Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


44. Shock


“Hey. Hey! Calm down. It’s okay to be angry –he hurt your best friend but you need to take a control of your anger.” There were enough angry people in this room already, I thought as I looked around the kitchen. I helped Rosie to sit on one of the kitchen chairs and she finally stopped protesting; to slump down into her seat. I knelt down in front of her and whispered softly. “You need to be strong. We all need you to be strong –especially Rachel and Harry.”

Rachel looked stunned from where she leaned against a cupboard and held herself tightly –arms snaked around her little torso. Liam stood close next to her. Louis was helping Harry to check for broken fingers and any damage that he had done to his hand. I made a few soft circles on the tanned skin of her knees and it was like she switched back into Rosie mode, after hearing that people were in need of her assistance. She finally looked into my eyes and gave a small nod.

“We need some ice over here.” Louis called out to the room in general –definitely not expecting Rosie to jump back up and into life, as she did.

“Here. Take this.” Rose's dress fluttered behind her as she ran to the freezer and reached in to pull out a bag of ice. I stood up taller; admiring the sight of the beautiful girl. She was amazing. Gorgeous, caring, responsible... Yeah, sometimes she needed a little push, along the way, to help get herself into gear but it only showed how many emotions she consumed for herself and the people around her. People that got carried away with their emotions only did it because they were capable of feeling such strong emotions in their big hearts and loving the people around them.

Rosie pressed the ice on to Harry’s swollen knuckles gently “Ouchhh.”

“Sorry, it’s going to hurt.” She looked into his eyes, trying to reassure him before looking back down at his hand and adding a little bit more pressure.

“You idiot. You should have let me punch him.” Zayn spoke up from one of the chairs, opposite the place where I stood.

“Ooooh, Bradford bad boy’s back.” I laughed innocently and Zayn smiled back at me –obviously glad that someone was trying to lift the mood.

“Hay, hay, hay!” Zayn laughed. “No, he’s not back. But at least my knuckles wouldn’t have swollen up like that.”

“Leave Harold alone.” Louis had caught onto what we were doing and tried to help us lift the mood a bit more smoothly. He hugged Harry tightly, and threw a cheeky smile at us, being careful where his hand was placed when doing so.

Rosie cut into our conversation “Do you guys need to make any phone calls and tell them what happened or whatever?”

“Yeah... I should call someone.” Liam pulled his mobile phone out, from where he stood next to Rachel with a muscular arm around her shoulder. Rosie waved it away.

“I’ll show you where the home phone is.” She led him out of the room and Liam glanced back at Rachel, before shooting a quick, careful look at me. I took it as my cue to walk over to her.

“Rachel? You okay?” Surprisingly, she lifted her stare from the tiled floor and looked straight into my eyes.

“Yeah... I’m fine.” She tried out a small smile but it wasn’t even close to being convincing.

“Will you help me to make the boys their drinks?” I had learnt how to deal with people who were in shock a few years ago, when we had to help a fan who had fainted, at a book signing in Bristol.

See, the trick was not to fuss and make them feel like there was something wrong. Instead, you should carry on with normal tasks and ask them to help you do them. That way, it meant that you could observe how well they did them, and make a quick decision on how much of an impact the shock was having on them. After that, you would be able to decide whether they needed medical attention or not.You Sometimes, if you were lucky, you might be able to pull them back to reality and their normal selves just by letting them do the activity.

The worst thing to do to a shock victim, would be to talk about what had happened or question them about it.

Rachel held onto my arm as we moved towards the kettle. Only a few minutes later she was practically back to normal: grabbing mugs out of a nearby cupboard and throwing mixtures of tea, coffee, sugar and milk into the cups as she asked people what they wanted and chatted to them quietly.

She still seemed quite reserved but that was expected from her –in fact, all of the boys seemed pleasantly surprised to see how well she coping.

“Do you want another drink Niall?”

“No thanks. Mine’s in the living room.” Rosie walked back in, just in time to see Rachel keeping herself busy from where she stood next to me. She raised her eyebrow at me, looking almost impressed, and I just silently smirked.

“Right. Our management team know. They wanted to come and pick us all up straight away but I sorted it out and told them that we’re not leaving. There could be some bad press tomorrow but if there is, we’ll be pleading it as self-defence so we have nothing to worry about. I couldn’t see anyone watching on the road anyway, so it should be fine.” There were nods of agreement. “Rigfht, anyway –Rosie and I have decided that we’re all going to forget earlier and have some funn!” Everybody cheered as Liam stopped talking and clapped his hands together.

Zayn smiled around the room and spoke with his strong northern accent “So what we going to do first guys?”

“I have an idea.” Rosie waited for us to pay her our attention “First you boys are going to get your stuff from the car and then I’ll explain what’s next.”

“KEYS HARRY!” Louis screamed as he ran backwards to the hallway. Harry threw them and Louis jumped to catch them before diving out of the front door.

We all stood as still as stone –Louis being the only one to move- and Rachel counted patiently. “1... 2... 3... 4... 5...” Louis burst back in through the door.

“Gott’em.” 5 bags were slung around his body and he slotted the keys into Harry’s blazer pocket as he tried to catch his breath.

“You must’a run like a mad man.”

“Dont I always?” Louis lifted one side of his crooked smile as he bent over to laugh at Zayn’s comment.

“True point bro.”

“Right, I’ll show you all the rooms where people can sleep. You can buddy up and pick which ones you want later.”

We followed her up the stairs. "Lola’s bed is too small so that one’s off limits unless Rachel wants it?"

“Sure.” Rachel smiled at her friend and it was easy to see that they had both forgotten tonight’s events –or were at least trying to.

“Hey, Rachel! If you sleep in there then you can look at all my gorgeous photos while you fall asleep.” Harry laughed at her vainly and she thumped him with a giggle. “Hey! Injured person over here!”

“You should have thought about that before you opened your mouth then.” She giggled but then rubbed the arm that she had hit. “Sorry.”

“Right, I’ve put clean sheets on Justin’s bed so you can have that or the spare room here.” She opened up a room next to Justin’s. “I’ve also done the same to my mum and dad’s bedroom so two others could have that.” She opened up Mr and Mrs Stephen’s bedroom door for us all to see.

“I’m having it!” Louis walked in and threw his bag onto the bed.

“Wait, there’s one more!” We walked into yet another room and found a small staircase. Right at the top, Rosie lead us through one of the two light brown, oak wood doors.

“This is the attic room.” It was a newly painted white room with a large bed in the centre. The room was dimly lit up with bright yellow fairy lights that entwined themselves around the whole room –sticking to the polished oak panelling around the bottoms and tops of the walls. They crisscrossed under the ceiling and then finally came to rest, wrapped around the headboard of the double bed. The whole room glowed orange and looked like something off of tumblr or an interior design mag. To be honest, this room was better than most of the rooms that the boys and I had stayed in whilst on tour this year.

“This room has an ensuite and there’s a surprise room next door- but no looking just yet.” Louis and Zayn looked at each other in interest, and partly curiosity, as Rosie carried on with her little speech.

“Right, whoever wants to get changed can do that now. Explore the rooms, make yourself at home. If you need a shower then you’ll have to find the bathrooms that have one in. There are...” She took a minute to think “4 showers, so no fighting. I’ll leave the towels outside of my room. And for the love of god I don’t want to see any naked boys wandering around my house.”

We all laughed as she said this and I had just enough time to punch a whispering Zayn, who stood next to me, before everyone else heard his comment that was "Apart from Niall."

“Everyone needs to be back up in here, in 30 minutes. Rach, I’ll leave your clothes in Lola’s room.”

“Thanks hun.”

Rosie grabbed my arm, before pulling me down the stairs, and we left the others standing at the top. “I need to get changed.”

“Me too. Can I have a shower?”

We walked into her room and I started unpacking things on the bed whilst Rosie dotted around the room, placing towels, clothes and blankets in easily accessible places for everyone else to use. “Sure thing. You use the bathroom first then.” She smiled as she concentrated on the tasks.

The boys had packed my grey jogging bottoms; a tight black tshirt; a pair of black jeans that had a low crotch; my favourite pair of ankle high, white, air-max trainers; a baggy, red, patterned tshirt that had the sleeves rolled up and a fashionable zip pocket; some underwear; my toiletries; a blue hoodie; and my thick winter coat lay on top of the men’s Louis Vuitton duffel bag.

Rosie threw me a cream towel, along with a beautiful smile, and I walked into the bathroom with my toiletries in hand. She said that us boys and Rachel should ‘make ourselves at home’, but to be quite honest, I felt at home whenever she was around.


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