Another Sherlock

Have you ever thought of a girl Sherlock? Well here I am Jane Cab, I have no friends can figure something out in seconds with a glance at it. I've never met him but I live a street down. Everyone calls me the creep an official name.will this change when I get on a case with Sherlock and Jawn?


1. Jane Cab

So you want to here my story? It's not that good. Oh well my name is Jane Cab I have red hair, I'm fairly tall, I wear turtleneck and jeans then boots to top it off. One day I went to visit Mrs.Hudson in 221B she was so nice to me she was always there but I hate her. She tries to hard. I only visit when I'm bored and right now I'm very bored.



"Come in dear I can't open the door."


"So how bored are you today"

"Very do you know how long it's been science my last case?"

"No,but I have some one for you to meet!"

"I'm not dating your nephew!"

"Oh no he got himself a wife!"

"Ah so who this time?"

"Follow me!" She went upstairs and so did I.

" Mrs. Hudson? Is that you? I need help!" A man yelled. We walked into his flat and he was sitting there with a gun in his hand.

"Who is she? I need new amo!"

" what have you done to my wall!" I seen the smiley face painted with yellow paint and holes in it so I took out my gun an shot at it and made a new hole in the right eye.

"Nice shot!" He said I looked at him.

"Quite, lonely, right handed. That's all I can see he is Mrs.Hudson."

"Like you."

"What are you two talking about and how did you know that?"

"Your eyes have a far off look,lonely, your gun is in your right hand and your appearance says quite. Oh god it feels good to read people aloud again!"

"Sherlock this is Jane Cab, Jane this Sherlock Holmes."

"So we finally meet Mr. Holmes"

" it's Sherlock and nice to meet you Mrs. Cab" I flinched and I'm sure he seen it.

"Could you leave us alone Mrs. Hudson?"

"Yes but be careful with her she is still a you know what"


"Sorry dear" she left and I shot the walk again.

"If it makes you feel any better I am too"

"But you have probably kissed someone, I would be able to tell but you are different. "

"Ah yes no I have not I have a very similar life am I correct?"

"You don't know?"

"No you as well are hard to read. " strange very strange.

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