Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


168. 'See You Around'


I take a deep breath and force my courage into my smile. It has to be now or I'll never get round to telling him.

After the Little Rays of Sunshine Charity Event, Niall came straight round to my house to get some leftovers from dinner and to organise the rest of our week.

So far we've worked out that seeing each other for the rest of the week is going to be hard as I am in school and it's going to be full of long, killer, after school sessions.

"So you’ll come out with me Friday, I’ll take you to Zayn’s birthday party on Sunday and then for the rest of the week I’ll just ‘see you around’?"

"Sure." I smile, leaning against the door. It's nice to give each other a little bit of space -showing that we have trust in the times where we won't be as close or joint at the hips. Friday and Sunday are definite –but they’re our only plans. We both decided that ‘see you around’ was the easiest way to live each of our busy weeks.

I know that just a week of school is nothing in comparison, but in May the boys will be travelling out to South America and it will be extremely hard to see each other -meaning that trust and freedom will be an essential part of maintaining our healthy relationship.

I take Niall's hand and lean forward, watching his reaction to check for any signs that I should stop or change my mind. I can't find anything.

He looks curious, eager and also slightly taken back by my confidence, so I force myself to do something that I've never done before. I whisper into his ear and make myself say it, but the actual words come easier than I thought they would -signifying that I am in fact ready.

"I think... that I might just be ready, soon." I hope he gets my hint. His eyes search mine, and when my face doesn't flush bright red he raises his eyebrows and smirks with mild shock and amusement. He reminds me of the boy I first met, who led me down the corridor and asked me questions; cheeky and nervous but forcing a cocky character upon his appearance.

I grin with him, knowing that he understands and he kisses my lips prematurely.

"Okay, but it's all your call." He smiles, walking backwards towards Thom's awaiting car. I nod happily, making him smile even wider. "See you."

"See you." I repeat, closing the door slowly and feeling my heart hammer against the ribs enclosing my chest. I look out of the eyepiece in the door and see him grin back at the house and slap the top of the car as he steps into it reluctantly.

The sight makes my heart flutter because even though he didn't mean for me to see it, that smile and all of his excitement was for me.

The car is now fully out of sight so I slide my back down the door and sit there with my arms around my knees. I feel great -slightly promiscuous in fact- and it gives me a whole bunch of confidence. I don't think I'll ever forget this new-found feeling.

I sit there for a while, making the most of the feeling and the moment, when Justin comes running down the stairs; grinning at me cheekily and spoiling the moment.

"What?" I ask, not being able to take the smile from my face.

"You look happy. That makes a change from the other times where Niall's left."

"Yeah, yeah." I laugh, rolling my eyes.

"You haven't seen his latest tweet have you? He tweeted it a few minutes ago."

"No?" That would have been just after he left in the car.

"Yeah, you shouldn't be so smiley about it," Justin puts his arm over the banister and leans against it, remembering what the tweet was. "It said 'I think I'm probably the luckiest guy in the world'."

Justin tries to suss me out so I keep as straight a face as possible whilst the rest of me does an internal celebratory dance.

"So?" I laugh.

"So I thought it could have been something to do with my little sister," I keep my oath and say nothing; however Justin grins, like his plan's going exactly how he wanted it to. He looks mischievous and I don't like my older brother when he's being mischievous. "But then I remembered he's a multimillionaire pop star, so it couldn't possibly be anything to do with you."

My mouth falls open at his comment but he's clearly not finished as he starts to back away into the kitchen. "Oh, and Derby had a win today so..." His eyes scan me quickly "yeah, definitely not about you sis. Don't get too excited." He then jogs the full way out of the corridor before I can shout after him.

"Prick!" But I continue to laugh, because my brother never means anything that he says like that and even I can tell that he put minutes of preparation into that one cheeky comment.


A/N: So this is only a short chapter until I decide what's going to happen with the next few fillers and I can edit the next chapter. At the moment I have some really big ideas for the future but I'm finding it hard to make the transition between 'here' and 'there', so please just bear with me whilst I try to get over this frustrating Writers Block. (Trust me -I want to upload it just as much as you want to read it) -_-

'The Project': 

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