Angels Fly (Luke Brooks)



1. chapter 1

"Kids are you nearly all ready?" My Mum calls from the living room, Jared and Ava both shout a yes back to her in unison. I groan and throw the pillow right over my head, why is this house so darn loud and what are we even supposed to be getting ready for. Its around 8:30am and I have a huge headache from the noise echoing into my room. I do love saturdays though, they're the most chilled and my most favourite days of the week, you're free to do what you want without any interruptions from school or work or your mums new boyfriend. I hate Derrick and that slick black hair of his. It always gives me the impression he is a vampire. I also hate the way he treats me and Jared like we're babies, as far as i'm aware my mum gave birth to us seventeen years ago, (obviously me first as I am the better twin) and every time he sees us he calls us his 'favourite small ones', yet Ava  is the smallest and the youngest sibling. I cringe at the thought that he is probably visiting us again, we will have to pretend to be on our 'best behaviour' as mum calls it. We aren't allowed any fizzy drinks or sweets, which is a bit far fetched and we certainly can't curse or act stupid. Or have banter. We just basically can't be ourselves. My brain mentally cries because for a whole day and a half I have to be someone else in my own body, i have no idea how i will be able to cope. A knock at the door snaps me out of my dreadful thoughts.

"Come in," I say, in a more sour tone than I ever intended. Clearing my throat and walking towards my door I chirp the words "Come In" once more. A male voice laughs behind the frame and I immediately know its Jared. I love Jared, he's my favourite brother. Well he's my only brother.. sort of. Unless my Dad has another son. But I don't really know the answer to that, so Jared stays my favourite brother. Even though he annoys me to boiling point he can also make me laugh the back hinges off a door. I don't even know if that's how the saying goes.. Never mind.
Jared walks into my room and his eyes widen, like he is horrified to see me in my pyjamas with my bed hair, when I am pretty sure he has seen me like this a million times before. Seconds after his eyes collide with shock, mine collide with confusion. Why the hell is he in his uniform. What a freak. If it is mums way of playing a trick on Derrick then it is a bad stunt to pull. He would just end up angry and take it out on the fine china in the downstairs cabinet like last time. Another reason of why I hate him.

"Why are you dressed like that?" We both ask at the same time. He hand gestures me to tell him first. 

"I'm always like this on a Saturday morning. Is my hair worse than usual or something?" I half ask but half tell. 

"Jesus Christ Grace we have school in fifteen minutes! What the hell are you doing!" He shouts, not meaning to scare me of course but I can tell he's confused, just the same as I am.

"We don't go to school on Saturday?" I sarcastically laugh and plod back over into my bed. I am right though, the only people who go to school on Saturdays are the people at boarding school. And I most certainly do not go there. 

"Are you kidding me Grace? You're.. You're-" 

"What?" Why is this whole situation so confusing. 

"You're actually serious aren't you?" He asks, with a hint of surprise in his voice. 

"Just tell me what's going on before I go back to bed" I yawn in between words whilst my brother scrunches his face up trying to understand the sentence that came from my mouth. 

"Grace it's Thursday! Which obviously means school," 


"We had inset day yesterday.. Don't you remember?" He asks, his eyes furrow  into his brows, I can tell he is getting pretty annoyed at me. 

I don't know whether to believe him or not so I reach over my bed for my phone.

Thursday 19th July 2013.

My lips parted. This was bad. So bad. Absolutely terrible. I don't know why my mind thought it was Saturday. I have no idea where my uniform is. Oh my god. What if I have homework that should be handed in and I haven't done. I don't know where my lunch card is and there is certainly no time to make one. This is a huge mess. 

On the bright side, no Derrick today. 

I'm not sure which is worse, Derrick or .. Or those girls. I'll decide that after today. 

"Jared out." I usher him out my door.

I hear a muffled "Five minutes." and rush to my closet. Five minutes. How will this be possible. I look around the closet and pull out my uniform. I wish I was American or something so I could wear my own clothes instead of this tatty grey skirt and charcoal blazer. But there is no time to worry about uniform now. I quickly head to my dresser and change into my uniform and then pin my hair in a fishtail plait. I apply a little mascara and minimal foundation. 

"Grace hurry up!" Mum calls. I grab my phone and walk out my bedroom door. Jared, Ava and my mother are waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs. I pull my vans on and kiss my mum on the cheek before walking out the house and to the bus stop with my brother.


"Everyone pull out your exercise books, we're studying many viruses this term and to begin our topic we will start with HIV" The professor tells our science class, not looking up from her mobile once. 

"Grace will know what HIV is, won't you Grace?" A girl from the seat in front asks me. A few snickers are thrown at me from around the room. I lower my head in embarrassment. It's more likely her to know what HIV is anyway. I'm so sick of Beth being class clown and me the only joke, she keeps pulling my strings and they're eventually going to snap. How much longer do people expect me to put up with this for, days? weeks? I'm sick of being the laughing stock but at the same time I don't even stick up for myself, I just feed them what they want, which is my embarrassment. 

To my relief a student knocks on the wooden brown door and all the attention is drawn off me. The girl hands the uninterested teacher a sticky note and leaves the room blushing.

"Grey, headteacher wants ya" she says. I scowl at her choice of the way to use my name but stand from my seat and grab my bag, trying to ignore everyone's burning eyes on me.

"She's probably off to fuck him" The girl says. "Tell us about it when you come back yeah? When you have even more sexually transmitted diseases." The whole class bombard the room with laughter. I run out the door as quick as I can, the familiar salty liquid runs down my face. Which this time I definitely couldn't control. But I probably should as I'm heading to the head teachers office and I don't want him to try to help, because I am not the one who needs help, its them.

"Mrs. Woods," the head-teacher says, standing from the black leather chair he was sitting in as I open the door. He points me to a boy in the corner of the room. 

"This is Luke. He's new, I'd like you to show him around, tell him about how fantastic our school is." He winks at me. I look at the boy and take in his appearance. Black styled hair, complimenting his face. The small freckle on the top of his nose warmed my heart a little, it was so cute yet odd at the same time as I have one in the same place. His nose piercing makes a slight appearance as he sneezes, I could not help buy giggle. His lip rings he wears on the right side of his lip ignite something in my bones straight away as well as the fire that now sits in my fingertips and flys through every inch, every centimetre of my body. It is a very, very weird sensation I feel from just looking at this boy. I don't even mean that in a pervy way, I'm sort of.. Intrigued by him. The tight white shirt reveals an inked quote 
'If you can't you must-' What does that mean? If you can't you must?

"Grace..Grace?" The head teacher rudely snaps his fingers in front of me. I turn my attention back towards him and give him a light smile.

"I'd like it if you showed him now.." He tells me. Gosh some people are so rude. 

"Of course," I reply. "Goodbye Mr Tom." I say, awkwardly. His eyes flashed for a second whilst he smiles uncomfortably and walks into his cupboard. I walk out of the office and Luke follows behind.

"So, Luke.. I'm erm Grace." I say, mum told me it was always polite to introduce myself. 

"So, Grace.. I'm erm Luke." He replies. Great, two minutes into meeting me and he mocks me. Why can't one person in this school be nice? I scowl and my eyes trail to the floor as I start walking. 

"Sorry," He attempts to apologise. "I-I'm, just used to doing that with my friends" he says whilst scratching the back of his neck. 



I walk out of my last class ready to meet Jared. I ignore any comments people throw at me- which is none so far. I grab my headphones from my inside pocket before something clutches tightly around my waist. I scream and fight them off. These girls are taking it too far. I manage to punch her in the face. 

"Woah Grace I thought we were friends!" Luke shockingly says. 


"Oh my god. I'm so sorry I thought you were one of them and-" I start to apologise. His nose is bleeding thanks to me. Maybe this is why people hate me.

"One of who?" He asks, curious. Bringing his thumb to my cheek and stroking my face. My stomach was on fire but butterflies were fluttering the whole time. 

"N-nothing, just forget it. I am sorry though. Like really sorry." 

"You don't need to say sorry Grace. You have a pretty good hook for a girl though." He says. I don't know whether that's a compliment or not. 

"There's my brother," I point to Jared waiting at the bus stop. 

"Oh okay," he says. 

"I'll see you tomorrow , maybe.. That's if you're at school and so am.. Yeah." I trail off into a load of rubbish, I can feel how hot my cheeks are. 

"Yes Grace, you will see me tomorrow." He says. How can he be so calm when my heart is racing. I smile at him and tred across the grass and to Jared. 

"How was your day?" My brother asks me. 

"Good. Really good." I reply and smile, a true smile.

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