7 Years

7 years has gone by since the Sirius crew left her on the port of Diamond island. now, Ginger has got onto another ship, called the Black Eagle. what happens when the captain dies and Ginger becomes the captain and another Captain meeting comes around? Will she face her old crew who left her or will she be able to find a way to hide herself?

from the popular game on apple products: Pirates in Love


4. Remember Me?

 Ginger sighed heavily as the time rolled around. She looked at the invite. The invite listed the Diamond Bar. Her crew followed behind her. Her violet eyes finally landed on a bar with a bunch of pirate crew's hanging around it. Her eyes found the Sirius Crew but she paid no mind to them. She turned to her own crew.

 "Wait here. If i don't return by sun down, return to the ship" She ordered, earning a nod from her crew.

"Aye aye capt'n" They chorus. She smiled and walked to the door and opened it. her eyes grazed across the other captins who smirked, except Lee. He narrowed his eye and spoke

"Wheres Henry?" He asked gruffly, causing Ginger to sigh.      

"He died 3 years ago of Yellow Fever. i've taken his place" She explained quickly, Lee finally nodding.

"Whats yer name lass?" Lee asked. Ginger nodded and turned to the other captin's, glaring at Morgan.

"Ginger. My name is Ginger, capt'n of the Black eagle at yer service." She introduced, causing Morgan to cough up his rum. Ginger smirked slightly, sitting next to Alan with a small smirk still playing at her lips. And with that, the meeting began.

~ After Meeting~

Ginger yawned, exiting the Diamond Bar. Her crew must have already been on the ship for she didn't see them. A hand rested on her shoulder as she turned around to see Morgan's sad face

"Don't touch me" She growled, shrugged of his hand. He sighed.

"Let me explain" He begged but she turned around, shoulders tense.

"Ya left me on a port seven  years ago. I don't need one" She said, anger dripping from her words as she said it, leaving a starstruck Morgan. Ginger pushed through the crowds until she finally reached the docks. Walking down the wooden dock, she pasted the Sirius. She looked at the ship out of the corner of her eye. The ship was the same as seven years ago. Five moving figures caught her eye. It was Russell, Nathan, Thomas, Christopher, and Eduardo. She kept moving, though. Her blonde hair flowed behind her as she walked. A voice made her turn he head slightly.

"Miss Ginger!" The voice yelled, causing her to giggle slightly before being tackled into a hug.

"Hey Thomas! where'd ya go?!" A voice hollered, making Ginger cringe. She tore herself from Thomas's hug to face her old crew, even Morgan. Ginger sighed and stood up, fixing her hat. A new voice made her smile. Seth walked up.

"Were ready when ya are capt'n" He said and she nodded.

"I'll only be a minuet, Seth" She said and he walked back to the ship. She turned back to see either them smiling  or the mouth's open. She smirked and spoke as she turned around

"Remember the girl you left seven years ago?" She asked and walked back to the the Black Eagle, leaving her old crew behind shocked.


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