Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


17. Pink and Coffee Brown


Liam and I were leading the girls towards Pandora. I was surprised to hear that neither of them had ever come to shop here before but even more surprised to find out that only one who had ever even been here was Rachel, who had come to see a film with one of her older sisters.

“Where have you been living all your life?” I tutted at Rosie.

“In Croydon?” she retorted.

“Okay, fair point.” We both burst out laughing and Rachel walked forward to talk to Liam about his girlfriend to try and get an idea about what her kind of style was.

“So did you have a good day at school?”

“Mmm it was okay...”

“Why just okay?”

“Well I didn’t have music today. Its my favourite lesson.” She explained. “Plus you can’t really be that excited about school when you know you’re going to be going out later on.”

“Fair enough. I’m so glad I applied for the Xfactor when I did. I don’t think I could have held out the two more years worth of schooling.”

“You didn’t like school then?” She was biting her lip as she asked me and was trying to concentrate on walking.

“It wasn’t that... I liked the idea of it; being with my friends five days a week, being able to take part in football teams and all sorts of clubs but the truth is... it just distracted me from what I wanted to do and was best at.”

“Singing? Couldn’t you have done music?”

“Of course. But if you were given the choice of doing three different subjects on top of music or just being able to sing as a full time career, what would you choose?”

She made a point by copying me and gave me one of her beautiful smiles. “Fair enough.”

It was really easy to talk to Rosie. Rachel wasn’t so bad either, I had found out, after meeting her. Both of them looked stunning as they stepped out of Thom’s Limo earlier but my eyes couldn’t help being dragged back to Rosie every time. There was just something about her.

We stepped into Pandora after Li and Rach, and started looked around at all the jewellery placed on glass shelves that were locked and security protected. I heard Rosie walk up to Liam. “Any you think she’d like?” He was staring into one particular cabinet.

“Those two. But I can’t decide which one.” He looked at her doubtfully. She was staring at them so I went over and joined them. Rachel did the same but stood on Liam’s side.

One was a silver bracelet with a range of blue and green charms that left no more room on the bracelet. The other was a silver bracelet again but with a few pink encrusted charms and a few light brown encrusted charms. The second one had enough room to fit more charms onto it, in the future.

“Get that one.” She pointed to the brown and pink one. “What does she look like? Do you have a picture?” Liam took out his phone and swiped through a few photos of Sophia. “Yeah, definitely that one. The brown will compliment her tanned skin, and the pink will compliment her brown eyes.”

He smiled at Rosie but then looked back into the cabinet. “Are you sure Rosie? The blue and green one is more expensive?”

“Liam,” she laughed fondly “the price really doesn’t matter. You will be able to buy more charms for her in the future to fill up the bracelet, which will make it much more special. And plus, if the price did matter to her what would that say about her? She shouldn’t love you for your money. Most girls will never even own a bracelet that costs this much. That should be enough for her, no matter how much money you have.” Wow. Her little speech was so truthful and I agreed with everything she had said.

“You’re right. What does everyone else think?” Liam looked at me first.

“Exactly what she had.” I was still staring at Rosie, stunned, when she smirked and Liam turned to his other side?


“Rosie’s right. I think Sophia will love it.”

“Great.” He smiled at the shop attendant, who was waiting behind the counter, as we were all helping Liam to decide which one to get. “I’ll take the pink and brown one please. Could you wrap it up for me to?”

“Certainly Sir,” She picked up the bracelet and put it onto a piece of pink tissue paper before putting it into a box and tying it up with a coffee brown ribbon. “That will be £247.90.” Liam inserted his card into the card machine and I saw that the girls were mooching around the shop. Rachel was typing into her phone whilst Rosie was standing in the middle of the shop looking at a cabinet that was filled with pretty rings. She was watching one in particular so I went over to stand behind her silently.

The one she was looking at had a silver band that transformed upwards into a spherical cage of tiny little flowers. Inside of the cage of silver delicate flowers sat a single, white pearl. It was gorgeous. She sure did have good taste.

I slid from behind her, to the side so that she could see me. “I’m starving.” I moaned, holding my stomach.

She looked up sympathetically and then laughed. “Do you only ever think about food?”

“Ahh Rosie, you know me so well already.” I flashed my teeth at her and she looked behind her to see that Liam was finished and trying to catch our eyes as he held the small Pandora bag on one of his arms. “C’mon! Lets go get some food." I grabbed her arm as I rushed out of the shop and headed straight for the escalators.

She was giggling behind me before she shouted “Niall! We have to wait for the others! Be patient.” She was still in a giggling fit but she made sure to look at me sternly so that I let go of her and waited for the others to catch up.

“Come onnn!” I whined at Liam “I want food!”

“Fine.” He smiled back at me amused “But the girls have the first choice of where we go.”

They looked at each other and said “Starbucks!” at the same time. We all laughed as me and Liam flipped our sunnies onto our noses and covered our hair with our hoods.

 I was getting impatient, knowing that we were about to eat, so I went to stand on one side of the girls – next to Rachel this time – as Liam stood next to Rosie. I looked over their heads at him (giving him the signal) when we hooked our arms through the girls’ arms –who were already intertwined- and speed walked them all the way up a flight of stairs and round the corner to Starbucks.

Me and the boys spent so many days shopping here that we already knew where most things were. Within minutes we went crashing inside the cafe and up to the queue. Luckily not many teenage girls were here as it was just turning 4:30 so we were clear to take our hoods and sun glasses off without being recognized by any hysterical fans –for now. Sometimes it scared me who exactly we might bump into.

Liam was in control of the food orders so he asked me what I wanted before he told me to go and grab an empty table. I asked for a strawberries and cream frappucino with cream, and a cheese and pesto Panini. “What do you want Rosie?”

“No food, just a drink. Rachel knows my usual.” She smiled. “Do you want some money to pay-“

“Dont be stupid Rosie, we’re paying today.” I said before I pulled her away to find a table.

“Why do I have to come and help find a table? There are loads for you to choose!” She pouted, trying to make herself look annoyed but I just rolled my eyes.

“You have to protect me in case any crazy fans come in and attack me.”

“Like I’d be any use,” she muttered as she tapped through the shop in her heels. We found a coffee table with a couch on either side that was at the back of the shop. “Perfect!” She said before she sat down.

I spotted a cabinet nearby, from which I grabbed a straw for my frappuchino, a few serviettes and the whole jar of cinnamon. I placed them down on the table and sat down next to her, on one of the couches.

“How comes only you and Liam have the day off today?”

“Well the others are at a magazine interview. They try to make the interviews more manageable by interviewing only 2 or 3 boys at a time.” He laughed. “Louis can get a bit uncontrollable when we’re all there.” I touched my braces with my finger self-consciously and looked up at her. “We all take turns and it just so happened that me and Li had the day off today.”

She tucked her heeled shoes underneath herself as she turned towards me. “I’m glad.”

I returned her friendly smile but wished it could have been something more. “Me too.” 


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