Remus Lupin x OC


1. Transfer from Beauxbatons? Yes please!

"Hunter Mae! Hurry Up, you don't want to be late, do you?" called my mother, Jade Mae, up to me. I sighed as I put the final book in my trunk. Yeah, female having only one trunk, odd right? No, in the wizarding world, it's far from it. Almost all of my possessions were in the trunk, and I had a lot. You see, this bag could fit a set up bed into it, because it's charmed to be bigger on the inside, but still small on the outside.

"Mother we still have half an hour, relax! We're apparating there anyway!" I called down to her, tolling my eyes. I headed into the bathroom across the hall, checking myself over one last time. I had long straight hair that fell down past my breasts a little, it was a lovely blue colour, both light and dark. The tips of my hair were dip-dyed a light purple. The part was to the right a little, and if I wanted I could create the perfect curtain over my face.

My eyes were such a dark shade of brown that they looked almost black. My mother said they looked almost lifeless, which isn't something I was shocked about. I did have a tough childhood, a father that hates me and a terrible time at Beauxbatons. I had on thick black eyeliner, along with mascara applied lightly on my lashes. I was more pale than tan, so my lips looked a little redder than they would be if I was tan. Fortunately I'm not, I quite like being pale.

Actually Hunter, it's twenty minutes" my mother corrected, popping her head in the door. "Have you got everything ready?" she asked. She looked at my clothing, nodding her approval. "Don't forget that you'll have to change into your school uniform when you're almost there."

"Of course mother, I won't forget" I assured her, walking with her into my bedroom.

"I told you not to hit anyone at Beauxbatons and you said you wouldn't forget. But that's the reason why you're being transferred, violence is terrible in the eyes of a lady" chuckled my mother, though she was the one that taught me how to fight physically.

"Hey! She deserved it! She ripped my favourite book in half" I exclaimed, then laughed gently.

"Of course, Hunter.. of course.." she sighed. "Have you got your bracelet on?" she asked, and I lifted my right wrist up to her to show the silver chain bracelet, three little charms hanging from it. A tiger, my father's Animagus, a cat, my mother's Animagus, and a lioness, my illegal Animagus. They were just the heads of the animals though, with such beautiful and intricate detail to them.

"I've gotten you a new charm for it" she told me, and began attaching a wolf charm to it, though it looked more like a werewolf's head.

"Oh, it's lovely mother, thank you!" I said with a smile, hugging her. "But what is it's meaning? You told me that that every charm to go on this bracelet will have a meaning to it."

She pulled out of the hug and put her hands on my shoulders, "I sense something to do with a werewolf, or wolf, in your future. Whether good or bad, I do not know, but it will affect you greatly. Be careful" she told me. We headed downstairs, my mother levitating my trunk down.

"Owen!" she called, and my grumpy father trudged into the room. "Our dear Hunter is going now, so say good bye" ordered my mother, "please?"

"Bye, freak" he grunted, obviously not happy with being disturbed from ready his precious little news paper that he cared about more than me. Don't get me wrong, I love him and all, but he is such a prick, especially to my mother. He trudged back into the living room, turning the television up as to not hear my mother call to him again.

"Not even an 'I love you Hunter, have fun Hunter'. How lovely" I whined, a frown appearing on my face. My mother gave me an apologetic look that basically said 'he'll come around'. But to be honest, he won't, ever. I don't understand why he calls me a freak, he's a wizard too!

My mother handed me my snowy owl, Mixie, then my satchel that I slung over my right shoulder. "I put in it your purse - with all your money in it, by the way, oh, and there's an undetectable extension charm on it."

"There's three books in there, Hogwarts;A History - do your research -, The Curse of the Moon, and that French book of yours, I think it's a horror. Also, in it is some Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans, your sketch pad, something muggles call pencils, a woollen jacket in case you get cold, your favourite perfume and also your wand."

I took my precious wand out of the satchel and put it in a pocket hidden on the inner side of my shirt. My mother had sewn a pocket for my wand in absolutely every shirt I own, rather helpful actually. I smiled down at Mixie, switching her into my right hand before taking my suitcase in the other hand. "Ready?" she asked, and I gave an eager nod.

She put her hand firmly on my shoulder before apparating us to platform nine and three quarters. I looked around, slightly amazing at all the commotion going on around me. "Here we are, platform nine and three quarters, my little second year" said my mother with a proud look in her eyes, "you’re growing up so fast."

"Mother, I'm still only twelve" I giggled, then my eyes widened. "Could you quickly do the spell on my hair to keep it like this for another year? Please? It's too complicated for me!"

She smiled warmly at me, muttering a spell under her breath with her wand at my head. "Have fun sweetie, and try not to get in trouble, please. Before they have no choice but to put you in Durmstrang with all the boys" joked my mother, "but then again, you'd beat them up too. You're my tough little princess - emotionally and physically."

I laughed airily, then gave her a bear hug. "I'll have as much fun as I can, and I'll try not ot hit anyone, I promise. But remember, I promise to try, I never said I'd actually do it."

"Good bye. Go before you miss the train. I love you, Hunter" said my mother, giving me a little nudge.

"I love you too mother, good bye!" I called, walking off. I took my trunk and owl over to the bagging area and handed it to the bagging man, whom put it in a massive compartment just for luggage. Then he put Mixie in a place just for pets.

I looked over to where my mother was, and seeing as she was still standing there, I gave her a little wave as I walked onto the train. Seeing as the train was just about ot leave, there were literally no empty compartments.

I sighed, deciding on going in one with just four people in it, seeing as they could all fit six. "Hello" I said gently after I opened the compartment door. Four boys were sitting in there, and I assumed they were a tight group of friends. "Is there enough room for one more? I asked, seeming confident, but really I was quite nervous.

They all stood up, looking at me with interest in their eyes. I took this time to quickly examine them as they introduced themselves.

"Remus Lupin" said the one on the right side of the compartment nearest the window. He had sandy brown, neat, yet carefree hair, much like my natural colour, but that darkened with my eyebrows when I decided to stay inside all the time. He had light green almost hazel eyes, though there was a look in his eyes that made him seem just a little bit odd.

"Sirius Black." The boy standing across from him had such dark hair that it almost looked black, was slightly curly, almost reached his shoulders and was obviously messed up on purpose. His grey eyes stared into mine, and I figured he was a little bit odd too, maybe even a flirt.

"James Potter" introduced the one next to Sirius Black. Potter stood proudly, which directed me to assume he was basically the leader of this little group. He had messy short black hair and hazel eyes. His eyes were friendly and welcoming, as well as his smile.

"P-Peter Pettigrew" stuttered the last one, sitting across from James Potter. He was sort of short, unlike the others, who were rather tall, ordering from Lupin being tallest, to Potter, then Black. Pettigrew had mousy brown hair that was combed neatly, and blue eyes. There was something about him that unnerved me, and honestly, he reminded me of a rat.

Each of the boys except for Lupin were slightly tanned, hinting that Lupin wasn't one to go outside and enjoy the sun much, or perhaps that the other three were just naturally a little more tan than him.

"I'm Hunter Mae" I introduced, my face remaining expressionless until I began to look at them expectantly.

"What?" asked Black after they all sat back down, finding it odd that I was just standing there.

"I asked you before, is there room for one more?" I asked, talking down to him as if he were a child.

"No, you look kind of like a freak" replied Black, and I scowled a little. I'd heard that one enough at Beauxbatons for it to not affect me anymore, so I shrugged it off really.

"Fine, Black" I huffed, then left to find another compartment further down, but not before hearing Lupin telling him that what he said was a little harsh.

I looked to the compartment to my left as I moved further down the train, seeing only two people in it. There was a red headed girl, who was probably a second year. She had bright green eyes, and a welcoming smile as I opened the door..

There was a guy sitting across from her with greasy black hair and dark eyes. "I'm Hunter Mae" I introduced, smiling at the both of them, "do you mind if I sit with you? Every where else is full."

"Of course" she replied after looking at the guy across from her for his approval. "I'm Lily Evans, and that's Severus Snape."

"It's lovely to meet you both" I replied, closing the door and sitting next to the window on Lily's side. I Pulled out Hogwarts; A History and began skimming through the pages, picking up whatever information I could as I spoke to them.

"What year are you in?" asked Lily.

"I'm in my second year" I answered, eyes not leaving my book, "you?"

"We're in second year as well. But, if you're a second year, then how come we've never seen you before?" she asked, "surely we would have noticed your hair! What house are you in?"

"Because I'm a transfer from Beauxbatons, I got kicked out for using violence. I didn't mean to put her in the hospital for two weeks, everything kind of went black and my body was doing the work for me. My mother has been making me go to anger management classes since then" I answered, not bothering with answering her question about the houses. I had just skimmed through the chapter, and wasn't in a house.

"You sound tough" commented Severus, and I looked up to see a look of shock on his face. I nodded proudly.

"Do you know about the houses?" asked Lily, again I nodded. "Which one do you think you'll be sorted into?"

"Perhaps Ravenclaw, but then again Gryffindor sounds a bit like me. I'd really like to be in Ravenclaw though, it sounds great, plus, I really like the colour blue" I told her, then looked back down at my book.

"Why not Slytherin?" asked Severus, and I looked at him in confusion.

"Because I don't think I could put up with the reputation of bein gmean when I'm far from it. Slytherin isn't me" I told him.

"Sev is in Slytherin, I'm in Gryffindor" Lily told me, and I nodded, looking back to my book again.

"What about those four boys? I think it was Remus Lupin, Piper Pettigreen, Sirius Blue and Jackson Peter?" I asked, my brows furrowing as I tried to think of their names.

"You only got one right!" giggled Lily, then suddenly started laughing, so I assumed I got them wrong. She pointed to Severus for him to tell me.

"It's Peter Pettigrew, Sirius Black and James Potter" he corrected, cracking a smile.

"Oh.. right, of course" I giggled, "well, what houses are they in?"

"They're all Gryffindors" said Severus with distaste, not toward the house.. but toward the four boys.

Lily calmed down, and looked at me, "we don't really like them, well.. Severus hates them, and I hate that git James Potter! Remus is the only okay one though, even if he doesn't really do anything to stop them from bullying Sev, at least he makes them feel a bit bad about it afterwards by telling them off."

"Oh, they bully you?" I asked, looking to Severus. "I don't think Black likes me, he said I look kind of like a freak, but it's okay, I got called that all the time at Beauxbatons, it doesn't affect me anymore" I told Lily, adding the end when she gave me a shocked look.

I took a book out of my satchel, it was my favourite book. The Curse of the Moon. It was about a male that was bitten by a werewolf and never thought he could find love because of his condition, but a girl comes along and proves him wrong.

I engaged in a conversation with Lily and Severus every now and then, otherwise I was reading. I had finished the book soon enough, and began reading the French book my mother mentioned. The title was Sang et des Larmes, which translated to Blood and Tears in English. It was a great horror book, very descriptive too.

Half way through the book, LIly nudged me, "we should go get changed into our uniforms" she informed me. I nodded, putting my book back in my satchel and finding my uniform in there. Well, mother didn't mention that. I took my satchel with me, following Lily down the train a bit.

"Hey! Evans!" called the voice of Potter, and Lily groaned. She simply walked faster, and I walked at a normal pace, shaking my head at the girl as she entered a female change room.

"Oh look, it's Mae" said Sirius with an irritated tone, "guess she made friends with Evans, and probably Snape."

"Yes, actually, I am. I'd rather be friends with him than you, Black. You called me a freak before you even got to know me!" I snapped, heading into the change room beside Lily's.

I tied my hair up in a high pony tail, though it was done loosely, so some hairs at the front that framed my face fell out a little. I undressed until I was in my undergarments, and looked in the full length mirror. For a twelve year old, I had developed a little - well, a lot - quicker than most girls my age. My body is more of a fourteen year old's.

"I need to eat a little more" I murmured, noticing that I was getting a bit under weight and could kind of see my bones. I don't want to be anorexic, I have been before and it wasn't fun. I then turned away from the mirror, beginning to put my uniform on.

My pleated grey skirt sat in the middle of my thighs, and my socks reached three inches above my knee. My white button up thin shirt wasn't tucked in, no, but the collar was folded neatly over my thin grey v-neck knitted jumper. My plain tie was tucked under that jumper, in which I had no problem tying. Under my skirt I put on a pair of black denim shorts, just in case.

I put on the open black tied robe, slipped on a pair of simple black flats, then slung my satchel over my shoulder. "Lily?" I whispered yelled, knocking on her door.

"Yeah, I'll be done in just a minute" she called through the door.

"Alright, I'll be waiting outside" I told her, then leant up against the wall beside her door, waiting patiently. I was usually a rather calm person, unless of course some one does something that angers me.

"Hunter Mae, right?" came a voice from beside me, and I looked to see Lupin.

"Correct" I said coldly with a nod. "What do you want, Lupin?"

"I just want to apologise for Siriius, he wasn't exactly the nicest to you. If he called me a freak I probably would've hit him there and then. Don't take what he says to hear-"

"Lupin, I can take care of myself!" I snapped, "I got kicked out of Beauxbatons for beating one of the girls up and leaving them in St Mungo's for two weeks! I got called a freak all the time at Beauxbatons, so getting called it once or twice now doesn't matter to me at all!"

"Alright.." he said quietly, "you seemed nice before, but now that you've snapped at me, you've sort of proven me wrong. You sound fairly mean now." I raised an eyebrow, folding my arms across my chest.

"Leave me alone" I said coldly as LIly came out of the change room. She stood there awkwardly for a moment while I stared at Lupin angrily. Does he think that just because I'm a female, I can't take care of myself? Oh shut up Hunter, you're making this sound like your favourite book.

I was named after the girl in the book. My mother hoped that I would become like her, perhaps without the whole werewolf thing, but then again, during these times it's a possibility.

"Hello Lily" said Lupin politely.

"Hello Remus. Um.. what's going on here?" asked Lily almost silently.

"Nothing, he was just leaving" I said darkly, turning to face Lily and slightly stomping my foot.

"Y-yeah" he stuttered, "I'll see you at school. Lily, Mae" he said, nodding once at each of us when he said our names.

"Okay..." she said awkwardly, "bye Remus!" she called after him, then turned to me. "I take it you don't get along well with him?"

"No, nor with Black, the little git" I grumbled, and Lily began to drag me back down the train and to our compartment where Severus was waiting, already dressed. "Hello again Severus" I said with a smile, this time sitting down beside him.

"Hello Hunter" he said, smiling back at me, then added "Lily."

"I don't really care about this, but I'm going to ask, what is your blood status?" I asked the both of them.

"Muggle-born" answered Lily. Oh, my father won't like her at all then.

"Half-blood" said Severus. My father might be okay with him, but he's a Slytherin. My father was a Gryffindor.

"What about you?" asked Lily.

"Pureblood. Unfortunately my father doesn't like any one that isn't a pureblood-" I then looked to Severus "-or is in Slytherin." I wouldn't be able to have Lily over on the breaks.

"Well then, over a break you'll have to come over to my house instead" said Lily, smiling.

"What, are you a mind reader now?" I chuckled, having just thought about spending breaks together.

"Nah, you said it all loud" she told me.

"Oh" I giggled, then noticed we came to a stop. "We're here!" I exclaimed, happy that the train ride was finally over. I followed Lily and Severus off the train, then when we got off she linked her arm with mine, leading me through the crowd.

Soon enough we were up at Hogwarts, and I was absolutely amazed at the sight in front of me. Lily led me to a woman, "Professor McGonagall, here's Hunter Mae, the transfer from Beauxbatons" she told her, and the woman looked down at me.

"Ah, hello Miss Mae, you'll go in with the first years, and you'll be sorted first" she informed me, and I nodded, then she looked at Lily. "Miss Evans, you may go now."

"I'll save you a spot just in-case" whispered Lily into my ear, then unlinked her arm from mine and headed into the Great Hall, following everyone else.

Professor McGongall took me over to a group of first years, whom all looked rather nervous, some excited. Almost instantly we were taken into the hall, and I zoned out whilst the headmaster spoke, Dumbledore, if I was correct. Though I began listening when I heard McGonagall speaking about me.

"Now, we have a second year transfer from Beauxbatons, Hunter Mae. I want you all to be kind to her, and if you could-" she looked at Lily "-show her around if she is lost, same with all the first years." Professor McGonagall gestured for me to come sit up on the stool. I walked up with my head held high and sat down, feeling a hat being placed on my head.

"I'd put you in Ravenclaw, but..." began the hat, speaking quietly to me, then shouting, "Gryffindor!" McGonagall took the hat from my head and I looked at Lily with a smile. I walked quickly down to her and sat in the spot she had reserved for me.

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