Lonely In Florida

Mary is a regular girl with everything she would want,well,she used to be until her mom and dad was killed in a terrorist attack. Now she is an orphaned girl in Florida. When she thought things couldn't get worse, the same terrorist that killed her mom and dad suddenly exploded their orphanage for no reason. She thought everything was going to get worse when she knows that she had wealthy cousins in Orlando , Florida. Now it is her goal to reach to their destination and discover who the terrorist actually is.


1. Horrible News

It was September 19th when I, Mary, woke up and found out that my mom and dad died. The people who survived, which are my mom and dad's friends told me that I didn't need to go to school. I asked why. They stayed quiet as if they didn't hear or just didn't want to hear me. I was really confused. So then I kept asking and sort of bugging them why they won't tell me the reason. Then finally one of them turned to me and said " You are going to an orphanage tomorrow. " I was just standing there frozen as if I was a statue. After hearing that,I was even more confused. The others glared at him as him he was saying something offensive. I guess it was a bit offensive. Then that man said " Since you are going how about you pack up your things? " So then it went up to my room and packed all of my things I needed into my bag angrily. After  I calmed down I went to Dad and Mom's room. I was going to their room to get the photo album to take out the best family picture. When I came back the people said " I think you should go to sleep for tomorrow's long journey. " So as they told me to do, I went to sleep earlier than when I usually go to bed.

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