Everything Has Changed

One day at a meet and greet for Taylor Swift's sold out Red tour, she meets a girl named Danielle. She is not like all the other girls. She stood out amongst them. Even after the concert, they stay in touch and Taylor becomes the best friend that Danielle ever had. She always got left out sits in the back with red headed Abigail. One day, something happens to Taylor and Danielle and Taylor's new boyfriend have to come save her. What will happen to Tay?


1. Everything Has Changed


this is a Taylor Swift/Ed Sheeran fanfic so if you're going to hate, LEAVE. I saw ed Sheeran in concert live again on November 1. I got extremely obsessed then. Even more than I used to be. I've always been obsessed with Tay and I got a little more obsessed when she guest performed with Ed. Anyways, enjoy, like, comment, and favorite!


Taylor's POV:

"There's something about the way the street looks when it just rained. There's a glow of the pavement-"
I get I interrupted by my manager. 
"Stop! Taylor, how many times have I told you that we're not doing Fearless for this tour?"
He yells. 
"I don't care. I want to sing Fearless tonight."
"No. End of discussion."
I just roll my eyes. I'm gunna perform Fearless tonight wether he wants me to or not. I sing We Are never Ever Getting Back Together. 
"Ok. Soundcheck is over! Time for the meet and greet."
One of the sound people say. 
I reply. I get up and walk over to where the meet and greet is going to be. Security lets the fans in, one by one. I meet a bunch. One person comes in who seems different from everyone else though.
"Hi what's your name?"
I ask. 
She replies. 
"Beautiful name."
"Thank you."
I sign her an autograph and then another fan comes in. Soon enough, the concert starts. Austin Mahome performs. Then Ed Sheeran. I can't wait to perform the duet with him later. It's starting to get dark by the time Ed finishes. The stadium is almost filled by now. The stage crew sets everything up for me. Soon enough, the music for State Of Grace is playing. 
"I'm walking fast through the traffic lights
Busy streets and busy lives
And all we know
Is touch and go
We are alone with our changing minds..."
I sing. The crowd goes crazy. You has no idea how amazing it is to sing and have 55 thousand people screaming your name. I finish the song. 
"Thank you everyone!"
I yell. I smile. Everyone is cheering and clapping. I perform a bunch of my songs. Soon enough, it's time to go to the smaller stage in the back to perform. Its where Ed will be performing with me. 
"There's something about the way the street looks when it's just rained there's a glow off the pavement..."
I finally don't get interrupted. I finish the song and everyone goes crazy. 
"Stay fearless everyone."
I smile. 
"Now, I would like to welcome a very good friend of mine back to the stage. Give it up for Ed Sheeran!"
I exclaim as Ed walks over to me. We start playing our guitars and I start to sing. 
"I know something now, know something now I didn't before."
I smile at Ed while we sing. I look at the crowd for the rest of the song. I look at Ed again as I sing the last line,
"All I know since yesterday is everything has changed."
That one moment is the moment I saw Ed differently than I have ever seen him before. I see him as more than just a friend. This is the moment I knew that everything has changed. 
"Give it up for Ed!"
I yell. I break our eye contact. The crowd goes crazy as Ed walks off the stage and goes backstage again. I sing for the rest of the night. The last song I sing is We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. 
"Goodnight everyone and thank you all so much!"
I yell as I leave the stage. This is officially the best night if the tour. I can't believe I just realized that I'm truly in love with Ed. I wonder of he feels the same way. Probably not. He can do better than me. I walk out to my tour bus. I find my cat, Meredith waiting for me. When I walk into the bus, she comes running over. I play with her a little before I pass out from exhaustion. I bet that today was the hottest performance so far. It must've been at least 100° outside. On stage with all of the bright lights on me, it must've been double that. I'm sweating and exhausted. I do so much during my performances. I run, I jump, I sing, I scream, I do everything. I have a concert on most nights so I'm even more tired for the next day. Tomorrow is my day off. I'm just going to hang out and do whatever I want all day. Something a regular person would do on a day when they don't have to work. I think I'm gunna hang around town or go shopping. I'm in a really pretty area today and I want to be able to explore it and enjoy it. I can't wait. 

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