Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


139. 'This Is Serious.'


“So what do you think your favourite present was from yesterday?” It's now boxing day and there are threats of snow for this evening and tomorrow, all across the UK.

I think back to all of my gifts, but it is a no-brainer. There was one present so much more excessive and generous than the rest –forgetting the private song from Harry of course. “Well I love all of them but my best friends family brought me an all year round return ticket to Dubai so I can choose when I want to go over to visit my eldest sister.”

“Your sister lives in Dubai?” Gemma seems impressed.

“Yeah, with my little niece and my brother-in-law. My parents are out there now actually but I came here, so the present will come in really handy.”

“You must be crazy to come to Cheshire instead of taking a trip to Dubai.”

“Maybe,” I smile “But I’m glad I came.”

“Me to.” Gemma hugs me suddenly and we both giggle at her outburst. “That party was amazing last night.”

“Definitely,” I agree with Gemma as Anne comes to sit next to me at the kitchen table and squeezes my arm compassionately. One of Anne’s best friends, who’s like an auntie to Harry and Gemma, had invited all of us along to her Christmas Evening party. Once we had finished our Christmas dinner and opening the rest of our stockings, at about 5pm –or in Anne, Robin, Gemma and Harry’s case, the mountainous amount of cards that had been delivered to the house, from all over the country, and even from the furthest parts of the globe- we all got dressed up, ordered a taxi and went round to the evening party for a few drinks and some festive cheer.

Harry and I were practically joined at the hip the whole time, but whenever he had to go off to say hello to people and catch-up with old, local friends, Gemma was never too far behind to take his place and whisk me off to the dance floor.

Harry’s family is so kind and easy going –I don’t think it would be a challenge to spend more time with them. And making the decision of coming back up here to stay with them again, or to go out with them for a few days in London, could hardly be described as a hard choice –there’d be no hesitation in saying yes. We’ve definitely grown closer after the last 5 evenings and 4 days, but Harry and I will be leaving soon to go back to London, and I’m not sure that my feelings towards leaving are all too positive.

“We had a good time, me and you huh?”

“Yeah,” I beam, “you’ve definitely got some moves up your sleeves Gem!” She shrugs the compliment away modestly and opens a bottle of cherry red, gel, nail polish and I lay my hands out on the kitchen table so that she can paint them as promised.

“We should definitely go for a night out when I come down to London and you’re legally allowed to be there.” I laugh at her comment. “My brother might not mind influencing underage drinkers but I don’t take the same ease towards it.” She points to her temple and winks. “The guilt starts to build up in here.”

“That sounds amazing. But how did you know about Harry?”

“He’s my little brother. I know him too well.” Anne wanders out of the room with a basket of laundry and Gemma smirks. “Sometimes I think I know him too well. But there’s one thing I’m not too sure on.”

“What?” I ask inquisitively.

“Well, one minute the two of you are making it absolutely clear that you’re just friends and the next you’re falling asleep on his bed and spending every second together. What’s going on?” She’s not being protective, I can tell she’s just interested. We like each other and she’s genuinely curious as to whether I’m dating her brother or not.

“Well, we’re close…” I start, choosing my words selectively. “But it’s complicated. His work gets in the way.”

“Ahh… so is it the attention you can’t handle? You’re just keeping it on a low down?”

Or it could be the fact that I’m not legally allowed to date him until this PR stunt is over. “Yeah… Something like that.”

“It’s okay. All of us have been able to tell that you guys are together, but no one in this house will say anything. We like to keep to ourselves and out of the spot light too. Sometimes the attention can get too much –it’s not a healthy way to live most of the time.” I nod, feeling slightly guilty that I’ve led her down a completely different path from the truth, though they do run parallel.

"Harry is very sensitive and understanding though... The best thing to do is just talk to him." Anne squeezes my right hand that's only just dried from beside me and I hadn't even noticed her sit back down next to me.

"Yeah. You're right."

The three of us are all smiles until the phone rings intrusively and Anne gets back up to answer it, sighing at the effort needed to move and the interrupted moment between us three girls.


Rachel's a lovely girl -very polite and down to earth. She says things in the same way she thinks them and I can tell that she's very passionate about her interests, family, friends and the people she loves.

It's all of these reasons that make me glad to hear what I've just heard. Rachel told Gem that she and Harry are together, although the publicity and his career can be a bit of a problem.

It doesn't bother me -in fact, if anything, it just makes me understand that she is more grounded and down to earth than any of the girls that Harry's ever dated before. All of his past relationships involved the love of attention, popularity and even a need for more fans and people buying a certain someone's music. 

Rachel's different though -I've known for a few days, even if neither of them had admitted it to me. It's the ways she looks at him, as if she's imagining all the endless and possible memories between them in the future; going out to parties, settling down and having a family I their own, growing old together. And what's even better is to see that Harry returns those looks; his eyes glistening as if she is his prized jewel. He would t let anything hurt her -I know that because he's never looked at anyone in the same way. For the first time since last year, he finally looks relaxed and easy going. At first I thought that maybe the other boys having been wearing on him -tearing away the permanent worry that is now part of Harry's characteristics, but it's not the boys it's her. 

It was definite in my mind when gemma came running down yesterday morning to tell me that she found Rachel in his room, but to hear rachel explain their relationship -explain why it's not going to be advertised front page on 'okay!' magazine for as long as possible- well... that was a beautiful moment.


"Hi there, I was wondering if I could speak to Harry Styles?"

"Who's calling?"

"This is Lucy from Modest."

"Sorry. He's restricted from using this phone for business." Harry told me quite a while ago that he didn't want to take business phone calls from this phone- there's no guaranteeing that it could just be a fan who's found Robin and I's number. He can answer what ever phone calls he wants, but when at home he says strictly on his mobile. It also gives him a bit more freedom and space than I they had more ways of contacting him. "You could try his mobile? That's the only phone he's answering until he gets home."

"No, i've tried that but he's not answering." That would make sense. Harry is up in the loft with Robin, going through unwanted items of clothing and souvenirs from his childhood to auction off for charity in the new year.

"Sorry. I could take a message?"

"Yeah, I think that will be okay. You are his mother right?" The girl on the other end sounds quite young -maybe a trainee employee?

"Yes." I say, rather indignantly. She has just called me on my own phone, an now I'm having to assure her that I actually own it?

"Okay, well I just wanted to ring Harry to give him some dates for his diary."

"Go on."

"Okay, so there's the New Years Gary Barlow concert that Niall, Liam and co. are said to be attending. Can you pass on the message that if he doesn't want to attend that then it's not obligatory." I take a blank post it note from the fridge and jot down notes.


"Then in January he's mostly free except for a couple of birthdays and events." She talks incredibly slowly this girl. "We've been informed that Zayn's surprise party will be on the 12th and that there will also be a birthday party on the 17th that Niall wants the boys to go to." I jot them down reluctantly with a sigh that I think she heard. This company really frustrates me -they act as if the boy aren't friends and that going to each others birthdays is a publicity stunt or business trip. Harry would be there, even if he was told not to. I know my boy -he wouldn't miss his friends birthdays for the world.

"Harry also has events on the 3rd, 6th and we've booked flights to LA for the 21st until the 26th."

Flights? To LA? He never mentioned a holiday to us... And that's what it would have to be now that he's on break -a holiday- so why has modest booked the tickets for him?

"Sorry, could you just give me some more information on those dates? There's no use in me passing this all on to him if he hasn't got all of the details. It will just mean that he has to call back."

“I’m sorry but I can’t relay that information onto anyone except for Harry.”

“I’m his mother. What’s so classified about this? It’s not like I’m going to go running to the papers, spilling the information to get my own son mobbed.” I let out an indignant laugh.

“I can’t. It’s not my place to say and I’ve not been given permission to-”

Anger overcomes me. I should be able to know what my own son is doing. “Do you want these dates to be passed on?”

“Yes. I’m sorry Mrs Twist, if you really insist then…” It sounds like she’s reading it off of a computer. “He’s got a lunch date on the 3rd, followed by crazy golf. On the 6th he’s got a table booked for two at a restaurant in London and then he’ll be attending a charity event with the other boys.” What’s so private about that? It sounds like a couple of dates to me –even Rachel could have told me them herself. I smile reluctantly, relieved that there was nothing to worry about in the first place. It’s just a couple of dates between the secretive pair. The woman continues. “And then Harry will be arriving in LA on the 21st where Kendall will be waiting for him and they’ll be reunited for the first time since the two dates.”

“Ke-?” Lucy ignores me and carries on talking.

“They’ll spend the 5 days together and Harry will be based in a hotel 2 miles away from the Kardashian and Jenner household. He should expect lots of publicity and to meet Kendall’s family. Finally, he will be flying back early on the 25th. Is that enough information for you?”

“Yes.” I say curtly, scribbling onto the paper angrily. “That will be fine.”

“Okay, well, have a good day.” I slam the phone down in the holder, without acknowledging the sarcastic goodbye, and try to calm myself down as I walk past the girls and out of the room.

“Mum, are you okay?” I just show one hand to Gemma, saying that I need a couple of minutes.

After stomping up the stairs and standing below the ladder that leads up to the attic, I hold my breath and call his name as calmly as possible. “Harry Styles!” The laughter between my son and husband stops dead.

“You’re in trouble.” Robin warns under his breath and before I know it, Harry is peering over the trap door in the ceiling.

“Yes mum? What’ve I done now?” There’s a tiny grin on his face but it disappears completely as I raise my eyebrows.

“Down here now. I need to talk to you for a minute.” Once he’s down the ladder, I pull him into the family bathroom by the elbow –although it wouldn’t have much effect if he wasn’t compliant, due to the fact that he now towers over me- and I shut the door behind him.

“What? Mum, I’m not five. Tell me what I’ve done wrong.” There’s a smile playing on his lips because this was exactly how I used to treat him when he was a kid. Now that he’s 19 years old I must admit that it does look unnecessary and slightly absurd.

“Harry, this is serious.”

“Okay.” He holds his hands up and removes all expression from his green eyes.

“I’ve just had a phone call.”

“From who?”


He rolls his eyes, clearly not seeing the importance. “So what? What did they say?”

“So this.” I say, taking his palm and leaving the crumpled post it note there, before folding my arms and waiting for a reaction. I’m not surprised when his eyes widen and he goes tense after reading the last 4 bullet points. “So please, please tell me what is going on, because only 10 minutes ago Rachel was downstairs telling Gemma and I that you guys are together but some things are complicated. Does she even know?”

My son nods with guilt and disappointment in his features. “She knows.” He can’t look me in the eyes. “But this is the complication. This is why I’ve tried telling her I can’t -not until February… but she says she doesn’t care and I can’t fight it anymore either mum… I want to be with her but they won’t stop with the PR.” He sinks back onto the lid of the toilet weakly.

“So tell me truthfully. Do you like Rachel?”

“Mum, I always tell you the truth.” I nod sympathetically. “I do like her. More than… -enough to give up everything for her. I don’t know what I should do.”

“You can’t give everything up. You’ve worked too hard.”

“So what do I do?”

“You work it out. She said she doesn’t mind. If that girl is willing to watch you go out and do publicity with this Kendall then she is worth a million of any other girl I know. Surely that’s worth fighting for?” Harry nods his agreement, a small smile toying with the edges of his mouth. “Then you have to be strong. Be strong for her, if no one else.”

“But do you think what’s happening is right?”

I shake my head helplessly. “No darling. But I know that what you’re having to do to get past it is necessary.” What I love about my eldest and only son is that he’s always had a strong awareness that I’ve had his best interests in mind since day one. Whereas most children, including Gemma, have gone through at least one stage of rebelling –no matter how small- Harry has never done that. He’s always been truthful whilst taking my advice and asking for a second opinion. He’s his mummy’s boy.

“Thanks mum. I’m just… I don’t know, kinda worried that our whole relationship could end up being a lie in the public’s eye. They could think I was cheating… or we’ll have to tell everyone that Rachel and I are just friends. We might even have to pretend that we got together in February instead of December.”

“Honey, it doesn’t matter.” I pull Harry into my arms and he rests his chin on my shoulder. “The less the public know, the more personal it makes it. That can’t be a bad thing can it?”

“No,” he agrees and I kiss the top of his forehead.

“And I wouldn’t worry. All publicity is good publicity.”

“I’m kind of tired of hearing that.” He laughs as we make our way out into the hallway. Robin’s nowhere to be seen so he must have come down from the loft to give us some space on the upper floor.

“And mum, don’t be mad at Rachel for not telling you. She wanted to but I didn’t want you getting involved in things that could get you in trouble and…” he bites his lip unhappily and I swat at him. I hate it when he does that –it always ends up in bloody cuts and busts. “I just didn’t want you to think badly of me.”

“I’d never think badly of you. You’re my little boy.” I pull him into another hug with tears in my eyes and he lets out a chuckle.

“Mum, I’m gonna be 20 in February. You’ll really have to prepare yourself because I don’t think you’re ready for that yet.”

“No, I’m not.” I stroke the back of his head and laugh with him. He’ll always be the five year old boy with the bowl of sausages in my eyes, no matter how tall or old he gets, and I’ll always be his proud mummy. I don’t think I could be any prouder of him if I tried.


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