Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


16. Thom


“Are you ready now Miss Stephens?”

I climbed back into the car before saying “Yes thanks. Let’s get going.”

“Great! Just before I set off you might as help yourselves to some minerals from the bar...” We looked at him blankly through the rear view mirror before he slapped himself on the forehead. “Oh yah, silly me. You folks call them fizzy drinks. Me and my Irish slang...” he muttered as he laughed at himself. “Might I add you have a very nice house here Miss.”

“Thanks Thom.” I smiled at him. Rachel and I had moved to the front to get closer to the bar. “My parents worked very hard to get it. It’s even nicer inside –my Mom is an interior designer.”

“Ooooh!” He laughed at how informative I was being and started the engine. “I’ll start slowly until you’re back in your seats and buckled up. Was your sister at home?”

“Yes! She was excited to hear that me and Rach are meeting up with Niall and Liam. She’s a huge One Direction Fan.”

“Yes, I heard all about it last night.”

“Did you?” I was surprised to hear this.

“Yes, I picked them up from the club. They couldn’t stop talking about it. Ahhh, your sister was the little blonde one that Zayn gave his scarf to?”


“How cute!” He smiled to himself as we went to sit back down in our seats. I was sipping my Rose Lemonade –ah the irony- when I looked over to see what Rachel was holding. 7Up. I should have guessed – it was her favourite.

“How long until we get there Thom? Do we get any clues?” Rachel asked him politely.

“I’m afraid not Miss Stormes. I’ve been given strict instructions not to tell either of you where we are headed.”

“Pleeeease?” I tried to use my charm against him but he just laughed.

“I’m sorry, I can’t! But those smiles are making it really hard to say no.” He winked to us in the mirror again, and Rachel and I giggled at each other. “However I can tell you that we will be there in 30 minutes if traffic is light. Do you want some music on? You can use the buttons on the keypad.” I looked around and found a keypad on the side of the door. There was one on the other side by Rachel too but she just motioned for me to do it. I turned it on and tuned it straight to Capital FM.

I felt too shy to sing so I just nodded my head along with the music when Thom caught my eye in the mirror. He laughed and started singing along to the music. He sang badly but I didn’t mind; he did it to make us feel more comfortable.

By the time 30 minutes was nearly up we were singing at the top of our voices to the music and Thom was laughing at us, watching us do all the actions and making up our own dance moves in the back of the limo. Occasionally he would hum along with our effortless and lame singing. The radio producers had just started talking when I turned the radio down and shouted to Thom “Are we nearly there?”

“Yes, we’ve just entered Shepherds Bush.”

“Isn’t that where Westfield’s is?” My eyes lit up as I looked at Rachel. Hers did the same. Westfield was the largest and newest shopping centre built in London. It had a range of shops from high-end to middle class.

“Maybe...” He was smirking at us. “Right here we are. Look out for the boys.” We had arrived at the shopping centre and were driving around the outskirts. “Miss Stephens, would you be able to ring Niall and ask where they are?”

“Sure thing,” I replied before I picked up the phone and put it to my ear?

“Rosie? Is everything okay?” He sounded worried.

“Yeah! Great in fact! We just wanted to find out where you are?”

“Oh good! We’re just standing outside H&M? I don’t know if you can see-“

“Stop!” I shouted at Thom. He turned onto the hard shoulder so we’d be able to get out.

“Ouchhh.” Niall was complaining on the other end.

“Oh, sorry! I burst out laughing. I had deafened him and everyone else in the limousine was looking at me in confusion. “Right, we’re here anyway.” I laughed out into my phone.

“Yep, I know. We can see.” He laughed back weakly and I hung up.

Me and Rachel started undoing our belts and gathering our things before Thom had walked around to our door and opened it for us. I felt important and thought that I could, maybe, get used to this lifestyle. We stepped out onto the pavement and looked towards H&M for the boys. I couldn’t see them but a hooded and shaded pair of guys were walking towards us and Thom waved.

Oh yeah. Shit. The boys were in public so had to be disguised -obviously. I couldn’t control my excitement at seeing these familiar faces, so I walked the extra 2 metres to where they were, before I swung my arms around Niall. “Someone’s friendly.”

“I know! Sorry for deafening you by the way.” I looked down at my shoes and he gave me a smile.

“I’m glad you could make it!”

“I’m glad too!” someone said who was standing next to him. Liam!

I walked over and gave him a hug too.

“And who must this be?” I turned around and saw Niall approaching my shy friend. She was standing next to Thom so as Niall held out his hand for her to shake –which she did straight away- I replied.

“That’s my best friend Rachel.”

“Hi Rach!” Liam was now saying and she laughed at him as he leaned towards her to shake her hand. I went to stand by her and she looked at me quickly to let me know she was happy whilst the boys started talking to Thom. It was Niall that spoke first. “Thanks for this man. I owe you.”

“No don’t be silly, it’s me that owes you remember.”

“Yeah yeah.” Niall slapped him on the back and Niall waved as Thom walked back onto the road to get to the driver’s seat yet again.

“So do I get the privilege of taking these pretty young ladies back home too?” Me and Rachel blushed in unison; letting go of a giggle.

“Yeah sure.”

“Good. I’m gonna miss that singing of theirs.” He got back into the limo with a wink and Liam called out.

“We’ll call you when they need picking up.” I loved it with these boys. It felt like we were constantly safe in their hands.

We had all turned around and were just smiling when Rachel surprisingly spoke up first. “So why are we here boys?”

“Well, Liam here needed a present for his girlfriend.”

“What’s the occasion?” I asked with a friendly smile.

“Well it’s our 1 year anniversary tomorrow and I know she wasn’t planning on doing anything but I was gonna take her out for a meal.”

“Nice. So what were you thinking of getting?”

“Well some sort of jewellery and the reason why you’re here-” he looked at me pointedly “-is because I wanted to get her an outfit to take her out in.”

“Okay great! Should we get the jewellery first?” I contributed.

“Sounds good to me, right Liam?”

“Yeah! Let’s go to Pandora, she’s been wanting something from there for a while.”


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