Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


82. Threatened


“Right. Since talking with Becky, I think it’s clear that we have a lot to talk about too.”

I don’t say anything –instead I just sit there with my back as straight as a plank of wood- looking him straight in the eyes whilst making no attempt to move my lips or to speak.

“Okay then. You don’t want to talk… so let’s try this. I say something that Becky has informed me on and you reply with a one word answer… True or False.” Again, I don’t reply.

“You’re going to do as I say?”


“She speaks.” Mr Chapman murmurs under his breath with relief and starts to take notes on a piece of paper. “Okay so, you’re going out with someone called Niall Horan?”


“He is famous?”

I hate that word. “True.”

“And a part of One Direction?”

Who doesn’t know the answer to these questions? “True.” I am bored and looking for an easy escape route.

“Why are you going out with him?”

“I don’t believe that that is a true or false question.”

“True, but I would like to know an answer.”

“It is also true that it is none of your business. Stuff like that is personal.”

“In this school we believe in getting to know our students on a personal level-“

“Yes, things like their names and their beliefs and their likes and dislikes; not preferences on boyfriends and reasons behind dating.”

“Let’s move on shall we? Today you attacked Miss Childs?”

“It was provoked.”

“By what?”

“I’m sure that you’ve read the article in there?” I point to his newspaper and look away in disgust. “There’s only one person in my textiles class who hates me enough to provide false information like that. Guess who.”

“The source was anonymous… it does not provide us with enough sufficient proof to be accusing any of your class mates. It could be anyone for all you know.”

“That doesn’t matter! She’s the one who I had the conversation with that’s been twisted to the point of exhaustion. She’s the one who’s a huge fan of the boys and has been sending me death threats through my house’s letterbox. I can get those for you… see if they have enough proof for you?”

“She’s signed them herself has she?”

“Of course not! They’re anonymous, but-” It’s then that I realise. Mr Chapman has already made up his mind after talking to Becky. 

Apparently the fault is all mine; I’m the one to blame for this and he’s not going to change his final decision now –even after hearing my own point of view. There’s no hope in trying to persuade him that what Becky’s done is wrong. She's everyone's favourite little student...

“Oh… I see. You’re already refusing to believe that any of this was Becky’s fault. You think I’m the only one to blame. Why don’t you just exclude me now?” His shallow face -his unsympathetic smile- disgusts me, just as the article did.

“Now why would I do that?”

“Because you’re going to punish someone… and you’ve obviously already decided that that someone is going to be me. Just get on with it. How long? 3 days? 1 week?”

“Rosie I am not going to exclude you.” I can’t help but feel the tiniest bit of relief. I have to prepare for the winter show.

“So what then?”

“I’m going to give you an ultimatum. You can leave here without a bad record; with perfect grades and a great report for university –just as you would have had before-” There’s a catch, I think. There’s definitely a catch. “But you will need to leave your boyfriend.”

“What?!” He can’t just delve in on any aspect of my personal life like this! No way.

“Just think about it. You can leave today with an opportunity to think about it. You have until tomorrow to tell me what you have decided. We're only looking out for your best interests Miss Stephens... It would be for the best.”

“No. That’s ridiculous. You’re ridiculous.”

“Just remember Rosie… I’m the one who holds the power in this school. Not you. Not any of the other teachers. Not your friends and definitely not your boyfriend. I decide the rules here, and if you don’t like them then you can always feel free to leave.” He gestures towards the door and I make the most educated decision that I have followed through all day.

“With pleasure.” He thinks I am just running back to lessons, that I will dump the best person in my life for a stupid school record.

"I'll be waiting to hear your decision Miss Stephens. I'm sure you'll choose the right one." He is wrong. He is so, so wrong, because I am not just another part of his little school that he can manipulate like a puppet. I am my own person and I am not about to give up Niall for someone’s jealousy and another person’s misinformed opinions.

For all I care, the school can forget the whole deal, because there’s no chance that I will ever even consider it. Not when I’m being treated like shit for loving another human being that completes me as a person.

I will never let that happen.


'Hey trouble, how are you doing? Haz x' 1:06pm London, 8:06am New York 

'Yoo Harold :') I'm fine, wbu? Rachel x' 1:08pm London, 8:08am New York

'Yeah I'm good -who still says "yoo" by the way? Harry x' 1:09pm London, 8:09am New York 

'Exactly my point. It's a common greeting in these corridors :/ do they not realise that the greeting’s been and gone? Hahaaaa, Rachel x’ 1:11pm London, 8:11am New York 

'Silly gangsta children :') don't let them turn you into one of them! Harry x' 1:12pm London, 8:12am New York 

'Hahaaaa okay. Is hello better? Rachel x' 1:14pm London, 8:14am New York 

'Much better. How's school going? Harry x' 1:16pm London, 8:16am New York 

'Um... It's okay. Rachel x' 1:17pm London, 8:17am New York 

'Guessing not too well then. Ugh, btw Niall keeps bugging me to ask you -whys Rosie ignoring Niall's messages? I keep telling him not to worry but you know what they're like. Harry x' 1:19pm London, 8:19am New York 

"She's ignoring him? I didn't even know -tell him it probably isn't anything but he could try calling her? Rachel x' 1:20pm London, 8:20am New York 

'Can’t you ask her? Is she there with you now? Harry x' 1:22pm London, 8:22am New York 

'No -that's the problem. I can't find her anywhere so I'm just strolling round the school like a loner. Rachel x' 1:24pm London, 8:24am New York 

'Well at least if anyone takes the piss then you can tell them that you're messaging Harry Styles ;) So you have no idea where she is? Harry x' 1:27pm London, 8:27am New York 

'No, I'm starting to get worried myself actually. She disappeared just after break and I haven't seen her since. I've asked around and no one else has either... Rachel x' 1:28pm London, 8:28am New York 

'Uh oh... Do you think I should tell Niall? Harry x' 1:29pm London, 8:29am New York

'Well... I don't think you should lie, but try calling her first. Tell me if you get an answer. Rachel x' 2:31pm London, 9:31am New York 



‘Stupid school. Stupid teachers. Stupid everything.’

I know the tweet isn’t going to make any difference but if at least one person can empathise with me, and what I’m talking about, then I know that it can only make me feel better about myself and the vague thoughts of dropping school that run through my mind.

The car is cold without the engine on, but there’s no point; it will only attract the caretakers’ attentions and I’m not supposed to be out here. For the third time today I just shrug my shoulders, telling myself to fuck it, and switch the engine on to stop the shivers from rippling down my body.

Niall has messaged me multiple times since storming out of my headmaster’s office; but I’m embarrassed. I don’t want him to worry about everything that’s happened today; part of me is still denying it, even to myself. I don’t want to be the girl that starts fights in lessons. I’m only here to get an education; something that used to be extremely important to me, now I couldn’t care less to be quite honest.

The heater quickly gets to work and stops my hands from going numb again. I keep them moving by replying to as many of my DM’s as possible. One sweet girl is really interested to hear if I’m okay. I lie and say everything’s fine; that it’s just the average school day that is getting me down.

I lean back against the head rest, trying to get myself comfortable for the next 2 hours before school ends and the school gate is opened for its students to start leaving. Only two more hours.

The security at this school isn’t the best to say that I managed to sneak past the reception and slide under the gate leading to the sectioned off car park, but the one thing that they are always thorough with is the main gate. No one’s allowed in or out of campus without a specific security card. Unfortunately my one didn’t gain access to the front gates or I wouldn’t be sat here right now.

It occurs to me that I’m practically bunking school; but whereas it would have bothered me in the past, now it doesn’t even cause me to blink. If Mr Chapman hadn’t wanted me to leave he should have escorted me back to class or gone after me. Instead he just allowed me to walk out; not knowing where I was heading or what I was aiming to do. Going to Textiles was not an option –I would have ripped out Becky’s hair for sure.

I’m just starting to stop shivering and relax into the white leather, of my tall seat, when a knuckle hits the glass where my face rests. I spring to life and back away from the window as far as possible. It takes a few seconds before I realise that the person attached to the fist is only knocking –not trying to murder me as I sleep lightly.

It’s a man. I can’t see his face properly through the steaming windows and so take a risk as I open the door. I’m in trouble now. “I’m sorry, I know I shouldn’t be here but-” It’s surprisingly enough the young trainee councillor. “Oh, hi Mr Carling.”

He nudges the door open slightly wider with his elbow. “Pshh. It’s Josh to you –I find Mr Carling way to formal.”

I nod my head, feeling slightly delusional. Josh takes a drag from the cigarette in his hand. The orange glow at the end of the fag has nearly reached his two parted fingers and so he drops it to the ground and stomps on it; releasing the smoke up into the air, in tiny rings that grow larger, at the same time.

“Mind if I jump into the back? I could do with warming up and I guess you won’t be willing to come back into the school with me for a chat, would you?”

I shake my head politely and gesture for him to get in whilst I close my own door. It takes only a few seconds for him to hop in and shuffle over the seats to the one furthest from the driving seat. That makes it easier to shuffle myself around to face him.

“So what are you doing out here…umm…?”


“Ah yes, that’s right. Aren’t you supposed to be in lessons?” A small laugh escapes my lips and he searches deep into my eyes for an answer. It makes me feel uncomfortable.

“So you’re hiding out here?”

“What gave me away?”

“I’ve got a master’s degree in psychology Rosie. It’s not that hard to tell.” He doesn’t look old enough to have even been to university –never mind achieved a master’s qualification.

“Well that would make sense.”

“So what happened today then? There’s been word in the staff-room but nothing specific.”

If I don’t tell him then he could assume something worse; especially based on the rumours that I know are going around.

“I was provoked into starting a fight with this girl. She’s just…” I can’t even find the words to describe her.

“What did she do to provoke you? Becky Childs right? I’ve had complaints about her personality before. Apparently she has all the traits of a bully.” Josh eyes me seriously, and the way that he’s on my side before I even need to justify myself makes it easier to talk about. There’s finally a member of staff in this school who’s on my side; forgetting Miss Green and Mrs Winters, of course.

“She’s sent death threats to my house because of my boyfriend. Told journalists lies to make me seem like a bitch in the media. She was winding me up today in class and making snide comments about this.” I gesture down to my stick thin bones and look away ashamedly.

Josh ignores my other comments. “Your boyfriend Niall Horan right?” He smiles at me, getting me to mimic his grin with a little bit of encouragement. I nod and it takes Josh a few seconds before he starts singing –badly. “Midnight memories, oh oh oh oh, baby you and me, strolling through the streets, singing singing singing sing-”

“Yes, yes! He’s the one!” I cut Josh off with a laugh and hug the back of the driver’s seat before he can start singing again.

“At least my god-awful singing got the smile back on your face.” He grins and I can’t help but do the same. “You know my door’s always open,” Mr Carling looks me straight in the eyes and widens his grey ones slightly to emphasise his point “make use of it.”

“Okay, I will.”

“You know, you shouldn’t put yourself down so much –when I said the whole staffroom was talking about it, what I meant was that they heard what Mr Chapman had said to you and they didn’t agree with it. Teachers aren’t stupid –they can see behind each pupil’s true colours. They were sticking up for you- not Becky or whatever her name is.”

He laughs slightly and my eyes drift up to the building complex above us. There are people that care about me in there –I just never notice them.

“Don’t suffer in silence –we all want to help you.”


“And you promise you won’t start any more fights before we can stick up for you?” Josh runs a hand over the trousers of his light brown tweed suit; not a bad look for a young guy with shabby looking hair and short stubble. The style suits him and I automatically tell myself to give him more credit for coming out here to speak to me –and for his great dress sense, of course.

“It’s a tough one but I promise.”

“Okay. In that case you can leave but make sure you’re in tomorrow to give me back my keys.” He takes the lanyard from around his neck and throws them over to me. It has his security card, identification and a whole set of keys that unlocks most classroom doors within the school.

“Wait… don’t you need these?” Josh shoves them back into my hand and makes me take a tight hold on them.

“Don’t you worry about it… It’s much easier for me to say I’ve misplaced them than it is for you to get out of here without them.” I smile gratefully and Josh gets out of the car. I start the engine going and wave to him as I leave the parking space behind me. That’s when I remember.

“Oh, Mr Carling, um, Josh? Can you please tell Rachel what happened if you see her?”

“Of course. Now get out of here and relax –put your feet up, have a sleep and make the most of it.”


“No problem.”

I leave the car park, waving quickly as I turn the corner and think to myself. He’s not too bad, Josh –he’s someone that I can trust. He’s on my side.

When I reach the gates, it is just one simple flash of the security card and the gate is already coming to life –opening slowly but surely. Only a few more seconds pass before I drive carefully over the speed bumps and out into the open road, already on the route back to my house. I’m free! I’m well and truly free; but not for long, because Harry’s ID flashes up on the screen of my phone, and this time I decide to answer it.


“Hello?” I cringe, unsure about which version of Harry will be on the opposite end of the line to me.

“Where do you think you’ve been missy?" Luckily, today he’s just the easily-amused and only slightly-annoyed Harry. "Everyone’s worried.” He chuckles gently and I’m glad that I picked up his call.

“I’m driving.”

“Okay, so you’re driving around school?” His voice is hopeful but mostly sarcastic.


“Nope,” he repeats “I didn’t think so. Nothing’s ever that simple with you.” I can tell that he’s smiling on the other end of the line so I smile along with him. “So are you going to tell me where you are?”

“Just on my way home –might nip into Waitrose on the way there.”

“What?” Harry’s voice is accusing. “Why the hell are you going to Waitrose? It’s all about Sainsburys…”

I can’t help but let out a giggle. “So, I tell you that I’m going to Waitrose -when I’m supposed to be in lessons- and you get annoyed with me because I’m not going to Sainsburys? You’re a different type of weird Mr Styles.”

“Thanks babe. Louis agrees with me –they have the best wraps in Sainsburys.”

“Harry -I’m not going to buy wraps!”

“Well you should do!”

“Right,” I laugh into the speaker “I’m going to hang up on you in a second if you don’t start acting serious-”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry!”

“Right now, I need to talk to you about something serious.”

“Sorry. So why are you out of school?”

I pout and make a last-second choice that I probably should say something. “Is Niall there?”

“No, he’s gone down to the canteen to order yet more food. I’m in Liam’s room with the rest of the boys. Why? Do you want to talk to him?”

“No, promise you won’t laugh?”

“I promise…” His voice in sincere enough to comfort me that he wont take the piss.

“Okay I started a fight in class today.” As soon as I say it everyone else in the room cheers and laughs; I finally realise that Harry had put me on loud speaker. “Harry!” I slap my hand on my face and nearly veer of the road as I forget to turn.

“Sorry Rosie!” He starts to shout over the cheers, but it’s lost in the racket.

“That’s right Rosie!”


“Wait, we don’t know why she started it yet.” At least Liam’s the only one with an ounce of common sense.

“I didn’t start it –I was provoked.”

“Yeah, that’s what they all say.” Zayn guffaws into the speaker.

“Any of you guys read the news today?”



“Oh wait.” Liam remembers something “Mike told me about an article… Maddie…”

“Maddie Stuart?” I finish for him and they all remember being told about it.

“Oh yeah...”

"We actually do know..."

"Well the girl practically admitted that she was the source. I knew it was her all along. Anyway, I had to go to the head’s office and it wasn’t a pretty sight.”

“What wasn’t a pretty sight?” I hear a door click in the background and an Irish accent follow it through.

“Niall mate, give Rosie a call. She’ll explain to you. Wont you Roselyn?” Harry seems worried and slightly agitated. Niall had walked into the room so suddenly, just as whilst I was about to open up to them.

“Yeah, yeah of course. Ring me Niall, okay? I’ll speak to you all later.”

“Bye Rosie!”

“See ya!”

“Laters babe.”

“Ta ta.”

“Bye, bye!” I hang up and think about how I’m going to word it to Niall. He needs to know, but not enough to worry him. Neither of us are at our best when we are worrying, or when we have each other on our minds. He can’t be doing that when he’s over in the USA for such important business; especially about the productions of their next album and the promotion of their last.

I need to tell him but in a less concentrated manner. However, he does need to know that the sender of my death threats is closer to home than I originally thought.


“Niall, listen to me! It doesn’t matter.  Please listen to me.”

“I am listening, but I’m not having some clued-up, shit, head teacher threatening you like that! You’re getting enough shit as it is, without that guy being a fucking arse hole to you, too! You do realise that that’s what it was… It was a threat Roselyn.”

He’s spitting the words, and I can tell he’s mad, but this condescending tone isn’t something that I’ve ever had to experience before. It upsets me. “Don't call me that. I'm not a child. And yes Niall, I’m very familiar with threats these days.”

There’s a silence on the end of the phone and I know that he heard the stress and sarcasm in my voice. I rub my fingertips over the lids of my tired eyes; smoothing out the skin that is still soft from my use of moisturiser this morning.

“Love, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you…”

“You haven’t, I’m just under a lot of pressure at the moment, and if I’ve learnt anything from today it’s that getting angry won’t help anyone.”

“You’re right. Look, I’m gonna sort this out for you, okay?”

“What? Niall you don’t need to do anything. It doesn’t matter –I’ll just put up with it.”

“Don’t be stupid –trust me, I’ll sort it. Look… I gotta go right now but I’ll message you later. Get some sleep or something?”

“Niall! Wait, what are you going to do? What do you mean sort it-“

“Sorry love but I really need to go now. Love you.” And that’s it. He hangs up on me and I can only wonder what he’s planning to do. ‘Sort it out.’ What the hell does that mean?

That evening, the article is much much worse than before. This morning’s report looks weak in comparison.

ROSELYN STEPHENS SAID TO BE CHEATING ON NIALL HORAN is the headline and this time it comes with attached pictures: each of the boys hugging me; Harry’s car pulling up outside my house; Zayn with his arm around my neck laughing as Niall walks in front of us. To put it bluntly, they’ve made me look like a whore.

In each photo I’m smiling and they’ve got pictures of every member of the band, either touching me or laughing. I wasn’t even aware when half of them were being taken. There’s one where I’m hanging on Harry’s arms. It was the day that we all went shopping in Dagenham. Rachel was hanging onto the other arm, but they’ve conveniently cropped the right of the photo, so that it looks like Harry and I are the only ones there.

The worst one, however, is one that was taken at the airport. I’m leaning in to kiss Zayn’s cheek but it’s been taken from such a perfect angle that it looks like our lips are moulding around each other.

I’m lying in bed, crying at the articles being sent to me by as many fans as possible –some defiantly arguing that I don’t deserve Niall and others who are trying to make sure that I’ve seen them all –so that I can at least stick up for mine and the other guys’ loyalties to our partners.

NiallOffical: So so pissed off. Rosie is not a cheat. She’s only friends with all of the boys and I already know that. Don’t listen to anything the media says. It’s so sick and twisted. I can’t even tell you how much these articles are pissing me off!’

Harry tweets something similar, and so does Louis. Liam and Zayn message me instead; telling me not to worry and that it will all be sorted out. But when? When they’ve already given me the name of a filthy cheating heartless cow? It’s already too late –far too late.

It gets to half 8 when I sulk down the stairs, not even bothering to fix the swollen red circles around my eyes, trying to find my mother's embrace.

She’s sitting in the living room on the sofa opposite Lola. The sofa where Niall and I sat after our dinner at the OXO tower. I miss him. I miss his hugs.

I sit down next to my mother and she instantly lifts her arm up so that I can wedge my shoulder under her armpit and bury my teary face into the short hair that is curled around her neck.

“Mum…” I cant help but shake under her embrace as the sobs reach my eyes and I soak her forest green jumper with tears.

“Rosie? What’s the matter? Tell me what’s wrong.” I shake my head and she rocks me back and forth. "Oh baby… what is it? You can tell me.”

“It’s a new article…” Lola whispers from across the room, and as soon as my mother realizes she wraps another arm around the back of my head, to keep it in place as I cry.

“Shh… it’s okay honey. Just let it all out.”

That’s exactly what I do as she searches the news on her phone and gasps whilst reading it. “Such horrible, horrible people. Rosie you can’t listen to any of this. It’s all bullshit and you know it.”

I think it’s one of the first times that I’ve ever my mother swear but the word couldn’t be more appropriate. “I don’t know what to do mum…”

“What you always do –fight it. Tell the people on your twitter it’s not real. Some people are going to find it hard to believe, but it doesn’t matter as long as you know that you took the opportunity to get  your point of view across.”

“But school… please don’t make me go.” I feel like a five year old –begging to have the day at home.

“Roselyn sweetie, there are some things that you have to face in life and this is one of them. Backing down is only going to give them more ammunition. They’ll think that you’re scared of going because the articles true -and we all know that it's not.”

“Mum, please.” It’s a last resort. I can’t go to school tomorrow. I can’t face everyone.

“I’m sorry hunny. I love you but I can’t let you stay at home. If it’s really bad tomorrow –or if Mr Chapman says anything about Niall again- you can ring me and I’ll pick you up. Okay?”

I don’t talk for a while. I wipe my eyes and cough a few times to get rid of the pathetic voice that I know will be there. “Okay.”


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