They Found Each Other

Lucy is a homeless 15 year old, no money, no family and no who cares for her. But all of this is about to change.......


1. Homeless

Lucy's P.O.V

I had a happy childhood, full of laughter and happiness. then one day when I was thirteen my parents announced to me that I was going to have a little sister. At first I was over the moon. Then nine months latter my mum has my baby sister and named her Isobel. When we brought Isobel home things started to change. My parents started to take less notice of me and as any teenager would I started to rebel. At first I would just say 'no' when my parents asked me to do something then when they stoped asking me to do things I started to rebel in different ways, my grades started to slip and I was hanging with the 'bad' group. At this point my father started to beat me regularly. The beatings got worse then one day my father grabbed a knife and stabbed me with it. It got to the point that when I was 15 I started to use drugs. I would come home absolutely smashed and my parents would yell at me for an hour but I heard none of it. Then one day I was caught by the police and they drove me home. When my parents saw this they snapped they did their usually yelling thing and I went to sleep it off.

The next morning I woke up and went to grab some clothes and go take a shower, but when I opened my wardrobe it had been completely emptied.

I ran down stairs and found my bags packed and by the door. I asked my parents what this was about and they said "We are feed up with you, we can't control you and now you we are disowning you." I started yelling at them saying that the only reason that I rebelled and did drugs is so that they would notice me. My father came up to me and started beating the living daylights out of me. Kicking me repeatedly in the head and stomach. I then got the strength and ran out the door not bothering to grab any of my stuff and I just kept running.

I eventually got hungry and since I had no money and no place to go I knew that I was going to have to steal food. So I walked into a local grocery store and grabbed as much food as I could before running out the door.

I walked for as long as I could before I grew too tired to walk any further and I sat down leaning against a large building. There must of been a concert on as there were hundreds of screaming fans leaning on a gate. I suddenly knew where I was. I was at the arena where One Direction where performing tonight.

As if things weren't already bad they just got worse it started raining. I was freezing cold as I only had a singlet top and shorts on. The concert must of ended as all the screaming fan can back again, but as the rain got heaver the crowed got less and less until there was no one left.

Then the One Direction bus stated to leave. But it then suddenly stopped and Niall got out. My eyes were blood shot red and puffy from crying.

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