Love and affection

Hey,my name Alica Dunkin. I am a super secret spy. In generel im Alica when im a spy i am now know as Sarah! i didnt chose that name! the Next mission is a british guy named Zayn? Maleek? NO Malik! thats his name! so. i have to get him because he...Hurts girls and is known foe the bradfordbadboy!!! Lets see how bad he is when he meets me.THE FAST AND FURIOUS ALICA DU-KAN!!!!!!! :)
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1. The dirty Job

(A.K.A. NOT THAT KIND OF DIRTY) I wore a black leather suit with spiked-Heel Boots. I put my Espresso-colored hair in a modern Quiff. Not to metion,my Burnt orange bang highlights sticking out. i snuck up behind my first Victim and caught him of guard! "Listen Jason! i know your little scheme with some other guys! I will kill You and your other gay ass friends! where are you hiding Gina?! tell me now!!! the girl you kidnapped like what...3weeks ago?!" i scream whisper. "Oh. No worries! Tom,Jack show miss Sarah who we are!!!" Jason said. I threw a punch directly at jason eye socket and i did a v-shaped kick at jack and Tom's Balls and i immesitalty seen Gina knocked out and i carried her on my back.Their blood was on my hands. HEY! HOPE YOY LIKE! i will update everyday! (probaly not wensdays thought)
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