Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


25. Toasting


Louis, Zayn and Harry were sat, lounging on the sofas. Some sort of animated film was playing on the TV, but only Louis was watching it, with his feet on Harry’s coffee table with his arms folded. Harry was sitting with his Apple Macbook Air on his lap next to Louis. Zayn was lying down over the whole lengh of the other couch, with his legs tucked up; going through his phone that was lying next to him on the cream sofa.

“Vas ‘appening?” Zayn laughed at the cliché of how he had greeted us, from where he was lying but made no effort to look up or pay attention to us, even as we closed the door behind us.

“Niall, Li!” Louis had heard us come in and tore his attention away from the screen to lean over the back of the sofa and watch us walk to the long kitchen counter.

“Hey Lou.” I laughed at his childish craving for constant attention; even though he was the oldest out of all of us, you wouldn’t have thought it. “How was the interview, guys?”

“Yeah, good.” Zayn mumbled.

“It was alright –same old, same old- did you manage to get the bacon and bread for breakfast?” Harry asked -oblivious to everything but his laptop.

“Obviously.” Liam snorted as he held up the bag to show to Harry before he put it on the side and leaned against the counter; crossing his arms over his chest. “Drinks?”


“I’m fine.”

“Cuppa please.” Zayn replied, finally looking up at Liam.

“So how was your day?” Harry winked at me and I couldn’t help but look away with a booming laugh. I sucked the side of my teeth, mouth open wide, as I thought about where to start. The boys didn’t know that we had met up with Rach and Rose yet.

I looked at Liam who smirked at me. I was in this alone for now. “Yeah good... Had a lie in,” Zayn moaned “went for a late lunch after watching some TV, then we went to Westfields to get Liam’s stuff for Sophia.” They all nodded and I paused for a second, trying desperately to find an escape route. Liam was already laughing in anticipation of the boys’ reaction. “And then the girls came and met us.”

Louis’ mouth dropped open, Harry threw his laptop off of him onto the sofa and Zayn looked up from his phone before laying it down on the glass table next to him. Liam was nearly crying and I could only imagine what kind of expression my face was pulling. Probably something that resembled a fear of what was to come.

“You say girls, Niall?” Harry was starting to get up slowly from his seat, his eyes kept locked on mine. The other boys were joining him and they were pacing towards me with a hint of enthusiastic torment in their eyes. Shit. I started to back away. Shit. Uh oh.

“Yeah Rachel; she’s really nice and-“

“Who’s Rachel, Nialler?”

“Um...” I couldn’t hold it off any longer. “Rosie’s best friend!” As soon as I said it, I threw open Harry’s bedroom door –that I had backed into- and made a run for it round the room as they all let out a chorus of shouts and woops. I was laughing hysterically as Zayn tackled me onto the double bed and each of the boys jumped on top of us with cheers and a roar of hurrahs.

Liam was doubled over crying at the doorway as he watched the 4 of us collapsed on top of one another. It was surprising how much noise us 5 boys could make.

“Round of applause for Nialler!” Louis jumped up of the bed and screamed out as a signal to start our applause routine that we had started as a signature way to celebrate things. The other boys jumped off of me, finally, and stood around the bed -where I was still lying- applauding away with their heads held high and their hands making booming claps. I took my stand on the bed; laughing as I bowed and Harry let out a whistle with his fingers in his mouth.

“Round of applause for Rosie!” Everyone let out a laugh as Louis made his next toast. The applause was still just as loud, and didn’t cease for 5 whole minutes, through about 10 different toasts including: ‘Liam lasting 6 months in his relationship’, ‘Niall finally finding someone who liked him’ and ‘carrots’ –as was simply stated by Louis. We were all starting to walk out of the room, banter bouncing back and forth between the five of us, when I slapped Liam on the back.

“Thanks for helping me out mate.”

“You should try using a little more sarcasm Nialler...” Liam laughed and ran away before I managed to lay another hand on him.

Everyone went to sit back down on the sofa - but this time Louis turned the TV off - and all eyes were on me. I sat on the arm of the sofa next to Harry, and slumped my arm around him, as I told them about everything. Liam added little bits in and by the end of it, everyone was stoked to meet Rachel and excited to see Rosie again –as was I.

“So when are you meeting up with her again?” I pulled at the little threads that were escaping on the knees of my black jeans and smiled.

“I’m not too sure, as soon as possible. But me and Li met her parents who are extremely cool and they said they’d be interested in meeting you guys if you’re up for it?”

“Yeah sure!”

“Seriously Hazza, you need to see this girl’s house.” Liam added. “We saw Lola too, Zayn.” Zayn smiled sweetly and looked up when he heard his, and his little fan’s, name. “She said to say hey.”

“Well we’ll defo have to organise something,” Zayn smiled at everyone “But we’ve got the interview on Jonathon Ross’s show tomorrow so we better get outta here and get some sleep.”

“Ooooh, look at Zayn getting all responsibleee!” Louis reached over and mussed Zayn's hair to receive a slap on his arm. “Anyway, he’s right. Gonna go get some sleep.  Anyone else coming?”

I stood up, stretched my arms out and gave a big yawn. “I’m coming.” All of us got up and Harry walked us to the door where we waited for the lift to come straight to us to take us to each of our floors. I picked up my bags and Zayn and Liam had a cheeky look inside of them as we were chatting.

The lift buzzed as the doors opened and Harry spoke to us as he patted each of us into the elevator. “Right, breakfast here at 10:00am. Busy schedule, don’t forget. You coming up Liam?”

“Yeah sure.”

“Get some good sleep guys.”

“You too mate.”

“Night Harry.” Louis hugged him before getting into the lift to audible laughter from us three boys- as he frowned in mock-sadness and they put on a show by touching hands until the doors closed and they were forced to pulltheir hands away. Everyone loved Larry’s bromance –especially Louis and Harry.


We had all shared a house together after coming out of The XFactor and that was when Harry and Louis had started to become good friends. We all were, but Larry particularly enjoyed putting it across strongly to the media who like to quote them as being ‘inseperable’ and  ‘the most anticipated bromance in the celeb world’. We all played along to it and everybody went hysterical wherever they went together.

What the world didn’t realise, was that we were all just as close as Harry and Louis were, as we had been given the opportunity to move in our separate directions –pretty ironic- as soon as we had grown tired of the house that we were sharing. However, we decided to buy an apartment complex in Central London that overlooked onto the River Thames instead.

We each had our own flats that covered a whole floor. Mine was the penthouse, so I had the best view and a stairwell that led to the roof garden - where the boys and I had been having barbeques for pretty much every day that we had been home for this summer. Harry’s flat was the flat beneath mine, then Louis', then Zayn's and then last but not least was Liam's. There were two floors beneath Liam's, but we rented them out to celebrities that were passing through London and allowed our families to use them, whenever they made the journeys to see us.

It made everything easier, as we had enough privacy from each other but also a close enough proximity to hold meetings and enjoy each other’s company at a minutes’ notice. I liked the way it was, but I knew that we were going to be moving again sometime soon in 2014, as Zayn and Perrie were now engaged and Louis and El had pretty much tied the knot too. Everybody would need their own space pretty soon, so I was trying my hardest not to grow too attached to my beautiful apartment, although it was hard.

I pressed the button for my apartment on the 7th floor and touched my ID card to the reader. Everybody else followed my lead, and the lift had set off upwards to my apartment by the time that Liam had touched his card to the reader.

I had wished the boys a good night and had unlocked the door from inside the lift when I opened the door, closed it behind me and took the bags to my room. My black, leather bed with navy blue sheets looked so comfortable so I checked that my flat was safe and secure before throwing the bags down in front of the wall-length, mirrored wardrobes; closing the black curtains in front of the windows that covered one whole side of the room; stripping off; and jumping straight into bed with my phone.

I settled into the pillows and made a tweet.

‘Good night all. I hope that you have had a good day –I know that I have. Thanks a lot to the certain people that made my evening so special (you know who you are) xo’

I locked my phone, after making sure that my alarms were set, and allowed myself to dream about green eyes and curls. I hadn’t had such a peaceful sleep in weeks; and I felt that it had something to do with the gorgeous, young lady that kept me company in my subconscious state of mind. 


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