Twisted iris.

Iris has just turned 17 who will turn into a moona witch on the day Of Pedlin day like all other 17 year olds in the land of Montearcus which is the land for witches. iris has been waiting to turn into a moona witch almost all her life and finely the day has arrived little did she know the powers she's about to gain are dark ones.. And only one person can save her from her dark powers.. Who is it? Or what is it?


2. Chapter 1- Forbidden woods.

Iris's POV

My long dark chocolate hair was tucked behind my ears which flowed down my back on wards, my bright crystal blue eyes where pierced into the woods, where fogs hovered around I could barely see anything, even if I had my lantern twisted around my left arm's writs.

"Crack!" My whole body turned around and this point my body was shaking I can't even figure out if my bodies shaking with fear or just because I'm cold. I lifted up left arm with the twisted lantern around my wrist and made it flash around until I saw the birds which happens to be bunch of crows at this point I sighed with relief, the crows chirped while flying away then I realised when they flew away from the maple tree one of branches must of snapped of.

I continued walking in to the woods, which was a risk especially on Pedlin day which was forbidden to go to the woods which I was told by almost everyone especially my family however when ever I asked them why they never knew them selfs which was really pathetic since I'm a person that does things especially when told not to.

Pedlin day was all about 17 year olds that's about to be given the most precious gift that any 17 year old could be given which was the gift of witch power, the boys where given moon arc powers and the girls where given moona arc powers. I have been waiting for Pedlin day since I was young and the day has come!

If anyone spotted me here I would be sentence to death but this was a risk I was willing to take simply because the woods was the only place that brought me peace and even a place to think about life and to admire the beauty of nature...

The woods was mine.

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