the haunted orphans

james and sally are 17 and lived in a orphanage all their life but what happens when they get kicked out and stay at the old abandoned house which is rumoured to be haunted


3. Haunted Mysteries

I call for James but he doesn’t reply so I go looking for him but he is nowhere to be found I’m petrified and alone I need to clear my head so I go have a shower I get my clothes and lock the door when I hear a knock I ask who’s there but there is no reply so I get out and open the door a chill goes down my spine and I look at the mirror to see the HELP written in blood but then something happens help disappears and a poem appears. The poem is also written in blood and it says

a glimpse over my left there's gloomy clouds
a glance over my right the sun's blooming
the front's waving and calling out for me
the back's hovering and dragging me
looking out from the castle it all seems so beautiful and free
looking in from the Greenland's it's a caged up world in there
the daunting willows invites
the autumn leaves chases
as spiral wind swerves round and round
dusty leaf lings fall to the ground
one huge strong sweep
everything stops to a standstill

I finish reading it and a little girl appears in the mirror but she is as pale as a ghost and her eyes are missing her hair is blonde with red through it and in her chest is a hole I ask her , whats your name she replies with reaf and then disappears I hear the scream and maniacal laugh again where are you James.

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