Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


11. Track 18


The next morning, I wake up to my alarm and roll across the bed as a huge smile spreads across my face. I'd dreamt about Niall. Nothing in particular happened - I just remember his perfect face creeping into my thoughts a few times. I wonder if this was what it was like to be a one direction fan; dreaming about the boys and imagining meeting them –only I had done it in real life. No, I thought to myself. I wasn’t a fan. I was a friend -or at least that's what I wanted to be to the boys anyway.

It's currently 6:00am. The rest of the house are still sleeping and I will have about an hour to myself before I will have to wake Lola up to drag her from her bed and my mother and father will get up to get ready for work.

My mother works as an interior designer for big names. Some of her previous clients have been the Beckhams, Holly Willoughby and even Alan Carr. My dad is also quite successful as a Barrister (or lawyer), for a global-wide legal cooperation. Being a barrister means that he is technically just a better paid lawyer who works with businesses instead of solitary clients. Either way, both of my parents work long hours so I make the most of the mornings by sitting and having breakfast with them before they leave.

The only person who has no motive to get up today is Justin, my brother. As his apprenticeship is only three days a week it means that he gets a day off on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Luckily for him, today was Thursday.

Lola is terrible in the mornings; she values her sleep more than getting herself prepared for the school day. If Lola had her way she would roll out of bed 10 minutes before school; throwing her clothes on and walking out of the door.

I however enjoy getting up earlier as it gives me some time to think by myself and there’s nothing better than feeling prepared and refreshed before school. That’s why I always make an effort to make sure that Lola gets a shower and a nutritious breakfast before school.

Luckily she is able to get a bit more sleep than most other pupils at our school as lessons starts at 8:30 and we only live about a 10 minutes walk away.

I pick my phone up, off of the white bedside table, and look at the lock screen. No new messages. I unlock it anyway and fumble through my twitter feed before locking it and walking into the bathroom. After I get out of the shower, I brush my teeth and tiptoe into my walk-in-wardrobe; trying not to get the carpet wet.

I slide my fingers down the rack of clothes and finally pick up a white laced dress that has a cute collar and long, see-through-fabric sleeves. Perfect.

I get changed into it and decide to put tights on underneath it. Each day is getting colder as we got closer to December. I will put my shoes, blazer and dress coat on before I'm ready to go. I look into the full length mirror, satisfied with my dress before walking back into my room and over to my chair where I will do my makeup. Right at the last second, I see my silver merchandise bag and slide it onto my lap before I sit down and watch it with curiosity.

Rummaging through it I find; a t-shirt similar to the one that Lola had asked them to sign for her, a few different wristbands stating ‘One Direction’ ‘Directioner’ and ‘I love Niall’ (I laughed at the last one out loud, thinking that it was probably Harry who snuck that one in there), a mug with a picture of the boys on their latest tour called the ‘Take Me Home Tour’, a pen, a notepad, a signed picture of them all and, last but not least, their latest CD.

I open it up with the intention of putting it on and a small piece of paper falls out.

‘Listen to track 18. I bet you’ll love it! Niall x’

How sweet is that? He must have done that right after he got into the meeting room from talking to me in the corridor. It's still hard to come to terms with the reality of last night, but it's an amazing feeling. I do as the note instructs me to and then read the back of the album to see what track 18 is named, as I walk back to my chair and start to get on with my makeup and hair. It says: ‘Irresistible- Acoustic Cover’.

I've started applying powder and blush, on top of my foundation, humming along to the sweet acoustic melody, when the last lyrics of the chorus catch me off guard. “And your eyes irresistible.” The words are short and simple, but the meaning behind them is so strong to me. I’d have thought nothing of them if Niall hadn’t told me to listen to the song. If our eyes hadn’t met on stage. If I hadn’t looked into his deep, blue, ocean irises at every opportunity I had been presented with. I completely understand what the lyrics mean. When faced with an opportunity there is no way I'm going to resist Niall’s eyes. Does he know that I feel this way? Or was he trying to say he felt the same way about mine? Whatever he means by it, I'm 100% sure that he is right. I love the song - I love everything about it.

After the song has finished, I look at the alarm clock that's on the bedside table and realise that it's 7:00am. I put everything down, close my bedroom door behind me and tiptoe into the hall; on my way to Lola’s room, when my Mum walks out of the main bedroom that she and Dad share, with a pink towel wrapped around her auburn hair.

“Morning, sweetheart. You look nice!” My mother always made an effort to compliment my style of clothing each day. When I was younger, she used to tell me that I inherited her sense of style, only we both know that while hers lay in the world of interior design, mine lay in the world of fashion.

I kiss her lightly on the cheek before carrying on down the corridor. “Thanks Mum, I’m just going to go and wake Lollie up.”

“Okay sweetie. Breakfast in 10.” ‘Lollie’ is Mum’s nickname for Lola, she'd had it since she'd been a baby, and it has stuck with her ever since. I smile at the back of her head, appreciatively, as she descends the wide stair case.

As I enter Lola’s room I see that she had slung her clothes from last night over the chair and I can’t help but wonder exactly how late she’d ended up going to sleep last night. Normally she likes to tidy up before she goes to sleep.

I walk over to her queen sized bed that was placed against the opposite wall, under a slanting window, and climb on top of her Pink duvet covers -being careful not to crease my dress. I lay my head down on the pillow so that we're face to face before I push her straight blonde hair from her face and call her name softly.

“Lola. It’s time to wake up Monkey. You’ve got a big school day ahead of you.” She stirs and her mouth forms a smile. “Are you waking up? Breakfast is going to be in 10 minutes so you need to get showered. Come on. Up you get monkey.” She's starting to wiggle around so it isn’t a surprise to me when her eyes shoot open. “Hey Monkey.”

“Hey.” She chirps back. “I had the most wonderful dream last night. Did we really meet them or was I just dreaming?”

“No that was very real,” I laugh because she's squinting at me; making sure that I'm not winding her up. I search the room for something and then see it. “See that blue scarf over there?” I point at it and her eyes light up in recognition. “Yeah, now you remember.” I kiss the top of her head as I roll my eyes and stand up again. “Now go and get a shower. Breakfast will be ready in 10.”

“5 more minutes!” She starts to roll away from me but I pull her back and throw the duvet to the bottom of the bed.

“No, now.” She huffs at me as she gets up, her eyes still half asleep, but gives me a short hug on her way into the bathroom that is in the hallway. Me and my parents are the only ones with en-suite bathrooms.

It's not favouritism; it's just that Justin, the oldest child, was given the opportunity to move into the en suite room but loved his old room so much that he just decided to stay put. Nowadays, he likes to say that it was a good job -considering the amount of clothes I own; they wouldn’t all be able to fit into a regular-sized wardrobe.

I get Lola’s uniform out of her mirrored wardrobes as she leaves the room, and lay them on top of the bed ready for when she comes back. I can’t think of anything else to do and my makeup and hair is still only half done so I head back to my bedroom. I'm done in no time and feel impressed with my work. I admire it in the mirror. I have styled my long hair into a large bun on top of my head, but have left some stray curls peeking out in front of my ears.


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