Lonely In Florida

Mary is a regular girl with everything she would want,well,she used to be until her mom and dad was killed in a terrorist attack. Now she is an orphaned girl in Florida. When she thought things couldn't get worse, the same terrorist that killed her mom and dad suddenly exploded their orphanage for no reason. She thought everything was going to get worse when she knows that she had wealthy cousins in Orlando , Florida. Now it is her goal to reach to their destination and discover who the terrorist actually is.


3. Good Morning...Or Is It?

When I woke up I was all warm and tired. That was probably the most scariest dream I'd ever dreamed! When I went down stairs my breakfast was ready; oatmeal,milk and yogurt. I thought, Well,that's a great way to start the morning. The people smiled at me and said " Good morning " I smiled at them and said "Good morning, " too. One of the people said "Are you ready? " I asked " Ready for what? " Then another person replied " To go to the orphanage,of course. " a When I remembered that I looked down and said " Oh. I completely forgot " I felt really desperate for the whole morning. When the people loaded the things onto the Cadillac,they hugged or either shook hands with me and said " We will come visit you whenever possible. " or either " Please write us letters and we will keep you company. " I nodded at them and felt like I was about to cry. It felt really bad to be away from them even if they weren't my parents. When I thought and mentioned about the word "parents" I felt like letting a tear drop.

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