Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


159. Squish

“We’re home!”

Niall steps in from the patio, taking my hand as I drop my bag by the small table and Niall does the same with his backpack. A thunder of footsteps from upstairs greets us with Lola and her best friend Chloe who wrap us in hugs.

“Hi girls.” Niall chuckles. “Hey, watch my collar bone.” He laughs to Chloe before she backs away slightly confused.

“Why, what happened?”

“Long story…” He excuses himself from having to explain, widening his eyes at me quickly.

Lola jumps into his arms as soon as Chloe steps back to greet me. “Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tickets! That was the best Christmas present! Can you tell the other boys please?”

“Sure thing. Now we’re all expecting the exact same amount of enthusiasm as you’re showing right now for you to have the front row tickets, okay?”

“Of course!”

“Definitely!” Chloe jumps up and down.

“Great.” Niall laughs, wrapping his arm around Lola’s head teasingly. “Now where’s your older brother huh?”

“In the kitchen. Jus!” They walk in to find him, leaving me alone with a beaming Chloe.

“How are you sweet heart?”

“I’m great Rosie.” She looks towards the kitchen before dropping her voice. “I’m telling you, I’ll never get tired of that. Which other fans get to hug a member of One Direction without even having to go looking for them?”

“Awww.” I smile. Chloe’s a cute girl. She and Lola have always loved the boys, but she’s never treated Lola with any jealously throughout this whole situation, and you can tell she’s not using my little sister either. “What have you girls been up to today?”

“We’ve just been up in the Den cause that’s where we’re staying tonight, rather than Lola’s room.”


I wander into the kitchen after Chloe to find that Dad, Justin and Niall are all outside of the patio doors with Lola; hovering over some sort of contraption and a stack of instructions that makes no sense to me –especially from this distance. Mum and Carla, however, are at the kitchen table with a huge box sitting next to them.

“What’s that?”

“Oh hi love. It’s the baby carrier.”

“Seriously? The thing you put in the car and rock them in?”

“Uh huh!” Carla beams at me. “Want to get it out?”

“Sure!” I run over and, with some help from my mum, start attacking the box and its cello tape in all the vital spots with a long, sharp kitchen knife.

Niall pops his head at one point, laughing at me for the way I’m biting down on my lip in concentration, so as not to hurt myself or the people around me.

“Want some help?”

“No… I can… do it.” I get out between breaths and zig-zag motions of my knife cutting through the box. Everyone giggles at my arrogance and determination. I really should start working out –the amount of muscle in my arms isn’t remotely amusing; although it seems to make everybody else laugh.

“Carla you should probably walk away. She isn’t safe with that knife, unless you were planning on having your baby cut out of you early.”

“A premature ceasarian Niall.” My mother corrects with a laugh.

“That’s the one! God, why are there so many fancy baby names?”

“Shut up Niall.” I mumble through gritted teeth as I cut through the last of the tape, and pull the box wide open. Styrofoam floods out from the cardboard and makes a mad dash for the kitchen tiles. I scoop it all out to get to the real prize; the baby carrier in the centre. I pull it free and stare at the empty plastic casing.

“Well this isn’t much good. There’s no cushioning or pillows or material.”

Carla just tuts and places the carrier on top of the kitchen table for Mum to inspect. “They’re in the box dummy. You put them on after they deliver it.”

“Well that would make complete sense.” I laugh. Carla takes the packs of material from my hands and rips the thin plastic bags open with her teeth; amusement in her rolling eyes. I notice that Niall’s still in the doorway of the garden patio and that the rest of the men are still trying to figure out what to do with the pieces of metal and wood.

“What are they building?” I inquire with curiosity. Give a man a flat pack and they’ll figure out a way to do it. But funnily enough neither my brother or father are quite the DIY experts, which is why I can see them sitting together on the tiles, reading through the large and folded instruction manual.

“It’s the baby’s cot.” Mum smiles.

“Since when did we get all this stuff?”

“Well we went out and got it today because we knew you’d be coming home and that you’d be interested.” I am interested. I’d be interested in anything to do with my niece or nephew; even if meant accompanying Carla to the supermarket to choose some nappies for the little thing.

“Greg and I built all of Theo’s stuff.” Niall says proudly, crossing his arms over his chest. “We did it really last minute, before he came home with Denise, but it was the only chance I had to do it.”

“That’s sweet.” Carla laughs. “You best be ready to fight the girls off of that little man though. I’ve seen the pictures; I know exactly why everyone’s interested. He’s gonna be a stunner.”

“He’s Irish. Of course he’ll be a stunner. ‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ and all that.” Niall mockingly pouts at me, so I decide to let out a disgusted grunt –just as playful as his demeanour and beating him at his own game.

“So are you gonna go help out then? They look a little stuck out there.” I laugh in the general direction of my dad and brother.

“Might aswell. They could do with a real man’s help, huh?” He gives the three of us a quick wink and darts out of the door, extremely fast before my mother and Carla’s fists of Styrofoam balls can reach him, along with an accompanied chorus of “Hey!”

We spend the next half an hour figuring out the best way to attach the khaki and white polka dot cushions to the black piece of plastic. We’re putting this cover on for now, however there is also a replacement set of cushions that are black with white polka dots instead. At some point, towards the start of the procedure, Chloe and Lola decided to go back up to the Den to continue watching whatever film they were watching -between the nest of white cotton and fairy lights- before Niall and I interrupted them with our appearance.

“This is so cute!” I exclaim when Carla says she thinks that we’ve done it. I pick it up off the table, stroking the material before hooking the handle of the carrier over my arm and swinging it gently like the added family member is already present and nestled between the safety straps. “I can’t wait. How long is it again?”

“Well you’re going to need to wait a bit longer Rosie, he’s not finished cooking yet.” Mum smiles up at me.

“About 2 and a half months left now.” Carla wraps her arms under her belly and sways in her seat like she can already see him or her in her arms. “Do you like it squish?”

“Squish?” I smile questioningly.

“Pet name.” She laughs. “It sounds so cheesy I know. Blame Jus.”

“Well, Squish should know that he’s got a very adorable and expensive carry cot waiting for him, however if Squish should decide that it’s not suitable for his use, then there are also pairs of comfortable arms in this house that would be willing to take shifts in holding him whilst he sleeps.”

“Hear that?” Carla whispers lovingly at her bump. Excitement is no longer the word. We were excited when we first found out. Now we are nervous and anticipating and extremely tired of counting down the days. Carla looks back up at the pair of us. “To be honest I don’t know if Squish heard, I just know that I’m being told that I need some strawberry yoghurt.”

We let out a hearty round of laughter. “Way to kill the moment Squish.”

“I can sort that out for you sweet heart.” Mum gets up from her seat and heads toward the fridge in search of some. “Why don’t you two girls go and spend some time catching up?”

“Yeah sure.” I place the carry cot back onto the table and hold the crook of my arm out for Carla to take. “Come on old woman, lets go next door.” She takes my arm with a smile and I lead the way out towards the living room, taking it slow for Carlie’s heavy footsteps.

“You know, I was wondering if you could paint my toe nails for me. I’m finding it really hard to do them now and all the varnish is chipped.”

“Yeah, sure.” But then I have an idea and stand rooted to the centre of the living room’s fabric rug. “Wait a sec, how long will it take you to get ready to go out?”

“To go out?”

“Nowhere special, just make yourself presentable.”

“I guess you could just run a brush through my hair and I could put my grey uggs on, you know, the knitted grey ones?" I look down at her leggings and the gorgeous blue top she is wearing that falls off her bump and has small patterns cut out of the hem.

"Yeah that's great!" I pull Carla's hair back into a long, straight, blonde ponytail.

"I actually love your hair." I moan, running my fingers down the soft ends.

"Shut up Rosie," she laughs, pushing my fringe back with a grin. "I'd much rather have yours. It's so full and curly."

"Liar." I giggle, wrapping one arm around her back like old times. We pop into the kitchen just to say a quick goodbye. In the short time that we've been out, Niall, Justin and Dad have brought all of the things into the kitchen to start working on the cot in the warmth.

"Sorry. I couldn't find any yoghurt Carla... Where are you two going?" Mum smiles.

"Ummm... Where are we going Rosie?"

"Just for a little bit of girls time." I snicker at Carla's inquisitive glare. "Come on you, we'll have fun."

"See you later girls."

"Don't be long."

I smile at everyone around the room. "Okay see you all later."

"Don't go crazy Rose. We don’t want to be picking the two of you up at 2am. No parties and no talking to guys."

"Course not." 

"Not you I'm worried about." Justin laughs into his girlfriend’s hair. "I think it's this one Niall's talking about."

Everyone mockingly raises their eyebrow at me with patience. I decide to laugh the joke off sarcastically. "No promises huh! Jus, don't go to sleep early in case we... need a lift."

Justin kisses the top of Carla's hair with a roll of his eyes. "Yeah yeah. Just look after Carlie and Squish."

"Okay. Sure can do!" I take her arms and pull her along.

"Be good!" My mum giggles at me. Dad gives me a wink and I am waving a hand at Niall before we grab my purse, walk out of the door and get into the Range rover that waits on the gravel drive outside.


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