Dark Fate

*DARK Niall H. And Luke H. Fan-fiction*
This story contains swear words and not allowed for people under 12 plus keep in mind that these characters are fictional they do not exist in real life and thank you :)


12. Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Melody's POV
Everything was black, there was a strange smell and weird noises it sounded like whispers. I slightly opened my eyes to inspect the atmosphere I was in. The first thing I saw was the ceiling, and I felt that I was lying on the cold hard ground *hehehe :p* and my head still hurts. My hands and my legs were tied with a rope ."She's awake" I heard someone whisper next to me. What's happening ? I slowly turned my head and I saw two men who looked in there twenties they both smirked evilly :
- hello beautiful ( a blond boy said )
- shut up and tell me what's happening ! ( I shouted at him ) 
- hahaha hey Logan we got a feisty one here huh ?! ( a brunette boy said to the blond one who I assume his name was Logan ) 
- hahaha yeah we do Chad ! ( Logan replied )
- okay well look you little fuckers get me out of here or else you'll regret the day you were born ! Is that understood ?! ( I shouted at them but suddenly Chad's hand flew up to my face which made me yelp in pain and the tears started flowing out of my eyes ) 
- what did you say bitch ?! Huh ? ( he kicked me...again and again till I was all bruised and the blood was showing on my body )
- Chad STOP ! ( Logan shouted at Chad making him stop ) 
- what's wrong with you ?! ( Chad shouted to Logan ) 
- Chad you are going to kill her ! 
- I don't care she doesn't have the right to talk to me that way ! 
- fine just get out of here I'll deal with her ! 
- looks like someone has a cwushy wooshy on that girl huh ?
- shut up and get out ! ( Chad got out of the room and I started crying even more while hiding my bruised face from Logan ) 
- come on Melody show it to me ! Don't be shy I promise I won't hurt you just please ! ( I slowly removed my hand revealing my face, he gasped and ran out of the room then returned with an aiding kit and took care of my bruised body )
- L-L-Logan what is happening to me ? Why am I here ?
- Melody...I have no idea how to explain it to you but um...
- Logan please ! Explain to me what's happening ! 
- fine...your dad took money from our boss Collamar to heal your mother but unfortunately she died and he had to pay the money to our boss in 4 months but he became broke so he ran away from us but eventually we found him and yesterday one of Collamar's men went to your house to take the money after 5 months but he didn't gave it to us so we had to kidnap you so your dad would learn his lesson, I am sorry Melody but we had too I-
- what ?! No that couldn't be happening to me ! ( I started crying ) 
- Melody I promise everything is going to be fine ! I won't let them touch you ! Just don't be sad please ! 
- Logan ? Why are you so nice to me ? You are supposed to hate me and torture me like Chad ?!
- because...I am not one of them, I had to come with them because I owe them one...besides I care for you...
- You owe them what ? 
- I...I had cancer and Collamar gave me money to pay for my medication
- I...I don't know what to say really...
- don't say anything Melody its okay.
- Logan can you please help me out of here I beg you ! 
- I wish I just don't know how ! 
- just please go find Niall Horan and he'll know what to do just say to him everything please ! 
- okay Melody just please don't say anything to anyone about our little conversation or else I am dead ! Please ! 
- of course and thank you a lot.
- your welcome, now I have to go find Niall Horan right ?
- yes. Thank you ! 
- your welcome and if you want me just scream my name okay ? 
- okay
- and before take those ( he tossed me some pills ) 
- what are those ? Drugs ? Then no thank you ! 
- no these are pills that prevent you from getting pregnant if something happend to you while I am gone but trust me nothing will happen to you don't worry.
- thank you Logan bye ! ( Logan got out of the room and shut the door behind him I hope everything will be alright )

Niall's POV

- Melody has been kidnapped ( suddenly I couldn't breath and my whole body was numb...Melody has been kidnapped ?! No this couldn't be happening ! ) 
- WHAT HOW ?! ( I shouted my eyes crying and my soul begging this to be just a nightmare but it wasn't the case )
Roland sat down on the floor, his head in his hands and starting going back and forth like a baby and his mother is making him sleep in his stroller ( lol did that even make sense ? xp ) and he explained to me everything...
I was lost in my thoughts,my heart was beating fast, I need to save Melody before its too late, without her I would be dead...Suddenly the door bell rang I ran as fast as I could hoping it was Melody but my heart dropped when I saw a blond boy standing at the door :
- hello...is this the residence of mr Roland ? 
- why yes,yes it is...how may I help you ? 
- my name is Logan and I am here to help you may I please come in ? Its really urgent ! I have a message from Melody to mr Niall Horan and I need to deliver it to him before its too late ! 
- what !? Its me ! I am Niall Horan ! What is it ? Spill it now ! What's wrong with my baby ?! Is she okay !! Answer now ! ( I shouted at him ) 
- she is alright but please I need to come in before anyone sees me...
- fine get in. ( Logan entered the house and sat down and a chair, he seemed quite surprised with the atmosphere ) 
- come on spit it out ! 
- okay so...
Logan explained to me everything from A to Z, Melody was in danger I have to do something and now ! 

Melody's POV

Its been 2 hours since Logan got out and I was left alone here in this place ! I can't believe this is happening to me ! Could anything worse happen ?! Suddenly there was a knock on the door I quickly turned my bruised face to the wall hoping that Logan is back. I heard the door close and footsteps coming towards me : I didn't react at all. All of a sudden I was brutally grabbed by both my arms, I looked up and found Chad...
- hello Melody ! Lets play a game what do you think about it ? 
- C-Chad please let me down, I am too tired to play a game.
- mmm but I am not ! 
He tossed me on the bed and tied me to it: I couldn't move in any way.
- let me go ! ( I cried, I think I knew what's gonna happen next ) 
- hahahaha ! Never princess ! 
He started un-buttoning my shorts and tossed it on the floor then he ripped open my shirt. He started kissing my body and I continued shouting. My soul was trapped inside a cage. I couldn't think straight it was like I was gonna die right here right now, everything and everyone was coming through my mind : Niall, Dad, Luke,my friends, and my mom. What will Niall think after I tell him that I have been raped ?! Would he throw me like I am some sort of garbage in his hands ? I have to get out of this ! I started screaming and moving in all ways jerking away from him, trying to rip the rope suddenly the door flew open to reveal Logan thanks God ! His eyes winded in surprise and he became red in anger :
- CHAD LEAVE HER ALONE !!! ( he shouted and his fist hit brutally Chad's nose letting it bleed. Chad didn't say anything he just walked angrily out of the room after giving Logan a stare full of anger and hate ) 
I was on the floor crying my eyes out not knowing what to do with my life. Logan carried me to the bed and took off his shirt then gave it to me and sat down caressing my hair and cheeks.
- shhhh...Melody its okay. At least nothing more happened.
- ugh...yeah you are right. Thank you, you saved me.
- no, that's nothing. I already told you that I wouldn't let anyone touch you while I am alive.
- so...what did you do about Niall ? 
- I went and talked to him, he said that he'll take care of it and tomorrow night he'll come for you don't worry. Oh and he said that he loves you to death.
I slightly smiled at him the cuddled up to him, then slept.


Oh :o what do you think will happen next ? Is Melody gonna be alright ?! What about Logan is he gonna be discovered ? And Niall is he going to save Melody or chicken out at the last minute ? Stay tuned to know it all ! 
Hey guys ! I am sooooo sorry I haven't update till now but I have A LOT of work more than you could ever imagine so today I finished my exams and as soon as I did I came and published this chapter. Hope you liked it :)))
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