Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


117. Prior Nerves


It’s now Friday and the boys and I are driving to Rosie’s school for the End of Term Winter Show Case. Louis is in the car behind us with Zayn, Eleanor, Perrie and Jade accompanying him, whilst I drive with Niall sitting beside me and Liam and Sophia in the cramped up back seats of my mini cooper.

“Harry, why couldn’t you have just taken the land rover? In fact, why did you even have to buy such a small car? There’s practically no point in having it when you can only comfortably seat 3 people inside it, and that's at the most...”

“Oi.” I strike back in defiance for my new favourite car. “I passed my driving test in one of these babies you know… It feels comfortable to me! Stop complaining Li.” I laugh at him in the rear view mirror and he snakes his arm over Sophia’s shoulders, to make more room for the two of them.  I watch her hard set jaw –making her face look chubbier than normal- when Sophia’s eyes suddenly fly up to catch mine and then slam back out of the darkened window. Her lips are pressed together tightly as Liam sighs, half in amusement and half in exhaustion.

“Oh come on. You’re not still pissed off at me are you Soph?”

“Just keep your eyes on the road Harry. We wouldn’t want any more publicity stunts now, would we? You know, for all we know, Modest could have forced you into running this tiny car off the road –we wouldn’t even know about it.” It hits home. She’s been too pissed to talk to me properly since the first articles went out last night. I don’t know why I agreed to the date in the first place, but I certainly wasn’t expecting for everything to get blown up as much as this.

"Hey..." I hear Liam whisper into her ear smoothly.

“And don’t you worry Harry, I’ll decide whether I'm pissed off when we arrive and I can get a proper look at Rachel –until then I suggest you just keep driving.”

“Fine.” I don’t have to turn my head to know that Niall is smirking and his shoulders are silently bobbing up and down in supressed laughter, along with Liam’s. I grow steadily more aggravated as the time carries on; Niall finding it harder and harder to stop, and so I’m provoked into throwing a fist at him, which catches on the leather shoulder of his jacket. The punch makes a heavy thud.

“The fuck was that for?” It reminds me of the time that Louis slapped Niall at the ‘This Is Us’ photo shoot, but this time Liam is the only one laughing as I drive the steadily curving line of the road –my lips set straighter than the flat tarmac beneath us.

“It’s not funny man!” My voice raises an octave.

“Jesus… Take a joke Harry… dick.” Liam leans forward, patting both of our shoulders in a silent warning. I must admit it calms me down, but then I realise he’s probably only doing it for Niall’s sake since I’m the least favourite band member at this minute, and it kind of pisses me off again. The rest of our journey is completed in strict silence, apart from when Niall gets bored of the awkwardness and, with a noticeable huff, he plugs his phone into the stereo system and puts on a compilation of his favourite band’s music. It’s The Eagles.

I was debating on whether I should even come today –more prominently due to the hostility that I’m receiving from half of the group and mostly the girlfriends. I deserve it all though –I should have at least told Rachel about the date that I was being made to go on. I should have told her all about it and that it was only a publicity stunt –that it meant nothing to me. But I didn’t.

Yesterday, Rachel wasn't taking any of my calls. Every single one, from early morning to late evening, went through to her voicemail. I must have left countless messages but every one of those was ignored too, leaving me with nothing but the guilt of what I had done, and just to make her point she would call everyone around me. In the morning it was all of the boys whilst we were at the studio -who could only look at me with guilty eyes as she instructed them to stop me from calling her. In the afternoon it was Niall and in the evening it was both him and Rosie as we visited her house to help her practice for tonight.

To be honest, the only real reason I agreed so easily to third-wheeling with the couple was so that I could sneak out in the evening to go straight to Rachel's house to apologise. Anything would have been better than the silent treatment that I was recieving; whether it was an open string of abusive words or a harsh slap that would soon be regretted. Whatever my fate was, I would have accepted it and tried to move on. How can you move on from a cloud of unspoken words, in-existent profanities and unknown emotions?

Unfortunately, just as I was opening the front door, Rosie came down stairs to grab my arm and haul me back up to the Den with a few words of advice.

"Wouldn't do that if I were you Haz. Dont even go there. It won't help. Not now. She needs time to be pissed off and get over it and whatever you were planning on doing will definitely not help that. You can talk to her tomorrow," Rosie had said. "But not now. And turn your phone off as well, so that you're not tempted to call her again. I mean it Harry Styles." For a small, seventeen year old girl she sure had a lot of strength and dominance, because I managed to go without calling Rachel until the early morning when Niall and I arrived back at the flats.

As we pull into the school, and a steward directs me to an already thriving car park, I start to doubt that I made the right decision. Rachel won’t want me here –no matter how sorry I am. I’m worried she might never forgive me. That’s it. I have to tell Rachel today -I have to tell her as much as possible.

If it’s any consolation to the people around me who are hurting –and I hope so, because it’s painful to see that I have upset so many of my friends- my date was practically unbearable. Kendall wouldn't stop talking about her 'famous' family -goddamn it I hate that word- and the cold food and incredibly persistent waitress weren't comforting factors either.

The only part of the date that I enjoyed, where I could get any peace of mind, was when Kendall slunk off to the bathroom and I found some time to reply to Gemma about our family's plans for over the Christmas week. I wish I could have texted Rachel as well -told her how little fun I was having and that I would much rather be sat watching TV with her at my flat than sat there in the supposedly ‘Michelin star’ restaurant. Honestly, Modest's standards are falling extremely fast, along with their choices of dates for the publicity.

Maybe Kendall wasn't that bad, but with the thought that I could be with Rachel if I wasn't with her, it meant that there was no way that I was going to like her when faced with the alternative. Despite the six month age difference, Kendall is unsurprisingly much more self-absorbed and immature. I certainly wasn't surprised about Kendall's lack of banter, in comparison, either -'Rarry' get on like a house on fire each time that we see each other. The thought makes me smile momentarily. We get out of the car and I'm extremely glad that, as we huddle into a group around the cars and a member of staff makes their way over, we arranged prior to this event to enter the school through one of the back entrances. I wave to the group of students who were waiting by the car park gates, as an attempt to meet us. Their faces all drop as we turn in the opposite direction, and follow the female teacher through a fire exit door, and the guilt makes me remember Rachel again.

To cut an extremely long story short (along with many more biased comparisons), let's just say that if it was up to me, there would be no second date. Now I just need to find a way of telling Rachel all of these thoughts -and everybody else. They should all know that I'm not just trying to mess Rosie's best friend around and that I'm really not committed to the idea of another set up date. It's like I'm a complete stranger to them at the moment -they can't remember the vulnerable guy who fell in love with a girl and is having to put that possible relationship in danger for the sake of his best friends’ careers. I'm lucky that all of the boys understand that, despite the weird looks they keep giving me, and that is just the girls who are acting like I've brought hell to the earth.

It's what I'd expect though -it's what I'd rather in fact. They're the ones who will have to stick up for each other when we're gone. They're the ones who need to learn how to fight and give in to no one. No matter what happens, at least I know that Rachel -one of the most special people in my life- will be in safe hands no matter what, especially when I can't be the one to make amends and protect her.


“Is she okay, Rosie?” I’ve managed to sneak backstage and I’ve been talking to her for the last 5 minutes. Rachel was doing her makeup rigidly when I walked in, and after asking how she was and receiving a short response, she walked out to give us some privacy in her absence.

I could see the constant frustration on her face, so I’m not surprised when Rosie tells me “Hmm… I don’t know. She’s keeping it all bottled up. She’d have thrown a few chairs by now in any normal situation, which makes me a bit worried that she hasn't done that yet, so when she does explode the whole building could potentially go up in flames.”

I pull a grimace and try to make her laugh. “I guess I should be keeping my distance then?”

“Definitely.” Rosie leans in to give me a kiss on the cheek before walking off to a nearby table to grab a bottle of water. “Wouldn’t want anyone getting hurt.”

I run over in sudden excitement and slide over the table, stopping to sit right in front of her and passing her a bottle from beside me. It takes her by surprise but she smiles. “Look at you. Full of energy today.”

“I missed my girl, what can I say?” She rolls her eyes and takes a drink, watching the varnished floor boards. People are rushing around us in costumes, outfits and pairs –all chattering within small groups or to themselves. It doesn’t matter that it can all be heard through the thin black screen that separates the stage from this long wide room, which is dimly lit, because there is a greater roar of conversation coming from the audience as they all file in.

One group of girls at the opposite end of the room catch my attention in particular. I can tell that they’re whispering about us, behind excited hands with gleaming smiles, they look to be some of the youngest here, and they look away when I smile at them –pretending that they hadn’t been looking at me.

“They’re year sevens.” Rosie must have noticed them too. “I bet they’d love a photo with you.” She’s a star. I can’t believe the girl who’s hard such a hard time dealing with my crazy mofo’s is suggesting that I spend the time intended for her to go and take pictures with other people.

“Okay, but not now. Can you catch them after the show?”


 I remember that I had something to tell her. "Do you know we got #GoodLuckRosie trending on twitter earlier?"

"What? Wow. That's kinda crazy but wow..."

I smile with pride and wait for a more excited reaction, which is when I notice Rosie’s nearly finished the whole bottle of water by now and her hands are starting to shake. “Hey, don’t be nervous.”

Rosie looks up at me pointedly. “I’m honestly bricking it. How couldn't I be nervous? I bet you are, when you guys are performing.”

“Yeah, alright, I am sometimes.” We both laugh and I take her hands –pulling the plastic bottle away to put on the table to my right. “But it’s getting better the more concerts and shows that we do. And I haven’t even got half of the voice that you do Roselyn.”

“Yeah, right.”

“Your such a modest idiot sometimes. You know, if you hadn’t stopped us from getting some recording companies in today, they’d have snapped you up in no time.”

“I don’t want any stupid record deals yet. I’m not ready for that.”

“I know. Which is why we didn’t ask anyone to come.” I pull her closer to me and rest our paired hands on both of my knees, either side of her hips. “Just make the most of it when you're out there. Have some funnn.” I swing her arms around crazily with a smile.

“There are so many people.”

“Then just concentrate on me. You’ve been singing to me all week –that weren’t so bad was it?”


“And you know what else they say right?” She raises her eyebrow at me. “If you’re nervous then you should just imagine the whole crowd naked…”

“Somehow I don’t think that’s going to help me.”

“Me neither. Not with Louis in the crowd.” We both start laughing and she rests her cheek on my shoulder to give me a hug.

“I’m glad you’re here today.”

“Wouldn’t miss it for the world. You’re my little star –how could I miss your first performance?”

“It’s just a school show.”

“And the start of your career.” I run my hand down her bare arm and wait for her to unwrap herself from me before standing up and putting a kiss on her cheek. “You look beautiful by the way.” She’s wearing an innocently pink dress that falls all the way to the ground.

“Yeah, yeah. You better go and get your seat before the show starts.”

“Can’t I just have one more kiss?”

“You’re so inappropriate.” she tuts; causing me to my laugh, which is why I’m surprised when I’m interrupted by her lips jumping onto mine.

“I’ll never get tired of that.” I laugh when we open our eyes to each other again. I can see Rosie’s friendly music teacher making her way over; one finger jokily poised in the air as if she’s about to stomp over here and tell me off for sneaking backstage and distracting her prized student. I raise my arms in a mock-fearful defence, causing Mrs Winters and a few onlookers, including Rosie, to laugh.

“Okay, I’ll see you when the show’s over.”

“Bye Nialler.”

I walk away slowly. “You’ll be great! Just remember the words, concentrate on me and…um…” I try to remember the saying “Oh yeah, break a leg. But not literally. Having two of us on crutches won’t make January very fun.”

Rosie cracks up, forcing me to chuckle too, as I run across the room towards the curtain to find my way onto the stage. Before many people can notice, I run out onto the stage as fast as possible to get down onto the hall's floor; only receiving a few cheers from the front row, on the other side of the audience. I jokily wave and bow for them on stage quickly before spotting the others on the front row in front of me and running down the stage's side stairs to get to them. There’s a seat saved for me between Harry and Lola. When I sit down I can see that Perrie and Jade are chatting animatedly to Lola after taking such a shine to her, which leaves me chatting to Harry. Liam leans over from next to him to hear what we’re saying too. “Great seats.”

“Yeah, I thought right at the front world be better. Is Rosie okay? Keeping calm?” I nod to Liam.

“Yeah, just about. She’s nervous but who isn’t, right?” He chuckles in agreement and then I direct a quiet question at Harry. “So where’s Rachel?”

“Oh, she’s helping hand out leaflets and direct people around the school, but Sophia and Eleanor are saving a seat between them for her when it starts.” So three seats away from him. Poor Harry. I nod curtly, acknowledging the disappointment in Harry’s face as he turns back to the stage and looks around it with a lack of interest. I’m sure he’ll perk up when the show starts, but he’s been acting like this since his date with Kendall. I really feel for the lad –hardly any of this is his fault. I bet he just wishes he got the chance to tell Rachel his feelings like he was planning on Wednesday, before Modest could throw this and all of its complications at him. Poor guy.


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