The "Harry" Tale

Hello,My name is Kenna Jones. Im 17Years old and i have no boyfriend. This is my Fairy tale about the one i love the most,Harry. Now,dont get me wrong,the rest of tm are cool too but harry is my Fairy Tale. The guy who i want to spend my life with.

PLEASE READ MY FAN FICTION!! i will cry if you dont! :)


1. I've never believed in "love at first sight'

"KENNY!!! You are late!" my sister Oliva yelled. "If im late,Im late let that be on me!' i say "Fine but when mom sees you still here at 12:28 she is gonna be pissed at you!" Oliva says "Yea your right. And i have agenda today" i say rising "What it is? your every minute kisses daily?" she jokes. its not funny. "No i heard there is a new guy in the im going to talk to him" i say "Not if your still here at 12:00" Oliva says pointing to the clock. "Oh crapskies!!!!" i say. i do all my stuff and decide to wear a polka dot strapless dress. and black thigh high boots. I do my hair in a modern Quiff. and my burnt orange high lights as bangs. "Come on Ollie!" i say locking the door. and were off to school!!! Oh great! first class would be bio. woww. "Hello class! we have a new student. Harry Styles!!! (Btw not famous) "You can sit by...Kenna!!!" Ms.Peewee (xD) "Hi my name is Harry." he smiles. "Hi im Kenna! how are you on this fine day?' i start up a brief convo. "Im fine" he states "You sure are fine." i daze away. "AHEM kaila? kelly? um who are you again?" he says neverously "Its kenna" im so glad it was a long day! Harry's p.o.v Its already bad enough i forget her name! how am i gonna get her to be my friend?! she is soo pretty. I think i found my perfect match <3
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