Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


145. Stair Case


Rachel’s come over to my place for New Year’s Eve, wearing an amazing silver-sequin dress, and we’re just getting ready to head out. “Harry, where are we going again?”

“Some of my friends are having a party at their work office in London so I thought we’d go over there.” It’s fast approaching 10pm so we need to be out of the house as soon as possible if we want to make it there before 10:30. “Their office is based on the River Thames, so they said at midnight everyone will go out onto the balcony and watch the fireworks. What do you think?”

“I think that sounds great.” She says, looking excited and wide awake. “So how was the video shoot last night?”

“Yeah,” I smile. “It was good, we got all of the party scenes finished, so now we’ve just got to do the London scenes and the Kebab shop stuff.” Rachel narrows her eyes at me in confusion from the other side of the room. “Trust me –it’s better than it sounds. Ben’s a genius. You’re going to love what he’s planned out for us. It goes so well with the song.”

“Well that’s great! As long as you like it then I’m sure it will be amazing.”

I suddenly get an idea. “Hey… Rach, Ben told me to ask you...” Apart from the boys and the girls, Ben is one of the few people who knows about me and Rach –as well as Lou of course. I just thought it would be more appropriate for him to know, as seen as he does a lot of work with us and can be trusted as one of our friends. “Um, he wanted to make sure it was okay that… well, we’ll be working with models in this video.”

She looks up at me with surprise in her face. “Oh…”

“I mean… it’s only a little thing –I just have to tell one of them to call me and give her a little wink.” I’m so bad.

“That’s fine… I mean, it’s for your video… so it’s okay. I understand.” She gives me a small smile but her whole demeanour is soaked in jealousy. She crosses her arms and bites her lips and I know that she’s going to kill me when I explain myself.

“You’re jealous.” I smile, teasing her just a little bit.

“No, I’m not! It’s your work stuff. It’s cool.” She’s getting more aggravated by the second –I can’t help the smirk that covers the length of my face.

“You’re cute when you’re jealous Ray.”

“I’m not-!” She turns around to face me again and stops mid-sentence. “Okay… maybe I am.”

“It’s okay…” I step closer to her and rest my elbow on the kitchen counter, leaning over and looking into her eyes.

“Is she pretty?” The way that she asks me, with her eyes peeking out from under her eyelashes makes me remember why I like this girl so much. I probably shouldn’t tease her for much longer –I don’t think I’ll be able to anyway.

“What’s your idea of pretty?”

“Well obviously she’s pretty –you said she’s a model.”

“Not all models have to pretty. I’ve met quite a few that I don’t think are pretty. It depends If they’re ugly on the inside as well.”

“Harry.” She sighs rolling her eyes.

I jump up onto the kitchen counter and wrap her arms around me, resting my cheek on the top of her smooth, sleek hair. “You haven’t got anything to worry about though –I’d rather you were on set with me.”

“Hmm… are any of these models famous Harry?” It’s still bothering her so much. I have to chuckle to myself.

“Yeah, maybe about 50 years ago though.”

“You what?” She leans back, spotting my face as I try my hardest not to burst out laughing. Rachel hits me lightly on the arm, followed by the knee, and then the chest as I try to cuddle her again, meaning that I can’t hold back the laughter any longer. “No! Don’t do that to me again dude… not cool.”

“Dude?” I question, laughing even harder. I jump off of the counter top and grab her hand. We should be going now. “That was so funny. You got all jealous!”

“Don’t make fun of me.” She moans, leaning into my chest as we walk out of the flat and into the elevator. As soon as we get in, I press the button for the seventh floor. “We’re going up?”

“Yeah. Liam and Sophia are at that Gary Barlow concert. Zayn and Perrie are having a private party at the LM house, Louis and Eleanor are out at another party, so that means we’re the last ones here and we have to check on Niall. Is that okay?”

“Yeah. Do you know what he’s doing tonight?”

“No, that’s why we’re checking. Don’t be surprised if I invite him with us by the way –I’m not having Niall sitting here alone on New Years Eve.”

“It’s such a shame…” Rachel sighs, obviously thinking about her best friend. They’re so good together…”

The doors open, allowing us to wonder out int his living room. “Niall?” I call. There’s no answer.

“Niall? Are you here?” Rachel calls again for me.

I start to look around when Rachel grabs my hand. “Harry. That door over there’s open…”

“What?” I turn towards where she’s pointing and find that she’s right. “It’s the door that leads to the roof.” Our eyes lock and I don’t know what to think. What’s he doing up there?


“Just stay down here.” I start towards the door but Rachel follows me as I half expected her to. “Okay, at least stay behind me then.”

We hardly ever go up here. What on earth is Niall playing at? I take a deep breath and prepare myself for the worst. “Harry what’s he doing up there?”

“I don’t know…” I whisper.

“Maybe… I should go up first…” She’s avoiding my eyes as we both hang around the bottom stair, but I can tell what she’s thinking. No –I won’t think the same. He’s my best friend! Think positive.

The staircase is eerie and daunting as we first step in –a cold breeze entering through the gaps in the metal door at the top. The last time I came up here was in the summer –when the weather was warm and humid and sweaty –with bright light breaking through the upper door; not wind.  We take the first few steps at a timid pace, clutching each other’s fingers. “I could go and call someone.”

I shake my head. “Stay.” It’s when I reach the fourth step that our pace starts to slow, becoming even lazier on the fifth, as I dread to think what we may find.

“You don’t wanna go up there.” An Irish accent sounds from behind us. Both Rachel and I jump about a foot in the air at his voice. We turn back and see him smirking up at us from his flat, leaning against the doorway. He’s just wearing a pair of smart, black jeans and a pair of gold, sparkling Nikes that Rosie brought him for Christmas. The rest of his skin is casually bare as it normally is when us boys are hanging around his flat.

“Oh my god.” Rachel says, looking at me and letting out a breath of air.

“What’s up with the two of you?” Niall laughs with a sardonic expression, mocking us for the situation that he just caught us in and chortling for his own amusement. “You look like you’ve seen a ghost.”

“Bro, where were you, you scared us?”

“I just come out of the shower. What are you doing here?” Well that would explain his wet hair and the beads of water settling on his shoulders.

“Checking up on you.” Is what I want to say, but I know he’ll take offense from it. Instead I reply with “Just seeing what you’re up to tonight.”

“Well I’m definitely not throwing myself off a building tonight if that’s what you were worrying about.” He points to the top of the stair case; raising an eyebrow at us and inviting us back down into his flat with a quiet chuckle. “The door was open ‘cause I was putting something up there earlier –it’s a surprise for Rosie.” I wipe all worry from my face and step back down, glad that Niall’s okay and back to his old self. “I’m going out. I’m gonna go pick a certain someone up and see if she wants to come out with me.”

“That’s really good to hear mate.” It appears that things are better than I first thought. He’s even going out to see Rosie. Rachel smiles with pleasant bewilderment at Niall’s new attitude.

“Hello again Rach.” Niall says quite casually as we follow him towards his room, but for some peculiar reason I have the urge to jump in between my girlfriend and my topless best friend. I manage to swallow my pride and ignore the silly gesture running through my mind. I can’t protect her from every guy with a sixpack, and besides, Rachel’s not like that. She’s quite body confident and would see this kind of situation as natural and comfortable, unlike most girls placed in a room with their boyfriend and his shirtless friend.

“Hey.” She replies just as causally and I know that I was right. She doesn’t take offense from human nature.

I step towards Niall’s bed where he’s laid out three shirts that he can’t choose between. There’s a plain white one, a black one with silky material and also a navy blue one with a rounded collar.

“The navy blue one.” I say confidently.

“Okay, what do you think Rachel?” She steps forward too, looking over the three shirts. “Yeah Harry’s right. I prefer the blue one too.”

“Okay cool.” Once Niall’s put it on, he turns to the mirror to observe his reflection and uses a bit of hairspray to quiff his long fringe.

“You look good mate.” I compliment him. He can’t wipe the smile off of his face and I guess that it’s due to the idea of seeing Rosie again, after their four miserable days apart. “Now come on, hurry up!”

Rachel leans against me as Niall fusses around; putting things back into his wardrobe, choosing to put a grey hoodie on with a jean jacket over the top, and collecting his phone and wallet so that we can go. Once he’s switched all of the lights off we share the elevator all the way down to the lobby.

“So you guys are a thing now?” Niall winks at Rachel and I secure my arms around her back proudly.

“Yeah.” She smiles, looking up at me.

“You already knew that Nialler.”

“I know man.” Niall laughs as the door opens and we head out onto the streets, wishing the old receptionist a happy new year. She won’t be here for much longer so that she can go off and find a party, but it’s sad that we nearly always have someone working down here, keeping us safe and looking after the building, no matter the occasion. I’d much rather be left to my own resources than become someone else’s responsibility and burden.

As soon as we leave the complex there is a taxi waiting for me and Rach, as all of our drivers are off duty for the evening. “Do you know when your taxi’s arriving?” I ask Niall, gesturing for Rachel to get in. She kisses Niall’s cheek and then disappears into the back of the car. His face goes blank and it looks like he’s panicking as the smile is nowhere to be seen.

“Shit! I knew there was something I had to do.”

My mouth falls open slightly as I think of a solution. “You’re not gonna get one now. I struggled to get this one booked at 4:00 this afternoon… Niall, we’re going in the opposite direction to you –you won’t get there on time if you share our taxi either…”

“It’s okay.” He grimaces, looking around for a solution and grabbing a handful of hair on the side of his head. “What should I do H?”

There’s only one other thing I can think of. “Fuck… I’m really going to regret this.” Niall looks at me sideways when I reach into my pockets. I always carry my keys with me no matter where I’m going. “Here, take these.” I hand him my car keys to my Range Rover and he raises his eyebrows, looking at them in the palm of his hand as if they’re about to blow up, like a ticking time bomb. “Just keep the windows up so no one recognizes you, keep driving -don’t stop and,” I pull him into a tight hug, patting him on the back. “For the love of god, don’t crash my fucking car mate.”

“You know this is illegal Haz?”

“Well don’t get caught.”

He chuckles but I can tell he’s nervous. I get into the taxi, winding down the window to give him a smile of encouragement. “Go get her Niall! It’ll be fine, just go!” And like that, he runs around the side of the building into the car park. What the fuck have I done? He doesn’t even have his license yet…

“You’re bonkers.” Rachel sputters, shaking her head in amusement. “But that was really good of you. I wouldn’t even trust Niall with a sandwich.”

“No one would trust Niall with a sandwich.” I laugh, taking her hand in mine.


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