Another Sherlock

Have you ever thought of a girl Sherlock? Well here I am Jane Cab, I have no friends can figure something out in seconds with a glance at it. I've never met him but I live a street down. Everyone calls me the creep an official name.will this change when I get on a case with Sherlock and Jawn?


2. what

"Ah and that is why you are tricky" Sherlock said.

"And that is why?"

"Your a consulting detective!"

"Clever Sherlock." I said.

"But why?"

"Ah so I am a puzzle aren't I" I was a tricky person sometimes even to myself.

"Yes even to your self correct?"

"So are you" I said

"Ah then maybe we could help each other"

"Love is a wast of t-"

"Time and I don't deal with it" Sherlock said looking upset.

"I could give it a shot though" he looked up from where he was staining at what I had just said.


"Why not?" Then my phone beeped. I had a texted.

22C stop at 221b and get a man named Sherlock Holmes and then come


"Well we are needed come on "

We drove up and Sally was standing laughing

"Wow the freak and the psycho never thought-"

"I'm NOT a psycho just because I'm better than you!" I told her

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