Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


33. Zaynator


I had played 5 games, winning three of them which made me the overall champion. Justin couldn't get his head around it, "How the hell are you winning this mate? You've never even played before."

"I believe they call it the Irish man's luck." I muttered with a cheeky smile as Rosie started crying with laughter from beside me on the bed. I didn't know whether it was my remark, Justin's confused face or both -but her laugh was enough to set me off and soon the whole room was howling.

Lola was giggling "Niall you have such a funny laugh."

I just flashed my teeth at her and announced another game. "Okay this time Rosie can play for me instead, but winner takes all."

Justin smirked at his little sister "Game on!"

"Are you crazy!?" Her emerald irises were wide as she stopped giggling and looked me straight in the eyes. "I don't even know how to play!"

"Don't worry, I'll help." I whispered and she seemed to get a bit more confident. "Okay so if Rosie wins then I take all of the matches, if any of you beat her, then you win every game."

The boys started to clap hands and wait for the game to start; confident as fuck that they would each win.

Rosie leaned forward on her elbows, lying on her stomach as I passed her the controller and explained which button did what, and where she should be looking on the screen.

Two minutes later and the boys were getting impatient. "Come on Rosie!"

"Nervous are we?"

Her eyes were determined as she spoke to Liam "Hell no! I'm gonna beat your asses."

"That's my girl." I laughed and felt Harry's eyes on me from where he sat against the head board behind us.

I looked back just in time to see him winking suggestively and threw a cushion backwards at his head. "Oi! Blondie's beating me up." He wailed and Rosie shoved on of her small legs back to kick him in the knee to shut him up. "This isn't fair. 2 on one!" He whined before whispering "Bullies." 

Everyone laughed and Justin, Rosie, Liam, Louis, Zayn and Harry locked their controllers into the game.


"Go!" Zayn boomed.

I helped Rosie with her player, trying to get her into a safe place to start. The game was set in an army camp so I found an unoccupied tent and settled the character into the back of it.

"If anyone comes onto the screen just shoot."

She nodded back, her face expressionless.

Justin and Louis were in combat first and before he knew it, Louis was out of the game.

"Ahh well." He dropped his controller onto the floor and sat up to watch the rest of the game.

"Lou, how did you expect to win whilst you were lying upside down?" Harry was chuckling.

"I dunno, but imagine if I had!" His grin was wide.

"That would have been sick!" Zayn shook his hand up and down making his fingers click repeatedly before finding Liam, behind a tree, and shooting him down.

"Damn you Zayn!"

"What can I say? Don't mess with the Zaynator!"

Rosie grinned next to me. "The Zaynator?"

"Yeah boy. And the Zaynators gonna find you next!"

"Haha, you wish!"

"Don't worry Zayn, I've already found her!" Justin was chuckling, but not for long as Rosie did a combat roll to avoid his bullets and then shot him straight in the head, from the side.

"Sorry, what was that?" She was screaming with laughter as Justin complained and threw his controller on the floor. 

"That was so sick!"

"I never even knew you could the hell did you know that!?" Rosie shrugged but then nudged my arm and winked at me as she waited for her next victim.

Now that she was more confident she had ventured out of the tent and was making her way around the desert-land camp.

"Get ready boysss!" Rosie taunted 

Harry and Zayn.

"I'd watch your back if I were you Zayn." She had found him and shot him in the back of the head before he even had enough time to turn. "Just me and you now Hazza!" She was enjoying this and Lola was laughing at her sister whilst giving Zayn a sympathetic hug.

"Aw man. She came from nowhere!"

"I guess the Zaynator can be beaten, huh?" Louis teased Zayn as he ducked from a hand that was shot his way.

I could see on Harry's screen that he was about 50 yards away from Rosie, in a large tent, so I directed Rosie there with the joystick on the controller. I squeezed her hand and she looked menacingly at the game.

In she ran, through the tent doors, shooting wildly as Harry's character jumped behind a metal cabinet that rebounded all of her shots. "Fuck! Shit! Fuck! She's gonna get me."

"Language!" Rosie screamed as Zayn jokingly wrapped his arms around Lola's head, but it was too late. Lola had already heard the words and hilarious tears were streaming down her red face, that had turned colour halfway through a laughing fit, that she couldn't control anymore. 

"I'm 12!" She screamed and pushed Zayns hands off of her ears, still crying and hiccuping from the giggles.

"Ooooh!" The room chorused.

Back in the game, Rosie was prowling round the room trying to get Harry to surrender himself.

He refused, but before long she got a clear range and shot him a few times, before his half of the screen blacked out.

She had actually won. I though I was a goner as I used the game tactically, just the make Rosie feel more included in our tight-knit group, but she had actually won for us.

I jeered loudly as Harry buried his face in the duvet and I high-fived her small hand ecstatically.

"Go team!" She grinned back and I jumped off the bed to scoop her up so that she was sitting on one of my shoulders.

I paraded her around the room as everyone laughed and rolled on the floor. Rosie thought she was going to fall so I pretended to trip and she quickly wrapped her arms around my head, to stop herself from falling, even though she was securely placed on top of my shoulder -her legs in my arms.

"Is Niall's shoulder comfy Rosie?" Harry winked at her and I stared daggers at him, not expecting her to reply.

"Comfier than your arm." I looked up to see her silencing him with an even more powerful wink. She had given him a dose of his own medicine.

"The room looked impressed at her witty response, as was I, and Louis even got up to shake her hand, making an exaggerated deal out of it. Zayn gave a joyful round of small applause and raised his eyebrow at a composed Harry. "Not many people can put him back in his place." Zayn gave Rosie, the person who sat above me, a lopsided grin as he surveyed everyone else's expressions.

"Naw, I know he doesn't mean any harm really." She winked at him again, trying to embarrass him even more, and this time I knew it had worked; his composure dissolved into the tell-tale smile, that told me and the boys everything that we needed to know. He bit his bottom lip and narrowed his smile so that it was small and his cheeks grew to twice the side –it was his way of trying not to blush, but it also told me that he found Rosie amusing.

I chuckled to Harry softly as I lifted the girl off of my shoulder to the solid ground, triumphantly, and watched her as she sat on the bed next to Harry so that she could reach over and pinch his cheeks gently “Aw bless. Embarrassed are we?”

Marie walked through the open door “Dinners almost ready, you lot ready to come down?” Before she could say another word I was running out of the door with Lola lying horizontally under my armpit. Everyone behind us was howling with laughter as I took the steps two at a time and Lola stuck her fist out infront of us –superman style- as I effortlessly ran her down the stairs.

“Well you boys certainly do liven up our house.” I could hear Rosie’s mum chirp behind us.


15 minutes later, I was sat opposite Rosie at the long dining room table, in a hidden corner of the downstairs house that I had not yet seen.

“We hardly ever eat in here anymore.

I looked from Lola, who had spoken, to her father who was explaining what she meant to the five of us boys. “We only ever eat in here for dinner parties or when we have too much company to use the kitchen table; like when we have 5 guys from a boy-band come round to eat, for instance.” David laughed as he added “Not that that happens regularly, of course.” for an already embarrassed Rosie who had rolled her eyes and now had her head in her hands.

“Jesus Christ dad, you’re so embarrassing.”

I’m not sure whether it was David, Rosie’s expression or the fact that I suddenly realised how similar our fathers were, that made me burst out laughing with the cackle that could always reduce a whole room of people to howls and cries of laughter. As I expected, the 10 of us were all chuckling and giggling as David spoke up; mid-laugh “You sure do have a hilarious laugh on you, son.” I felt one of Zayn’s hands clap me on the shoulder from my right as he wiped at his eyes.

Everyone was finding me hilarious today; normally it was Louis so I just made the most of it and appreciated my own humour too. I wasn’t trying to be funny; I was just a happy lad.

I hit a fist on my chest as I muttered “Irish man” to another round of laughter. 

I looked up at Rosie, in front of me, who was shaking her head with a gorgeous smile, trying to calm herself down. She was sitting back with her arms folded over her chest, and as she found my stare, her smile got wider and bigger.

My heart felt warm, as I stared back, but it was interrupted when I saw Marie walk through into the room holding a large dish in her hands, with an oven glove to protect her from the heat that it was omitting.

"Need a hand?" I asked politely.

"There are some other things in the kitchen." She was watching where she was walking as she placed the dish down and we saw that the pastry on top was crisp, with a golden colour.

Harry, Zayn and Liam all offered to help but Marie said that two people could manage so only Louis and I got up from our wooden chairs to enter the kitchen and bring things through.

He kicked my arse as I jogged through to the kitchen and picked up what I could see was a pasta bake in a casserole dish, and a bowl filled with roast potatoes. Louis picked up a glass platter of vegetables, along with the boat of gravy, before we carefully walked back in and started laying them down.

“This looks fab, Mrs S!” he complimented her. She had sat down at the opposite head of the table to David. Whilst Rosie’s dad was to my right, Marie was on my left with Lola and Harry on each side of her.

“Thank you boys! That was really helpful.” I put down both of my dishes on either end of the mahogany table, just in time to sit down and watch Louis give the vegetables a dramatic entrance.

“May I present carrots-“ He placed the veg on the table infront of me with a flourish of the hand “-to her royal highness, the carrotté princess!” He finished with a bow as the audience gave him a clap and Harry whistled with his fingers.

“Ahhh, we’re a bunch of idiots.” Zayn laughed to himself and Louis took his seat next to me, proudly; a chuffed grin on his face.

“Yeah, we heard all that on the TV.” Justin laughed to himself “Wait. Does that make me the carrot prince then –as her brother, I mean?”

Louis tutted with a mock expression of shock “No! You have to earn it Justin!” He was such a drama queen. I rolled my eyes with a smile. “You could start with... Beating your amateur sister at your own game, that she’s never even played?” There were laughs round the table and Rosie stuck her tongue out at her older brother.

“Haha.” Justin muttered dryly. “It was a fluke and you know it Lou!” Louis shook his head indignantly like a little child so I took the opportunity to butt in.

“She was on my team –therefore it was the luck of the Irish, once again,” I high fived Rosie over the table before carrying on “-and you believe in it!”


“You will one day!” I shrugged at him with a smile.

“When you lot are finished...” Marie laughed from my left and the 9 of us quietened down.

“Sorry.” I whispered.

“Apology accepted, Niall.” She winked and carried on, pointing at each dish in turn “Right... Pasta bake, vegetables, roast potatoes-“

“Ayeee!” I laughed.

“-and one of my speciallé dishes à la Marie (a greek tradition) Spanakopita! Bon appetite!”

We all started tucking into the food and, a short while later, our plates were nearly full.

Zayn had helped Liam to serve most of his food as the dishes held large spoons to move the food around. Zayn explained why he was doing it to the rest of the group who didn’t know why. “Liam has a irrational fear of spoons.”

“Yup.” Liam popped the ‘p’ as he looked sparingly at all the table cutlery.

Whilst the five of us boys carried on eating it was clear that the Stephenson family, all but Lola who probably already knew, were awkwardly sitting there, not sure what to say. It was David who finally spoke up to Liam.

“Well... that’s rather unfortunate mate.” Some people sputtered –trying to keep their laughter contained- while the others burst out for the whole room to hear. It was me, of course, who could be heard the loudest over everyone else. Liam knew it was a weird fear and that people’s reactions could sometimes be just as irrational as his phobia, so he laughed along too.

As people started eating and tasting each food, the chatter rose and conversations started at different points along the table. As I passed the vegetables to an excited Louis, I turned to Rosie who was eating her dinner. “Can I try some of the Spanakopita? I don’t know if I’ll like it... What’s in it love?”

“Sure,” she pushed her plate towards me and I dived into it with my clean fork. “It means spinach pie in greek.”

I raised my eyebrow at her, impressed “You speak greek?”

She laughed “No, little words here and there but that’s it. My grandmother was greek.”

“Cool.” The Spanakopita tasted good. “So what’s in this?”

“Oh yeah, sorry. Its spinach, feta cheese and pastry. Wait, mum?” she called down the table “Did you put mint in this?” Marie nodded and Rosie assured me with a “Yes.”

“It’s amazing, I think I’m gonna have to add it to one of my favourites.”

“Here.” She picked up the dish and served me a big slice. “Enjoy!”

“Thanks.” I laughed and as I sat back to tuck into the delicious foods, I moved my leg and our knees brushed. If it was anyone else, I would have moved my leg, but I didn’t. And what meant more to me was that she could have also moved her leg –instead she swung it over mine. So we sat together, eating dinner in each other’s company; privately intimate as her legs lay on top of mine. It was perfect. We chat, smiled, ate and occasionally the whole table would get involved with our topics of conversation.

It was funny, for me and for Rosie, to see who sat ignorantly to the whole situation and who else (mainly Louis and Lola) was observant enough to realise what was happening beneath the surface of our smiles and talk.

They kept signalling to each other and peering under the table at us and Louis nudged me a few times, just acting out at his excited self. I knew there would be talk later between the boys but I was happy.

The only thing that I wasn’t happy about was how much the close proximity made me mourn for the kiss that had been rudely interrupted. I would have been satisfied with the way we were sitting if it had not been for the way that I had held her in my arms only a few hours earlier.


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