Another Sherlock

Have you ever thought of a girl Sherlock? Well here I am Jane Cab, I have no friends can figure something out in seconds with a glance at it. I've never met him but I live a street down. Everyone calls me the creep an official name.will this change when I get on a case with Sherlock and Jawn?


3. pink?

"Well played" Sherlock said. I ignored him.

"So why are you both here are you trying to make freak children?" Sally taunted.

"And why did you stay at Anderson's house?" I asked Sally.

"We are just friends." Sherlock said

"Oh yea that's a lie you two are incapable of making friends even with each other" Sally said." I'm sending them up" she said into the walke-talky.

"Just friends" I said as he tried putting his hand on my shoulder.

"Oh and the couple has there first fight" said LeStrade.

" not a couple LeStrade!" I yelled.

"Ok" he said trying not to laugh.

"Oh you keep laughing and yet you know I have gun in my back pocket."

"Witch you shouldn't have." He said becoming serious.

"What do we have?" Sherlock said coming in with a strange man.

"Who is this?" LeStrade asks.

"Doctor Jawn Watson" I reply. I had never met this man but my late brother knew him.

"I'm so so sorry I could not-"

"Don't just don't" I said then "where is the case?"

"There was no case."

"Sherlock explain" I said turning from LeStrade to Sherlock. "ANYONE SEEN A CASE?" I yell out the door. As I run down stairs I get heads shaking no so obviously someone took it already.

As I got outside and got a cab, then Sherlock dose the same. I when's to my flat and he followed. I get up to the door and unlock it pretending to not notice him and ran upstairs.

"You know you did not have to follow me home like a puppy." I said as he walked in.

"A puppy?" He asked with a strange look on his face.

"Yes," I started "You know dogs get attached to people and follow them home."

"I am not a puppy" he said trying to hide his disappointment.

"Ah poor puppy don't cry" I taunted.

"I do not cry" he simply said.

"You've found the case then?" I asked.


"Good now you can have this case I would not want to disturb a great mind." Yes I am upset.

"Oh and what about your mind it will go crazy if you don't have a chase you will go insane." He said.

"And you sound as if you care." I said and seen him flinch from the corner of my eye.

"I do care, I finally have someone just like me and won't act like my brother and tell my life story to random people." He said.

"Your brother would not do that."

"Oh but he has already."

"I'm sorry Sherlock. "

"How do you know dr.wotson?" He asks.

"Oh it's nothing"

"He said sorry why?" He asked again "your brother"he whispered moe to him self more then I.

"Yes" I said and wiped a tear away. I could tell he was uncomfortable and he inched over to where I was.

"I'm so sorry" was all he said and hugged me briefly and left.

"Me to Sherlock I'm sorry your brother is careless" I said to myself.

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