Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


37. Parking By The Restaurant

I flicked at my red and black straight hair, so that It fell behind my shoulder and I could look down into my lap where my iPhone sat, whilst giving a sigh of relief. “Right, the nearest car park is just on the left, over here.”

Rosie bit her lip as she shoved the gear into its new place before swerving left and into the first vacant space that we saw. The parking lot wasn’t too busy and it even had free parking on Sundays, so it wasn’t as bad as we had expected it to be. “You’re actually good at driving! How was it driving around London for the first time?”

“Stressful but not because of the traffic –I didn’t want to be late... and now look.” She pointed at the clock, on the dashboard above the stereo. It stated that the time was 18:14.

“We’re only 15 minutes late, I think we did it in pretty good time –to say that it’s supposed to be rush hour. Oh well, the boys won’t mind...” I locked my phone and looked back at her happily. “So that’s another thing to add to your ever-growing book of talents, huh?” I winked at her through the rear-view mirror, where she was adjusting her makeup, but got no reply back. Roselyn’s face was a pure picture of panic, so my hand grabbed her wrist, before she had enough time to yank the keys from behind the wheel; forcing her to turn to me.

“Hey, just take a second to breathe. You look great- why are you worrying?” she didn’t acknowledge my question –just raised her eyebrows pointedly at the clock. “Hey, I mean it –loosen up! Smile.” She did as I said. “Take some deep breaths. Ready? Niall won’t want to see anything but a smile on your face tonight.” Her eyes lit up as we jumped out from the high, white leather seats and met each other by the back of the car.

“Okay... I’m okay now. It’s a two minute walk?” Rosie pressed the alarm on the car keys to her brother’s Range Rover –Justin was using his mum and dad’s cars whilst they were away looking after Rosie’s great auntie. I was told all about it last night once the boys had left my friend’s house and I had arrived home from the party. To be honest, I thought you had to enjoy yourself for it to be classed as a party –there was no occasion –just lots of stuck up family friends who paid no interest in me whatsoever.

“Yes. But don’t worry - they call it ‘fashionably late’ for a reason.” I winked at her and she linked her arms with mine; a small smile now visible on her bronzed face. I wasn’t going to lie –the pair of us looked great. Whilst I wore a fitted crimson number that held my figure with a black belt around my small waist, Rosie wore another of her stunning pieces.

It was a baby pink dress, the colour of a baby girl’s blanket, and its skirt jutted out just above the hips making it appear shorter and more casual for an event like dinner –even when accompanied by One Direction. Her dress had a crisp, white collar that lay at the start of her neck and matching cuffs on the ends of her long, tight sleeves. She looked great and simplistic with only one pair of small pearl earrings and natural makeup -which I had done. Rosie did the fashion; I did the beauty –that’s how our relationship went when it came to getting each other ready.  

As we tottered down the road in our coordinated heels –mine silver to match my jewellery and Rosie’s white to match the detail of her frock, we pulled our black, dress coats closer to ourselves. The absence of the heat that blew from the console of the car was noticeable and the cool wind bit at my cheeks.

“Nearly there pops.” I squeezed her arm and saw her smile down at the pavement, under the street lights’ orange glare. I acted the oldest in our relationship – even though our birthdays would suggest differently. “I’m looking forward to seeing the boys again and finally meeting the three of them!”

“I’m looking forward to seeing them too.”

“Anyone in particular?” I teased her with a nudge of my hip. The girl beside me, that I knew so well, giggled.

“Maybe.” After entering the building, and jumping into the lift, we pressed the highest button we could see that was labelled as being the Restaurant. On the way up to the 25th floor, I adjusted Rosie’s curls, pushing them off of her face and shoulder to her back.

“Your going curl crazy.” I laughed at my own joke and she joined in with me. Suddenly aware of my hair in the reflective mirrors that surrounded the lift, I realized that a bunch of thick hair was hanging over one side of my face.

“Haha –I see that you’re being just as hilarious as ever. Hang on,” Her sarcasm was more than noticeable and Rosie rummaged through her coat pockets shortly before she pulled out a black bobby pin and twisted the front of my hair pin it back from my face. “That’s better! I’m really excited now!”

“Me too!” My stomach was bubbling with excitement and there were butterflies fluttering in my chest. We hugged each other in anticipation as the doors opened into the spectacular restaurant. It was a huge room filled with large circular tables that held pristine table cloths, candles, buckets of wines and champagnes. Laughter, chatter and the soft tinkling of cutlery and glasses overflowed the room with sound. The whole of the pink and cream room was lit up by spotlights from the ceiling that fell below, however they didn’t provide enough light to reflect off of the dark windows where you could make out the famous London skyline. Rosie and I stepped out into the room filled with people wearing business suits, evening dress and posh waiters and waitresses were dotted around the tables.

Two waiters came over to greet us; the first one was pale with fair hair, the other was extremely tall with stubble, black hair and a tattoo of a bird on the wrist that he held out to us. “Welcome.”

He was so fucking handsome. I smiled and fluttered my eyelashes whilst I took his hand politely and Rose followed suit. There was no problem with window shopping, as long as you weren’t trying on for size, hey? “Thank you. It’s a lovely restaurant.” The guy smiled back at me when Rosie spoke up –pulling me back to reality. She was shaking the other waiter’s hand as she surveyed the restaurant searching for the boys.

“We have a table booked with One Direction?”

The gorgeous waiter laughed “We’ll have to take your names first. I hope you don’t mind but I can’t just take any group of beautiful girls to see the famous boy band. I’m here to serve peoples every needs but I can’t be making their dreams come true. You can only imagine how many bookings we get from people claiming to be dining with famous clients of this restaurant. ” He winked at me but I felt Rosie’s eyes roll from beside me.

“Rosie Stevens and Rachel Stormes.” She answered dryly, but then made an effort to smile at the blonde guy, who stood opposite her in his late twenties. He checked the clipboard in front of him and then looked up, satisfied with the names that we had given.

“Please excuse my colleague here. He’ll take your coats and then I’ll take you to your seats. Mr Payne and his friends have already arrived.” We unwrapped ourselves from our jackets –taking our phones and valuables from the pockets – and handed them to the smiling waiter. The blonde one led us to the back of the restaurant to a table, by a window, that was out of sight from the front of the restaurant, where we had originally entered from the elevator. 5 boys heads were crowded together as arms lay on the back of chairs and their thoughts were deep inside the conversation that they were having before we had arrived.

It was Harry who looked up first, and there was no mistaking the gorgeous smile that fell across his lips.


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