Every little thing is going to be alright

Alexis has a wonderful live almost like a fairytale. But not for long, a new kid (Niall) just moved there. Niall and Alexis start to hang out alot. Alexis' boyfriend starts to get mad. What happens next? Will someone get hurt? Who will end up with who? Will somet a heart brake? Read every little thing is going to be okay to find out!


1. Good morning

Im (Alexis) on the bus going to school. I can hear the birds singing. The sun is shining in my eyes, to the point where I can see. The bus stop and the doors open. "hey babe", James (my boyfriend) says. "hi baby", I say back kissing his lips lightly. The bus starts to move again. James sits next to me as always. He put his arm around me. Gosh I love when like this, all nice and sweet. "you look hot today", he says to me. I just smile and turn away. Most girls would kiss him osay you look hot tod tooay, but not me im not most girls. I would looike it way better if a boy can call me cute instead of hot. I like james alot I really do but sometimes he can be a jerk. We finally get to school. I run to my locker cause my first period is on the other side of the school.
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