An Explosive Personality (On hold)

Aleta, an fifty year old vampire that still looks seventeen, has to join her sister in America when she gets herself in trouble. Her clan is being threatened by another and is close to breaking into war. Aleta knows if things turn to a fight that she'll be of help with her gift of making things and people explode.
Everything's uneventful, boring even until she provokes a werewolf in the local pack, turns out she's found her one and only, in the form of a werewolf.


1. Aleta


Chapter One

POV: Aleta

“Why can’t you just play nice?” Sabrina throws her hands up in frustration.

“Give me a break! I’ve been in the Amazon for the last three years. I’m sorry if my manners or social skills are slightly different!” I don’t take my eyes away from the blueberry sitting on the table. Hesitantly, I place my hand on the smooth surface of the table and grunt in frustration when not only does the one blueberry explode but so does the forty-nine others scattered across the table.

“Is this all you’re going to do? Sit up here and blow up fruit?”

“I could go and start a fight with one of the mutts that live next door if you like, I really don’t mind!”

She scowls at me with her hands on her hips, “you don’t have to be here you know? I never asked you to come!”

“No, but you did ask nearly every other vampire. You’re my sister and whether you like it or not I’m staying to protect your arse. Kick me out, chance me off your land, I’ll still be about. You call me reckless and yet you’re the one at war with Gideon, kind of hypocritical don’t you think?” I know I’m purposely pushing her buttons, but she’s expecting things of me that I can’t give.

I stand up from my seat on the floor. “I’m going for a run, scream if you need me.” With a wink, I’m out the window and in the forest, trying to put as much distance as I can between the two of us and the other bloodsuckers.

I’m tired of being here already and I’ve only been here a day. I’ve always preferred the company of other species to vampires, even though I am one. That’s why I’ve been in the Amazon for the last three years; I’ve been living with were-cats. It started out as a study of sorts; learning about them. Then I become closer to them and it’s become my home, they want me to return when I’m finished here. They don’t care that I’m a bloodsucker; they did when I first arrived but then they got used to me and got to know me and now…they accept me.

I know when I reach the end of my sister’s land when the smell of the wolves hits me like a brick wall. The rancid, nose burning smell warns me to stay away, but crossing over gives me the opportunity to have some real fun and stretch my muscles.

Sabrina expects me to start training with the others tomorrow, not just so we’re ready but because some are becoming restless and need something to occupy them.

The trees stir as a guy and a wolf nearly the size of a horse step into view. The guy looks to be around eighteen though with wolves and were-cats, you can’t really tell as they age much slower than humans.

“Is there something wrong?”  The guy looks me up and down warily.

“Yeah, I want to fight.”

**This is a rewrite as the first was slightly confusing, I've slowed things down and would really love to hear your opinion! I shall add another chapter soon if people like it! PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW IF YOU LIKED/DISLIKED IT! 


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