Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


39. Theo


Everybody was really getting along. We were having a great meal and the food was amazing –just as Niall had told me last night. “This is so good! Does anyone want to try a bit?” I had hardly even asked before Niall just stuck his fork straight into m food with a grin. I couldn’t help but laugh; there was no denying that he had an addiction to food. It was a healthy addiction though because he still managed to keep in shape and be able to decipher between good food and bad food. If it was unhealthy then he wouldn’t do anything but eat and quality wouldn’t matter –that wasn’t the case with Niall. He smiled at me as he ate a forkful and Louis leant over the table to try some too.

“That... is really good!” Niall laughed to the table as he pointed at the haddock fillet that was slathered with a freshly-made pesto stuffing. Louis nodded in agreement.

“Absolutely scrumptious!” Louis’ smile was wide and the table acknowledged his amazing sense of humour. “Spiffing food.” He added, as he turned, to tell an un-suspecting waitress that passed by our table quickly. She smiled politely but you could tell that she was unnerved by his over-the-top posh accent.

“Poor girl. She looked terrified of you.” Liam laughed as he clapped his friend on the shoulder.

“Everyone always acts like that around me...” Louis slumped on the table trying extract some type of sympathy from us.

“I wonder why.” Rachel giggled as he sat back up again, as bright as life. He was good at acting his emotions; however, it meant that you could never trust them.

“Oh shutup Louis. That’s only when they don’t know what you’re like, they’re not fans and they’re not fans who keep screaming for your carrot.” The innuendo was obviously too much for the immature boys who cracked up and my eyes met Rachel with a smile, as we rolled our eyes in unison.

“Has that actually happened?” I asked the crying boy who sat on Rachel’s other side to Harry. My question was serious but the boys laughed even louder at a mutual remembrance of some sort of memory they shared.

“Many a time. Hey Liam, do you remember that really rude sign we once saw in Glasgow?” Liam’s eyes grew wider as we waited for Louis to tell us. “Remember? It even rhymed! It said ‘One direction, we want you erec-’”

“-Yeah I think we can remember Louis.” Harry butted into the sentence at the last minute and Niall was screaming beside me, banging his forehead on the table.

“Is he always like this?” I mouthed at Harry and Zayn, pointing to the hilarious blonde boy who sat next to me.

They both started shaking with laughter and mouthed an amused “Yes.” towards me. Niall was such a happy guy; even seeing him smile, like he always did, warmed my heart. When he laughed like this there weren’t even words to describe how happy it made me.

When he calmed down a bit, and had eaten some more of his plate of roast chicken and boiled potatoes, Niall pulled out his phone and awed.

“This is so precious. You guys have to see this.” He cooed at his lock screen and the rest of us asked what he was talking about.

“Denise just sent me a photo of Theo. Little lad’s getting so much bigger every day.” He unlocked his phone and turned it to me as I rested one of my arms of the Dark blue shirt that covered Niall’s shoulder.

“He’s adorable.” Theo was sitting in the bathtub, surrounded by huge white bubbles so that you could only see his chest and stubby arms that clung to a yellow rubber duck. He was squeezing it against his face with a huge toothless smile. “Omg.” The realisation of the little boy’s eyes hit me as I turned back to Niall quickly. “He has the exact same blue eyes as you.”

“Yeah, he takes after his uncle and granddad.” Niall smiled as he watched the little boy on his phone. “Best little nephew in the world he is.” I rubbed his shoulder before leaning back towards my seat as Niall passed his phone round the table. It was clear to see that he missed his family a lot. I couldn’t imagine having to leave my family to start as huge a career as Niall and the boys had. At least they had each other.

I watched the others, as they made comments on Theo’s size and how cute he looked. They also agreed with me about him having his uncle’s huge grin and big, blue eyes. It was only when it got round to Rachel, and she made a simple comment, that I realised that something was wrong. She loved little children so I was expecting that we would have to pry Niall’s phone from her fingers before it could continue around the rest of the table. Instead she just took the phone from Harry, smiled “How sweet.” Before passing it to Louis and looking straight back down at her own phone with a tight smile.

Rach’s eyebrows were pulled together and even Louis and Harry, who sat next to her, looked over at me worriedly.

I was trying to think about a way to check that everything was okay, without making it too obvious to the table, when she pushed her mostly finished bowl of risotto into the middle of the table and stated that she was finished. She looked around the table quickly before looking back down at her iPhone venomously. Her beautiful smile was replaced with a grimace and her eyes were rigid –no longer relaxed as they had been for most of the meal.

“Sorry. I need to take this phone call.” She coughed as she got up and I tried to catch her attention but she didn’t look my way. There was no way that I’d be able to ask her subtly now.

“Rach. Are you okay? Do you want me to come with you?” She just shook her head and briskly walked towards the exit, one hand gripped tightly around her phone. The shake of her head didn’t answer any question in particular. Although, it could have been an answer to both.

“She never acts like this... I hope everything’s okay.” Niall squeezed my hand and I tried to eat the rest of meal but I wasn’t hungry anymore. Worry had spoiled my appetite.

We talked quietly as a table for 10 minutes before Harry also pushed his plate into the centre of the table. His similar green eyes met mine with a reassuring smile. “I’m done too. Rachel’s probably finished her phone call by now so I’ll go and find her. I’ll make sure she’s okay –don’t worry.” I smiled at him, thankful at how caring he was being. He didn’t have to do it, but he volunteered himself to go and find her. He sent me another reassuring grin as he moved his napkin from his lap to the table and got up to go and find her whilst he stretched his arms and chewed the food in his mouth.

I trusted Harry; I trusted him to find my best friend and make sure that she was okay. I also knew that she would trust being his company, so it was a win-win situation for everybody.


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