7 Years

7 years has gone by since the Sirius crew left her on the port of Diamond island. now, Ginger has got onto another ship, called the Black Eagle. what happens when the captain dies and Ginger becomes the captain and another Captain meeting comes around? Will she face her old crew who left her or will she be able to find a way to hide herself?

from the popular game on apple products: Pirates in Love


1. A New Start

~7 years previous~


"I-I cant believe it... they actually left" a blonde who looked around 19 sniffled as she looked into the distance. 3 months previous, thugs came into her bar in her hometown, Yamoto. That's where she met Eduardo and Russell who saved her rear at the bar. She had to hide in a supposed booze barrel to save herself. That barrel was loaded onto the famous pirate ship, the Sirius. She was then from a part of that wild crew.... all men but her. There was one problem. Ginger had to share a room with one of the pirates. She chose to bunk with Nathan, the cook of the crew, and the least crazy, well, at least in her opinion. Warm, salty tears ran down her already red face. The tears rolled of her cheeks and onto the wooden planks of the docks. A hand placed itself on her shoulder as she straitened up please... please be one of my crew mates... she thought and turned around, to see a raven haired boy, around her age smiling sadly at her. The boy wore a red bandana around his neck and a green shirt that had a few buttons undone, showing his fit chest. He also wore grey pants and black boots.

"m-may i help you?" Ginger asked as the boy smiled and looked at her"i saw what happened. that was yer crew, right?" He asked softly in a warm voice that could set any girl's fragile heart aflutter.

"y-yea...." She said but tore from her sentence. The boy smiled a bit brighter now" Well, my captin' might let ya onto our ship. I would hate to see such a beautiful pirate be alone" He smiled sweetly, creating a small blush on her rosey cheeks.

"U-um.... ok" She nodded at last, causing the boy to smile with pure glee."Great! Oh! By the way, im Seth" He smiled as Ginger smiled right back

"Im Ginger. Its nice to met ya" She introduced herself back as he nodded" I might wanna tank ya to captin' now, we'll be leavin soon" Seth said and grabbed her hand gently, lightly pulling her towards a black ship with a eagle carved into the side of the ship. Once on board of the large ship, she looked around. this layout of the ship is so different then from the Sirius she thought silently as she walked down a red corridor. Seth stopped at a large, silver door. As he knocked, it echoed down the hallway" Yes?" A gruff voice came from the other side of the door. "Captin? can i come in? i have somethin fer ya to see" Seth said smoothly to the mysterious captain that was behind the door

"Alright Seth" The voice said as Seth opened the door. the room was a light grey color with a red bed on the wall. the room was filled with gold, jewels, and such. A loud voice broke my observations

"Well! What do we have here?" A tall, older man asked from a black chair from the middle of the room. the man had a beard that had grey in it, giving away that he was older. His slick, brown, hair was under a hat that you could tell was ment for a captain. He wore a simple white, button up shirt with a long, black coat that reached the floor over it. He wore simple black pants with a belt with a gold plate in the middle. to top it off, his black boots that reached his low knee had golden loops for the laces. Seth smiled softly as he spoke

"This here is Ginger. Her old crew left her here. So i thought she could join us" He finished as the captain turned to her. His green eyes rested apoun her own purple ones carefully

"And who exactly was yer old crew, lassie?" he asked, the careful look in his eyes vanished, to be replaced with a warm gaze

"W-well... the Sirius" She answered softly as both their eyes widened. Her eyes darted towards the oak floor

"Y-You mean the Sirius? With the Pirate King Morgan?" Seth asked as she nodded after a while.

"Of course ya can lass! i feared this ship was beginning to reak of male sweat a bit much." The captain laughed as she looked up just what captin morgan said... she thought sadly but looked up and smiled brightly and kindly

"thank you so much!" Ginger said in a happy tone as she looked at the captain

"Oh where are my manners? im Henry but you can call me Captin, like the rest of the crew" He laughed heartily as i smiled

"Hey cap'tn! were back!" Two males voices said in unison as captin laughed

"Perfect timin! now its time fer ya to meet the rest of the crew" Captin said and walked out, Sthe and Ginger close behind. The bright light blinded Ginger after being in a lower lighting fer so long

"Alright lads! we have a new crew member! Come on out miss. Ginger!" The captain laughed as she stepped out. the crew smiled back at her. This was nothin like my first time on the Sirius... she thought

"Hello! im Keo..." one of the dirty blonde haired twins spoke

"... And im Kenyen" The other twin finished. The twins wore the same thing. Red vests, white shirts, greenish pants, and grey boots. Their eyes were a beautiful greenish grey color that any girl could gaze into forever. The next one to speak was a taller guy with strawberry blonde hair, purple bluish color. he wore green bands around his wrists, a black tank, black shorts that reached his knees, and black sandals that looked like Thomas's brown ones. On each side, were pistols.

"Im Justin." He spoke in a low voice that sent shivers up her spine. The last to speak was a tan guy with icy blue eyes that seemed to reach her soul. He had orange-ish, shaggy hair that hung in his face like Russell's. he wore a red, sleeveless shirt with a white bandana, grey shorts, and sandals as well. Two swords hung at his sides, bring a painful image into her head. R-russell.. she thought but smiled once more.

"And im Matthew, but call me Matt" he smiled, causing her to smile right back

"im Ginger. Former member of the Sirius" She smiled, causing their eyes to widen. They dident say anything, cause they dident get the chance

"Well, Ginger! Welcome to the Black eagle!"


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