Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


52. Tweeting The Fans


I got up to wash everyone’s dinner plates, but was held down by two strong hands that belonged to a grinning Liam and Zayn. “No, you’re not putting another foot on the ground today, Missy. You’ve done enough for all of us.”

Everyone’s head bounced up and down around the table, and Zayn spoke up. “Li’s right.” I gave a defeated sigh and sank back into my chair; retiring so that the boys’ grip on my arms would loosen slightly. They let go, although Zayn’s hand lingered on my arm a bit longer as he carried on speaking. “Just sit back and relax! You’re a wonderful host but we’re all starting to feel bad about how much you’re doing for us. To be honest we’re a tiny bit embarrassed about how much we’re letting you do.”

It was sweet and all, but I couldn’t stop worrying that something might go wrong and the boys would decide that they were no longer interested in keeping friendships with school girls. We were just ordinary people; they however were celebrities, and it was obvious that they didn’t have to be here if they didn’t want to. The sight of Louis juggling a mug from across the kitchen almost gave me a panic attack and I started to protest “But-”

An Irish accent intervened “-But nothing. Sit back, enjoy it and make the most of it while we’re all still volunteering to do things.” Niall winked at me and I felt more relaxed already.

“Okay, fine. You know where everything goes?” I aimed the question at Harry who nodded from the sink. He started jiggling around to the faint music that played on the home stereo system whilst he scrubbed at pots and pans. Louis helped him to clear the table and load the dishwasher. I could just see his bracelet. It was covered with the soapy suds that covered his lower arms and hands.

“So how many twitter followers have you actually got now?”

“I’m not even sure...” I mumbled. Rachel picked up my phone, that was lying on the table, unlocked it and then searched through it for the twitter app. I wasn’t bothered; we always went through each other’s phones. There was nothing secretive between us. The only thing that we both steered clear of however, were each others’ text messages; especially when Rachel was going out with... him.

“4,059 -impressive.” She smirked at me and I tried my hardest to erase all thoughts from my head of what had happened last night and who had been here whilst I gave her a grin.

“Seriously though Rosie. Could you try not to be such a big deal? I’m getting about a thousand tweets through, every time I refresh it, and most of them are about you!” Zayn sounded exasperated and shook his head at everyone else. I was about to apologise when he took a look at my face and burst out laughing. “How precious!” He squeezed my cheeks and I shoved him off of me –making sure to mess up the quiff that he had spent 10 minutes sculpturing perfectly with gel, hairspray and a comb. “Oi!” Now it was my turn to laugh.

I got up off my chair to walk out of the room. Louis was about to run over to sit me back down, when I put my hands up and warded him away. “I can’t sit in that chair any longer.” Everyone looked at me amused until I added “Well unless you guys wanna see me wet myself? I need the toilet.” The looks of embarrassment on the boys’ faces were enough to make me cry with laughter. Louis shoved me out of the room instead, so that I would make it in time.

“Go, go, go!” I heard him scream behind me, like it was some kind of military operation. I burst into my en suite a second later and made it in time.

Whilst I was walking out, I thought I heard a rustling at the window in my bedroom. I walked towards it but found nothing but a bird sitting by the window. I waved it away and the grey pigeon flew off into the dark sky.

I had just looked away when my eyes landed on something dark, on the road below. The tall, pitch black figure was standing right in the middle of the road, holding cars up that were coming from both directions. The figure looked to be watching me, through the window. After a few long seconds the silhouette finally backed away, keeping their eyes on mine the whole time, onto the pavement furthest away from me before carrying on down the road.

Fuck. My hands were shaking as I pushed the curtain away. It was nothing, but I was starting to get paranoid. Miles said that we would see him again. What if I just had? It scared the shit out of me so I jogged down the stairs, constantly looking behind me, so that I could be nearer to the boys –in a quicker amount of time.

That was when I bumped chests with someone. I nearly screamed when Niall laid his soft hand over my mouth and looked at me intently. I pushed it away gently and I knew that he felt the shakes that were rippling through my cold skin. “Rosie what’s the matter?”

“Nothing, nothing.” I quickly looked behind me and confirmed my lie.

“It’s not ‘nothing’! You’re shaking like a leaf.” He secured his arms around me and we sat down on the stairs where we had collided. “Tell me.”

“Something spooked me. That’s all.”

“Tell me what it was.” His voice was strained –his eyes were pained- as he pushed my curls away from my forehead.

“I saw someone out of my window. On the road. I don’t know who it was. Too dark –it just spooked me that’s all.”

“Ok, well that’s made my mind up.” he replied –more to himself than to me. “The boys and I were talking, whilst you were cooking with Rachel earlier. We were talking about you two coming to London with us for the rest of this week.” I stared at him; doubtful about what he was saying. “No, I mean it. We’re going to have to go back to London tomorrow to start working again, but I can’t leave you here with all of this added attention because of me. And what about those threats that pig left all of us with yesterday? You won’t be safe by yourselves.”

“Where will we stay? Are you sure?”

“Yes, there are two flats at the bottom of ours; we usually rent them out to family and friends. They’re both vacant at the moment so you can use both of them -or just one –it’s up to you.” I gave a faint smile and Niall took my hand with both of his. We got up and walked into the living room where everyone had moved to, during the few minutes that I had been upstairs.

“Guys, you know what we were talking about earlier?” There were mumbles of ‘yes’ and ‘sure’. Soon enough we had the whole room’s attention and Niall pulled me against his chest protectively, from where he was leaning against the smooth, grey wallpaper. “I think that we’re going to have to do it.”

An hour later, we had come up with a plan and had gotten permission from both of our sets of parents to follow it. “Right so we’re all staying here tonight?” Zayn checked.

“Yeah, it’s too late to travel back and we’re all together so everything will be fine for one more night.” There was a hum of yet more agreement at Liam’s sensible words. “And then...” He checked over the notes that he had made on his phone’s notepad. “Rachel’s going home for tomorrow (or Tuesday) night because she needs to go to school tomorrow, Wednesday and Friday?”


“And Rosie is coming with us tomorrow, however she is travelling back to Croydon for rehearsals on Wednesday. After that she will bring Rachel back with her?”

“Yeah, that’s right. If I’m driving then that should be fine with everybody?”

“Yeah, yeah.”


“That’s cool.”

“Then we will all be together until Friday when Rachel leaves, and then Rosie goes back home on Saturday.”

I nodded at Rachel and she did the same. “Right, so we’re all sorted?”

Everyone agreed once again and Louis spoke up “Oh that reminds me! El’s coming home on Thursday so you’ll get to meet her!”

“And you’ll meet Sophia too!”

I smiled widely and then looked at Zayn hopefully but he gave a gruff chuckle and shook his head lightly “No, Perrie won’t be there. She won’t be home until it gets a bit closer to Christmas.”

“Ahh well. Two out of three isn’t bad. No pressure then, huh?” I laughed at Liam and Lou, who were sat back against the sofas looking exhausted –alike to everyone else– before Louis shook his head and Liam followed his lead.

“You’ll both get along with the girls so well. There’s no pressure to it at all.”

“They’re just as nervous as two of you, don’t you worry.”

“If you insist.” I laughed and leant further against Niall. “Well I might as well go to sleep now. You should all be thinking about bed too –long day tomorrow.”

“It’s always a long day when we’re around...” Louis giggled at me.

“C’mon and give us a hug, before you go to bed then.” Harry stood up and held his arms out whilst Niall pushed me towards him. I rested my head on Harry’s shoulder when Louis joined in, then Liam, then Zayn. Before we knew it, Harry and I were in the middle of a group hug that was going on between all of us.

“You guys are great.” I smiled as I walked out of the room and they wished me a good night.

“I’ll come up in a bit, Rosie.” The cute blonde peered out from the doorway and I lifted one corner of my lips, so he knew that I’d heard.

When I reached my room I got out some clean underwear from a draw in my wardrobe and found a pair of pyjamas to change into. I took them with me into the bathroom and hopped into the shower. It did worry me that Niall or someone else might walk in so I left the door open ajar, in the hopes that people would hear the shower, if they entered my room. I showered quickly, using a toffee shower bar from Lush.

It was brown and glittery –in the shape of a solid, giant, toffee cube. I crumbled a piece off; it melted into a thick soap under the hot water. I quickly washed my hair, lightly dragged a razor over my legs, and by the time I switched the water off, the whole room smelt of delicious raspberries, from my shampoo, and sweet toffee.

I welcomed my warm clothes; the red tartan bed shorts that came with a matching white t-shirt. I was climbing into bed, reading through the messages on my phone when I saw someone run past my open door on their way up to The Den. “Smelling good!” They called - exaggerating the word ‘good’. I waited a minute until I saw Liam reappear, running back down the stairs with 2 of the 3 guitars that we kept up there.

“Thank you!” I called out, just in time for him to hear me. God only knew what songs they would be singing downstairs, but it made me happy to see that they were doing something other than just sitting around watching films and playing on the Xbox –like we had been doing all day.

Lots of people were tweeting me with a wide range of questions about either me, or me and Niall’s relationship. That’s when I had an idea and made up a new tweet. “Hello! It’s lovely to see so many new faces on my twitter account. I can’t wait to get to know you guys some more, but before that happens you might want to get to know me a little bit better. Tweet me your questions and I’ll reply to as many as possible before bed. Rosie xo”

I only had to wait a few minutes before the questions started rolling in. I pushed myself back against the pillows, my head resting on the beautiful head board whilst I pulled my legs up so that my chin could rest on my knees.

“ROSIE. OMG. My question is; are you the mystery girl!? I love you already! Pleeease answer!!xxxx”

“Hi @directionerbabaay, yes I suppose I am the mystery girl –the photo was of me, but I guess I’m not such a mystery anymore ;)”

“AHhhhHHHhh. This is amazing Niall has a girlfrienddd! Been waiting for this for so long! Why did you take so long to reveal yourself?”

“Thanks @hannahbannana1d and I didn’t really take that long. I think you guys could have been waiting much longer if the paparazzi hadn’t found us. Niall is a very honest guy, which is why I decided that I wanted to reveal my identity. I was very scared that you guys wouldn’t accept me at first -which is why I was worried- but I knew that Niall wouldn’t want to keep it a secret from all of his fans.”

“Stockholm loves you Rosie!<3 <3”

“@louisandhazloveme thank you! It’s somewhere that I would love to visit one day J “

“Where are you from? You’re very pretty. *_* ”

“Thanks @zaynsgirlella. I live in Croydon –just outside of London.”

“Why did you only announce it over twitter? This is BIG NEWS!! :O”

“Hi @ameliatomlinstyle. We decided to reveal it over twitter so that it was more personal for Niall’s fans. That way, it meant that you could find out about me first -before the rest of the world does. Plus it’s a scary idea of the whole world knowing me. I like how it is now –with just some of the fans following my twitter account.”

“Rosie, please please please can we share him?<3”

“@Nialls_eyes_10986 I’ll ask ;)”

“How did you meet? When? Were you a fan? We neeed detailsss!:)”

“Hi @geogiaboobear40 I’m sure they’ll all come out in gradual time. My little sister is a huge fan so I tagged along to a concert with her last week. What happened after is a story for another time I’m afraid. ;)”

“Have you met the others yet? Louis, Liam, Zayn, Harry, Eleanor, Perrie, Sophia? Tell us!xx”

“@louispineapple I’ve met all the boys multiple times. I’d like to think that my best friend and I could refer to them as friends now. Should be meeting the girls later this week –but not Perrie, until she gets back off tour at least. :)”

“Are you with them all now? Pls say yes! I’m gonna die, omg.”

“@juliana1Desapgnol please don’t ‘die’ :’) and yes, I have to admit that I am. My best friend Rachel is also here.”

After many more tweets and retweets, I decided that I was too tired to do any more. “Thank you for all the generous support. I’m going to get some sleep now. Goodnight everybody!xo”  

I was just putting my phone away when I saw a tweet on my timeline from somebody that I was already following. She went to my school and I remembered talking to her on Friday in my textiles classroom. It was Becky. Her tweet didn’t help the views that I already had on the stuck-up, annoying girl. “OMG, I just can’t believe it. Rosie is finally going out with Niall! I always knew the two of them suited. She is suchhh a good best friend to me.”

Wait. What?

I scrolled beneath and suddenly understood what she was playing at. “OMG ARE YOU THE BESTFRIEND THAT’S WITH THEM NOW?” “Omg!” “Love you Becky!”

She had replied also “Yes, I’m there with them now! Niall and Rosie are so cute! Harry’s being so cheeky, bless him.”

What the fuck did she think she was doing? The girl had gained about 400 followers from her lies, and she had nothing to do with me. It didn’t help that the fans could see that I was following her. She went to my school and sat in my textiles class but that was it. OK, I could understand if she had just taken our relationship the wrong way, and thought that we were friends, but... pretending she was here with me and the boys? It was almost psychotic.

I sighed whilst I quickly typed and then pressed send. “Just to make it clear my best friend’s name is Rachel. I know that there are some people who are saying that they are here with me and the boys but they’re not. I just don’t want any of you to be misled. Good night!xo”

I put my phone on the white bedside table and dimmed the lights, just slightly, so that they weren’t too bright to sleep. I had known that being with Niall was going to be difficult, so I just tried to forget about it for now and accept that for every negative there would always be two positives. Fortunately for me, one of those positives was the cheeky, beautiful Niall; who would be climbing into bed, next to my sleeping body, sooner or later.


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