Dark Fate

*DARK Niall H. And Luke H. Fan-fiction*
This story contains swear words and not allowed for people under 12 plus keep in mind that these characters are fictional they do not exist in real life and thank you :)


10. Chapter 10

Chapter 10 Dad's POV I sent Melody to her room then walked to the door, my hands were shaking from the fear I have no idea what I should do.I opened the door only revealing for me a big buff man covered in tattoos, and I think he had a gun : - uh...h-hello how may I help you sir ? ( I spoke slowly and he smirked ) - well hello there Roland...( he pushed me and passed by me ) I think you know who I am, who sent me here and why...( I nodded fear taking over me ) mmm good, now tell me were is the money kiddo. *flashback* My wife, Miranda needed to do an operation to live so I went and took money from a man named Collamar, he is very dangerous,I took from him 40 000€ but of course I needed to pay him and he gave me 4 months as chances to pay but unfortunately everything went wrong : my wife died and I am broke that's why I don't have the money to pay him and also thats why I moved town. But a week ago someone called me and threatened me ; it was Collamar... *end of flashback* - I....I don't have the money to give it to you I, please I'll pay but not now ! - mmmm look Roland its been 5 months...so no, the boss needs his money back now ! - but I don't have money ! I am broke ! - your broke huh ? Then why are you living in this beautiful house ? - because the factory I work in now gave it to me ! - mmm ( he started walking in the house and with every step he took I prayed to God that Melody won't see him because I know that she knows that there is something wrong ) oh who is this sexy girl ? Is that your daughter Roland ?! ( my attention snapped again to him and he had a picture of Melody ) - HEY! Leave this picture alone ! ( he smirked ) and get out of this house ! - fine Roland but trust me you won't be happy - I had enough with your shit ! Just get out ! I will pay you but when I get the money ! And with that I closed the door in his face. I was sweating like wow and I couldn't think straight why is this happening to me ?! A/N What will happen next ? Why was this strange man smirking all the time ?! Read further in my story to known it all ! Hey guys! Happy New year ! And if you have any suggestions or desires for the story you can kik me : Melanie..K or write it in the comments any way I would love to get to know you guys and can you please follow me on Twitter ? Its Melanie_Kady and on Instagram : Melanie_Kady I always follow you back love you :**
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