Lonely In Florida

Mary is a regular girl with everything she would want,well,she used to be until her mom and dad was killed in a terrorist attack. Now she is an orphaned girl in Florida. When she thought things couldn't get worse, the same terrorist that killed her mom and dad suddenly exploded their orphanage for no reason. She thought everything was going to get worse when she knows that she had wealthy cousins in Orlando , Florida. Now it is her goal to reach to their destination and discover who the terrorist actually is.


5. First Friend

When I went into the room the girl walked up to me and said " Hello. " I replied and said hello,too. Then she asked me " What is your name? " I replied and said " My name is Mary. How about yours? " Then the girl said " My name is Rebecca. " Then I asked where I was able to change. She said told me where the bathroom was. I went in there and changed. I looked at my clothes. I had a white frilly long sleeve with a grey skirt with leggings. I was glad how I had leggings because it's been a long time since I've worn skirts. When I came out Rebecca said I looked lovely. I felt really happy and I think I sort of blushed. Then Rebecca grabbed my hand, held it tight and said " I will show you around the orphanage! " I said " Sure,why not? " Then we went out the room to go have a tour around the orphanage.

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