smirked and backed away from me leaving me alone chocked in my place...) The day went really quick Luke wouldn't stop looking at me...and it scared me he even beat the shit out of a boy for passing in front of me in line for lunch , tuff much ? I was walking back home on my own , when a black car stopped aside me and the window opened revealing the school's "bad boys" (Luke Calum Ashton and Michael) : - heyy cupcake...( Luke spoke ) hop in the car I'll drive you home...or better yet my home ( he smirked and I sighed ) - never in your wildest dreams Luke... (I spatted back : he frowned and the boys said oohh ) - I said at school that my word is a word !? Understood ? - yeah but you said that at school not here understood ? so buh-bye ! (I said and kept walking not looking back at them but I could feel Luke was pretty much angry because he almost ran over me but I had more than enough of this kid why isn't he letting me go ?!) As soon as I stepped in my house the the smell of baked potatoes and grilled chicken filled my nose yummy yum yum ;) - Daaaad I am hoome ! ( I yelled in the big house ) - I knooooow ( he came from the kitchen and gave me a kiss on the cheek ) - so...how was school for the first time ? Did you make any friends ? - um I guess it was alright , I made a phew friends... - mmm that's great sweetie I hope you will be happy here... - yeah me too , thanks dad...um daddy can I go out tonight ? - what ? Tonight ? With who ? - oh no don't worry I am going at my friend's house...(I lied) - oh I don't know Melly... - dad...please I promise that everything is gonna be good ok ? - fine...but keep your phone with you ! Okay ? I don't wanna get worried... - okay dad I love so much ! Thank you ! Um now if you will excuse me I need to go get prepared bye ( I said as I gave him a big kiss on the cheek and went up to my room ) - I was standing in my closet when I heard my phone buzz I looked over it and found that someone had texted me and it was an unknown number : 555-027 ( lets pretend ) : Heyyy sugar...its me Luke be ready at 7 Ashton is gonna come pick you up, oh and wear something sexy k ? Me : WTF Luke ? How on earth did you get my number? Luke : Baby girl I am the school's baddest bad boy I get everything I want ;) Me : Yeah yeah ok...what do you want from me ? Luke : I told you Ashton is coming at 7 be ready and wear something sexy aight ? Me : Fine fine bye -.- Luke : Bye baby :***** ;) Ugh ! Yeah yeah sexy my butt I am not your puppet Hemmings and I am certainly not gonna wear what you want ! I walked in my closet again and started picking the perfect outfit finally I found one : Outfit : http://www.polyvore.com/partaaayyy/set?id=102981888

I went and took a quick shower then wore my clothes and done my hair and makeup . I was finally done and it was 6:55...5 more minutes to go...I headed downstairs to be greeted by whistles form my dad I giggled at him suddenly the door bell rang , it must be Ashton but we didn't agree for him to literally come pick me up at my door now my dad is gonna think that its a date ! I opened the door and found Ashton behind it smiling cheekily : http://static.tumblr.com/cf271fc979aeb8908f5669184670ad74/xwiypem/tbnmv9pja/tumblr_static_47.jpg He was too sporty for my taste but oh well ! - hello sir , hello Melody , my name is Ashton , Ashton Irwin , nice to meet you sir ! - well hello Ashton ! How are you ? Melly you didn't tell me you had a date ! - uh oh dad...its not a date , he is just picking me up to go to my friend's house...nothing more nothing less , right Ashton ? - uh yeah yeah don't worry about it sir ! - mmm I hope so , well have a great night then , Melody don't do anything way too far okay ? - okay dad bye ! ( I said to him and kissed his cheek then got in the car with Ashton ) - you look beautiful tonight Melody...( Ashton said and I blushed ) - thanks not too bad yourself ! ( I said back and he laughed ) After a phew minutes we arrived at Luke's house : it was pretty big and the music was so loud , and the coloured lights were exploding out of the house there were people everywhere...to be honest its my first time at a party and I am pretty scared of that... - Mel Luke wants to see you... - why ? - I...I can't tell you just please go with me to see him okay ? - ugh ! Fine...lets go b-but promise me you won't leave me alone okay ? - yeah sure don't worry...come on lets go ! Ashton opened the door for me held my hand and let me threw the crowd of sweaty people everyone in there was too busy dancing or getting drunk even making out with their date or anything...I was soon pulled out of my thoughts by a blond boy with ocean blue piercing eyes : he was watching me from the corner with his friends. I am not gonna lie he was so damn hot ! They all were but he kept my attention . There was something keeping me away from him , my heart didn't want to get anywhere near him he kinda scared me... - Melody... - uh yes Ashton...sorry I must of dozed off... - that's okay I was just worried... ( I smiled warmly at him but suddenly Luke came to us he didn't seem happy he looked furious and mostly at Ashton...) - um hey guys you know I am still here...( I said breaking the awkward silence ) - uh yeah...Melody , you look smexy ! - okay so that's why you brought me here ? To tell me I am smexy ? - no...I wanted you to hear me play my music... - your music ? - yeah...the boys and I made a band called 5 seconds of summer - really ? That's great...I can't wait to hear you play... - great , there is also another band playing, its One Direction you'll like them too - I hope so... ( at that moment a someone called Luke and he went to them ) - okay so Melody I am gonna get going okay ? - uh n-no no please don't leave me here alone... ( I said threw my embarrassment ) - you...is it your first party ? - y- yeah...( I blushed ) - b-but you're 18 years old ! - I know...its just that I was more of a "home" kind of girl... - oh okay...any way I will stay by your side... Soon enough Ashton left me to go play on stage , they were amazing , Luke was playing guitar and singing , his voice was so beautiful...next on stage was the so called "One Direction" when I looked on stage I saw the blond boy from before with his friends they sang a pretty cool song called "Just can't let her go" its pretty catchy and their voice is so powerful , but the blond one didn't take his eyes off of me and that really scared me...again. The party went on and on , and Ashton got finally waisted...I knew it would happen so I had to deal with it on my own . I was in the kitchen getting a glass of water from the counter when I felt a pair of hot lips connect with my neck , I shivered and turned around quickly to find the blond boy from before my face turned pale , this wasn't right at all : - hello beautiful...( he said to me ) too shy ? Fine then lets make it my way... He came closer to me and blocked me to the wall , he scanned me up and down closely putting one hand on my bum , he didn't let me move , he pinned me closely to the wall , he started showering my neck jawline and collarbone with kisses unfortunately he found my sweet spot ; I tried not to moan but its just so hard he is so good at this , I moaned and a smirk grew on his face , he starting grazing my neck and sucking on it to finally ending it up with a love bite on my neck...he kissed it one more time and went away . My heart was pounding fast in my chest : I can't stay here anymore...I took the rest of my dignity and headed towards home walking . As soon as I went there I made sure to cover up the love bite so my dad wouldn't freak out and kill someone tonight...luckily my dad was fast asleep , I rushed to my room and went to sleep...This was a long day...I just can't get Luke and this blond boy out of my mind... A/N Heyy guys ! How are you ? I hope you are all doing great , I just want to thank you for everything keep reading my story its really nice and please can you also read my other story its called 💖Love Stars💖 comment and favourite thank you :***

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