Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


68. "You Like Her Don't You!"


As soon as Niall is finished getting dressed he goes into the kitchen to make some breakfast. I’m surprised that he goes for the more mature option and just kisses me on the cheek on his way out. He thinks that I’m asleep, but I’m not, so as soon as I hear him turn on the cooker I wrap myself in his double bed duvet and briefly check my appearance, in the mirror, before I leave.

My hair is frizzy and chaotic because I haven’t brushed it yet, so I smooth my hands over it and redo my ponytail. Luckily I didn’t wear much makeup yesterday, so falling asleep without taking it off wasn’t the biggest problem in the world. As soon as I have rubbed the smudged mascara from under my eyes, I leave the bedroom, with the too-big blankets wrapping me up like a sausage roll.

Niall smiles as I walk in and I obviously return it. When I dump myself on his sofa I take some time to just admire the sight of him hopping around the stove, doing a little dance, as he hums a song. “What song’s that?”

He turns back to me with a quick glint in his eye. “It’s called Take It to the Limit by The Eagles.”

He goes to turn on the stereo by the elevator door and the music fills the silence, not too loud, just loud enough to hear it over the sound of frying food.

“It sounds good. Quite…” I try to find the right words “stripped back.”

He smiles at me from the kitchen as I pull my legs up onto the sofa and cuddle myself against the blue cotton. “Exactly. That’s what I like about them. Not too fussy, just five guys –like us- but with acoustic guitars and their own harmonies.”

I nod my head and lean my head on the back of the sofa. Niall is wearing a white and navy pair of trainers with a baby blue, washed white, pair of jeans that are baggy around his thighs. He looks good in a white vest shirt, that has red writing on the front, and it hangs precariously over his body so that, if you were above him, his toned chest could quite possibly be in sight, like the muscles I watch in his back right now.

He has stood his long hair up at the front, in a quiff- probably with the gentle help of some gel and hairspray. “What is it you’re doing today?”

“Just some interviews with some teen mags. Ummm…” He leaves one hand on the spatula he is using as he scrunches up his face and looks straight up at the ceiling -trying to remember something. “I think the first one is Bliss Mag and the second one could possibly be… I think its Teen Now?” He turns to me to question himself and I nod –they’re both magazines I remember reading when I was like 14 years old. I would always take the posters out and stick them up on my walls to fill the space, even if I wasn’t particularly interested in the people on them. I lift one corner of my smile as I remember.

“Sounds cool.”

“It’ll be alright. It’s always fun when you get there –it’s just the effort of having to get up and travel there.” I smile to myself wondering what it would be like to swap my own lifestyle for his. I know that it’s hard; Niall has told me enough about the short 2 weeks they get free from touring and promo each year and it sounds like he has hardly any time to himself. I think I personally would love the lifestyle –I would just have to get over my fear of the attention and the paparazzi to have it.

Niall plates up his food and offers some to me too. “What did you cook?”

“Fried mushrooms, scrambled eggs and bacon. But I did it the Niall way.” He gives me a wink as I tentatively take the plate that he has offered me and he sits down, pulling my feet and part of the duvet onto his lap.

I immediately realise what ‘the Niall way’ means. He has cut up the bacon and mushrooms and just added them to the scrambled eggs. He is already eating the brown, pink and yellow mixture when I laugh at his funny way of doing things “Well… that’s one way of doing it.” He jabs me in the leg with his elbow whilst I giggle manically. When I take a bite it’s actually not as bad as it looks and I think that maybe I could even get used to it.

“Its not that bad is it?” He smiles through a mouthful of hot food and I reach down to the end of the couch to poke his mouth closed.

“No, its actually good. Now shut up and eat.” He smiles at me with the expression that always makes me blush –like he still can’t quite believe that I’m here and he has to keep his eyes on me, at all times, to make sure I don’t disappear.

Five minutes later we are both finished. If I had nothing to do today, I would quite happily curl up in Niall’s bed and either sleep or watch some TV –unfortunately, that’s not the case.

“When do you have to go?” He looks at his watch that can nearly always be found on the right arm that also carries a permanent material bracelet.

“9:30 and its 9:20 now. I’ll just text the boys to make sure that they’re awake and then I’ll need to go downstairs.”

“Okay.” My voice is small as he finishes putting the plates away.

“You know you need to be ready to go shopping with Harry at 10 right?”

“Yeah he told me last night. I’ll get ready as soon as you’re gone. Is he not going to the interview then?”

“No, Harry and Louis have the day off but Louis’ got some other things to sort out today.”

“Okay.” I want to ask him something about Harry, and the way he’s been acting around Rachel, but I decide against it because I don’t think he will have noticed the things that I have. “I wish you had the day off.” The realisation that we would have another day apart makes me frown and he sighs sweetly.

“Ah love, I know, me too.” I leave the duvet on the sofa and walk over to him so that I can stand behind him and hug him tightly. My head only just rests on the back of his shoulder.

“I’m really super lucky to have you.”

“That’s a lie.” He turns around so that my head is on his chest instead, and so that he can rest his hands around the small of my back. “I’m the lucky one here.” Its such a cliché but I look up and wait for him to plant a gentle kiss on my lips. We stay like that for a few minutes until he speaks “I’m really sorry to do this, but I’m gonna need to get going.” I give him one more kiss and then untangle myself like a child.

Niall strokes my cheek quickly, with his thumb, as he passes me towards the elevator. “Okay, do what you want here but don’t forget to lock up with the spare pair of keys on that table.” I look to where he points on the table and tell myself not to forget. He presses the button to call the lift. That's when my eyes skirt over his bare arms and I remember the jumper he left on the bed when he got dressed this morning.

I run to get it and bring it back, just as the doors open. “Don’t forget this!”

“Oh yeah, thanks Rosie!” He takes it and I sneak another kiss onto his cheek before he can see it coming. “Have a good day!”

“You too. Miss you already!” He steps into the lift and the doors close between us before he can say anything else. I stand there for a little while, waiting to see the screen above the door tell me that he has reached the ground floor; smiling like an idiot and swaying on the spot slightly. It stops at the 4th and 3rd floors briefly, meaning that Niall is now with Liam and Zayn, which makes me feel a little bit more comfortable about him leaving me.

I decide to shower here, as there is only one bathroom in mine and Rachel’s flat, so she is probably already using it. I text her to make sure she’s awake and she texts back straight away to ask where I am.

‘Fell asleep at Niall’s. Be down in a little while, just need to get showered xo’

I press send and then walk into Niall’s bathroom. There are a few towels on the rack already, so I don’t need to go on the hunt for any more. I strip off and jump straight into the shower. Finally familiar with all of the buttons, after experimenting with them before school yesterday morning, it takes me no time to switch it on today. Niall has his signature lemon shower gel on the side, so I use that, hoping that he won’t mind, before I wash through my hair with an ordinarily soapy smelling shampoo.

When I get out of the shower I decide that I can’t put my dirty clothes back on, so go to Niall’s wardrobe to search for something to wear downstairs instead. At first I’m surprised at how many different items of clothing Niall has.  I don’t really know what I was expecting, but he has such good style -that nearly always looks the same- I think that I was expecting him to have a lot less, so that he could just mix t shirts and trousers and always make his outfits look quite similar. Instead, his wardrobe is nearly as long as the one that waits for me downstairs. I pick out a plain blue tshirt and a pair of grey joggers that I hope will fit me. I text him to let him know that I am borrowing some clothes, just in case he realises they’re missing and then fit into them as best as possible.

The tshirt looks fine, just oversized, but I have to roll the jogging bottoms up a couple of times both at the legs and around my hips. Eventually I am ready and slip my trainers on and throw my other clothes into a bag to take them downstairs. I make the bed again and clean up anything that I have made untidy -even though Niall is already quite an unorganized person- and dot around the flat to check everything before I lock up and jump into the elevator.

I could go straight down to the second floor and get ready, but I choose against it and press the ‘6’ button to take me to Harry’s apartment. He buzzes me in and I walk through the door, throwing a hug around his bare chest once he has covered himself up with a t-shirt. He is wearing a grey beanie on his hair and his tattoos peek out of the shirt.

“Wasn’t expecting you yet.”

“No I know. I need to get dressed properly but I just wanted a chat before Rachel joins us and I cant say anything whilst she’s there.”

He observes my outfit, an amused smirk on his face, and I go to kick him but he looks back up and raises his hands before I can reach him. “Sorry! Sorry little Miss Horan! I was only messing with you.” He laughs and goes to lean against his kitchen counter. I follow him and settle down on a stool.

“Don’t laugh. I couldn’t go back downstairs in my dirty clothes so I’m just borrowing them.”

“A bit big aren’t they?” He smirks again, but this time I laugh with him.

“Yeah super big.”

“Anyway, what did you want to talk about?”

“Did you notice anything different about Rachel yesterday?” I bite my lip and hope that I’m not just being paranoid.

“Yeah,” Thank god for that “actually I asked her about it yesterday. She was being really weird –like she wouldn’t look at me and she hugged me weird too.” He looks just as worried as I feel.

“Yeah I noticed that, but I didn’t know if you had. Its like, yesterday, she was in a super good mood all morning, but then when we were at rehearsals I made one jokey comment about Miles,” Harrys eyes show a glint of something as I say his name. Anger? Jealousy? Maybe even pain? “and she runs out of the room. Next thing I know, she comes back in, maybe 3 minutes later, and her eyes are red and swollen. I asked her why she had been crying later on and she said it was just hay fever. Not exactly a coincidence is it?” I raise my eyebrows at Harry and he crosses his arms, tapping his skin in the same way that I am tapping the marble counter.

“No you’re right, it’s not a coincidence. There’s definitely something wrong but I don’t know what, and when I asked her about it she just said she was in a weird mood.”

“Well she avoided both of our questions, so that obviously means she isn’t going to tell either of us the real reason.”

“She might change her mind?”

“No, she never changes her mind. One she’s decided that means it’s done.”

“Can we get her to talk to someone else?”

“If she wont tell us then there isn’t even a chance of her telling anyone else.” I see his cheeks twitch and know that he was about to smile. My assumptions are definitely right. “Harry what do you think about Rach?”

The question takes him by surprise and he quickly runs a hand through his hair. Nervous are we Harry? “What do you mean? Well… she’s obviously great.”

“Yeah she is, especially when she isn’t running around after crazy boyfriends.” I wait for a sign of something when I mention Miles' name. The way that he bites his cheeks gives me all the proof I need. “You like her don’t you!” It comes out as a laugh and I watch his eyes grow wide.

“I don’t.” I say nothing; just waiting for him to give in whilst I raise one eyebrow. He finally lets go of a breath and bites one fingernail “Okay, you got me. Just a little, tiny, teeny bit.”

“I knew it!” I am beaming at the idea of Harry liking Rachel. Aside from the fact that I don't actually know if Rachel would ever date him, I could never be as happy about any other boy dating my best friend. Harry would have my blessings, without even having to ask for them.

“Is it that obvious?” He frowns and his posture automatically slumps, whilst I sit there; a complete expression of pride on my face.

“No, I’m just extremely observant. I would be surprised if anyone else has caught on yet.”

“That’s all right then.” He gives me a shy smile, his ears going slightly red at the tops.

“Seriously, don’t worry about it! I won’t tell her –that would be stupid- especially as she’s only just broken up with Miles. I’m normally the first one to pick up on this type of thing anyway. It’s one of my super talents.”

Harry looks sullen but then smirks “Shame you didn’t figure it out with Niall. He liked you the minute you two set eyes on each other. I thought it was one of your super talents?”

He smirks at me and I fight the urge to look shocked and blush, all at the same time –I didn’t know that. I knew the way that I had felt that evening, but Niall liked me right from the start, just as I had fallen for those blue eyes? Wow.

“Hey that’s different!” We both laugh together. It's fast approaching 10:00 and we have a car booked to pick the three of us up, so I change the topic of conversation. “Are you ready to head down there? I’ve still got to get dressed.”

“Go like that!” He laughs and I shove him into the elevator lightly. As soon as we arrive, Rachel is sitting at one of the tables nearest to a plug socket, straightening her hair, so I leave them both (with a good morning to Rachel) and go to my room to get dressed.

After finding the baby pink, silk dress -that Niall packed for me- I put it on and match it with a brown pair of heeled boots. My hair is curled at the bottom but scruffy and frizzing ontop, so I hastily throw a black ‘Bad Hair Day’ beanie over the top that will match my black, winter, dress coat. I put a white scarf on too and fetch my hand bag, purse and phone. Soon enough, I am ready to go so I leave my room to find Harry standing behind Rachel.

“What are you guys doing?” The question is innocent and Harry turns so that I can see him holding the straighteners in his right hand.

“I’m just doing the bits she cant get to.”

“How the hell do you know how to use a pair of straighteners Harry Styles?” I stand with my hands on my hips, looking impressed down to the bone. Harry just laughs and carries on with what he was doing before.

“I have a sister you know. People forget that this kind of stuff isn’t really that new to me.” We all laugh together and I watch as Rachel smiles up at him through the mirror she placed on the table. She seems in a better place today and I hope it will stay like that.

It’s 9:57 when Rachel’s hair is as smooth and straight as paper, and we all crowd into the elevator to go downstairs. Rachel is wearing a plum, causal skater dress, but where as my legs are bare -so that my brownish skin is on show- Rachel’s legs are covered up by a pair of black tights. She wears a pair of baby blue converses on her feet –one of her favourite colours.

Harry, on the other hand, is also looking very trendy in a signature pair of black, skin tight jeans that have holes in the knees. He is also wearing brown cow boy boots, a plain white t-shirt, and a tan brown trench coat, with a collar he leaves standing up. The material is the same as both mine and Rachel’s –like a heavy felt- and the colour matches a journal that he holds in his hand.

“What’s that?” I ask.

Rachel answers for him instead- proving just how well they’ve been getting on “It’s his journal.”

“What, like a diary?”

“No. I was thinking of keeping a diary, but I wouldn’t know what to write, so instead I just draw things and doodle and copy out quotes that I know will remind me of each day.”

“That’s actually a good idea.” I think that I would like to keep a journal like Harry –I’ve always meant to keep a diary but have never actually gotten round to it.

“Thanks.” He gives me a sweet smile and, as soon as the elevator allows us into the lobby, that's when we see the big van with blacked out windows, parked right outside of the apartment’s doors.


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