Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


92. Paracetamol


The next time that Rachel speaks to me is when I'm taking her dress off to replace it with a long t shirt that belongs to me and she is sitting on top of my bed. The t-shirt has a picture of the Arctic Monkeys on the front –a band that I know Rachel is fond of.  I've already taken her makeup off with a soft cloth. Rachel occasionally helped with little spots but then went back into the half-conscious girl that is sitting in front of me now, but before dressing her I didn’t know where she put the bag with her pyjamas in –it’s definitely not in my apartment. We can find it in the morning.

I decided to bring her up here, to my apartment rather than the one downstairs, so that I could keep an eye on her overnight and look after her hang over in the morning. It will be easier for me to wake up every few hours, to just come in and check to see that she is still ok.

Luckily she isn’t wearing particularly revealing underwear beneath the black dress and so I don't see anything that I shouldn't see, just as her caring friend. I wouldn’t want for her to ever think that I’m taking advantage of her.

Over time I’ve learnt how to deal with situations like these and I’d much rather take care of a girl in a respectful manner than treat her like shit; perhaps it’s the effect of having to take such a strong role in looking after my mother and sister, whilst it was just the three of us. I pull the last arm through the sleeve when her head flops forward and I am suddenly the only one holding her upright. She’s like a rag doll in my strong hands, her slim arms slipping away from my reach. Carefully, I lay her back onto the pillows behind and move her onto her front slightly - just in case she's sick. I learnt that that’s the way to make sure they don’t choke on their vomit - just in case they pass out in their sleep.

"Night Rachel." I linger, crouched down by her side, for a moment longer before placing the glass of water and her small clutch bag onto the black bedside table so that she can see them when she wakes up.


The poor girl is half unconscious and her eyes don't even make an effort to move.

"Yes?" I don't really expect her to hear me - or answer for that matter.

"I know... It was you. Put me to bed that night... First night. Came in and slept in the same bed as me. You gave me hugs and stopped me from crying and... Bracelet." Her words are all jumbled up and form a quiet mess of noises -but I know what she's talking about. It was the first night that I had met Rachel. The night that I had punched Miles and watched her break down, after moving her from the den. I had gotten under the duvet to give her a cuddle but forgot to get back out before I could fall asleep.

"You remember that?"


Each word takes time and effort to figure out -they're nothing more than breaths and grunts.

"Do you know why?"

She doesn't answer. Her slow breathing is the only thing I can hear and the silence doesn't help me to keep a clear head –I realise now that I've drunken just as much as she has, however my bodies’ just been restraining from the effects of the alcohol for all of this time.

"Don't worry. See you in the morning.” I pull a spare duvet out from the top shelf of my wardrobe, along with a spare pillow off of the bed, and take them out to lie on the couch where I will sleep for the night.

I think I hear a small “Thank you.” as I shut the door behind me but I can’t be sure. I want to tell her that it’s no problem, that I enjoy taking care of her for my own peace of mind and that I would give anything just to be guaranteed the right to do it many more times in the future.

I remember the last, pink toxic shot that I'd had and it threatens to make a reappearance. I smile to myself, surprised at how happy I am that she knows. She knows what happened that first night. I wasn't sure at first but now it's idly reassuring to know that some part of her – no matter conscious, subconscious or extremely drunk- remembers that I was the one to comfort her. I was the one to stop her tears. I was the one who... fell for her, before I even knew half of the most amazing things about her; everything that makes her so fantastic and such a special part of my life right now.


When I wake up I can tell that I drank way to much last night; my hangover is a straight giveaway. This is probably the worst I've ever had and knowing what I can be like when I'm drunk I hope to god that I didn't make a fool of myself in front of Harry.

I realise that I'm in his bed and look around the room in a panic. He's not here. To be honest, I don't know how to feel about that. I've just spotted my clutch bag that holds my phone and a glass of water next to it. Harry must have left for me. He's such a sweet heart sometimes.

I take a sip and watch Harry as he walks in at that exact moment. "Good morning," he sings in a whisper so that the sound doesn't ring through my sore head. I notice that he's holding a bulky plastic bag. "I went out to buy you some things..."

"You didn't need to do that."

He flops down on the left side of the double bed. "Yes I did. That's what friends are for." He pulls lots of little boxes and packages out from the florescent orange Sainsbury bag. "Paracetamol -I'd run out, croissants, orange juice, a galaxy chocolate bar," he raises his eyebrows at me with pride. He remembered that it’s my favourite. "And some Ben and Jerry's ice cream for later when we watch a film."

"What flavour is it?"

"Um... I wasn't sure what you'd like but I guessed if I got cookie dough, chocolate brownie and phish food then I couldn't go wrong." All three of my favourites.

"You're amazing. Seriously, but I'm starting to think you know me too well."

"Maybe I do... Does that mean that I can take Rosie's place as your best friend...?”

"Oh I don't know... She's known me for 15 years but you got me a galaxy chocolate bar and my 3 favourite flavours of Ben and Jerry's ice cream... It's a tough one." We both laugh and his eyes light up in humour. I pull my hands out from the duvet to pat it around my thighs and rest my hands there. I pull the duvet right up under my armpits to keep myself as cosy as possible.

“Ooooh! Whilst I was out shopping I got tweeted something sweet about you. They think that we’re going out,” He laughs in an off-hand way “But what they said about you was cute. Here, look.” He lies down by my side, stretching out with one leg bent, so that his knee sticks up into the air. I am watching Harry scroll through twitter when he drops his phone on his face. He just leaves it there and we are both quiet before “Ooooooooooow.”

I cant help but burst out laughing, the volume that I make is terrible, making me cringe the whole time –and I’m sure it doesn’t help Harry’s hang over either, not forgetting the damage he just caused to his forehead. I pick the iPhone off from the bridge of his nose and see his watering eyes. “Oh my god… That was hilarious!” The giggling wont stop until he pulls a frown.

“Heyy… hey I’m sorry…” still giggling softly to myself I cuddle him quickly from where I lie. “I thought it was only me who did that though.”

“No, we’re both clumsy.”

“Clumsy? I’m not-”

“You would have fallen over about 8 times last night if I hadn’t been keeping you upright.”

“Oh yeah…” He smirks at me in the way he always does. I roll him away from me with as much energy as I can bare to use. “Hey, don’t smirk at me like that. It makes me think that you know something that I don’t.”

“Maybe, maybe not.” He chuckles and turns back. “No I’m only joking. Sorry about your pyjamas by the way." I don't know what he's talking about. I look down expecting to see them but see that I’m wearing an unrecognisable T-shirt instead. "I couldn't find your bag anywhere when we got in last night..." That must mean that he helped to dress me. My cheeks go warm but I'm thankful for his good heart.

When me and Miles used to go out I was used to waking up on his couch or bed with a full face of smudged makeup in my creased clothes. In the mirrored wardrobes opposite I can't even see a trace of eyeliner or powder on my face. I look clean and happy, but the dark circles under my eyes say that I'm definitely not feeling too good.

"Oh... I think I must have left it in Niall's apartment." I mentally slap myself for forgetting to bring it to Harry's flat, even though I was supposed to be sleeping downstairs. I'm glad that I'm here though. It feels more homely than the empty apartments 4 floors down. I look back down at the t-shirt. it must be harry's because it's a little large on me and comes down mid-thigh. It's also got a picture of the-

"Hey! The arctic monkeys!"

"Thought you'd like that."

I want to say thank you to him, for looking after me, but it would sound weird whilst we're still joking around. 

"Do you want one of these?" It's the box of Paracetamol that I know will cure my head ache, at least a little bit, so that it’s more manageable than it is now.

"Two please."

He pops the white pills onto his hand and offers them to me with a wide grin. "That bad huh?"

"Like you wouldn't believe. How's your head this morning?"

He pops one more pill out for himself, as I throw mine back. That explains it. "S'alright. Not as bad as yours -I can handle my drink."

"Shut up." I laugh lightly. I've always been a lightweight. "So come on then... What's the damage?”

Harry takes my glass of water from my hand and gulps down a mouthful to take the Paracetamol tablet. I have to laugh at his grimace at the bitter and chemical taste. “I always preferred Ibuprofen. At least the bit on the outside is sweet.” I have to laugh.

“Really? I don’t mind these, it makes the water taste sweet in comparison after. He takes the water back, to try it out, and nods in agreement. He looks almost impressed at my observation. We look like druggies, sitting here in his bed, talking about which painkillers taste nicer.

“What did you mean by ‘damage’ anyway?”

“Last night, how well behaved was I?” I hope I wasn’t bad.

“Fine. I had to keep coming in here every few hours to check on you. You drank a lot and I was worried because you kept turning onto your back, so I had to roll you over a few times.”

“Yeah, I’m a wriggler, sorry.” He smiles like it wasn’t any hassle to him. “That’s not what I meant though. I meant in the club.”

“Oh,” His smile is cheeky but the blush of his cheeks tells me that he was purposely avoiding the question.

“Uh oh… What happened? You’ve gone pink!” I have to laugh. Harry takes a bite out of a croissant and tries to distract me with one but I give him a pointed look. “What did I do Harry Styles?”

“Nothing, you’re just really helpless when you’re drunk. I tried to stop you from ordering the last few rounds but you wouldn’t listen to me.”

I realise that I’m rubbing my forehead. “I wish I had now.” He laughs with me and I fall back against the headboard, pointing my toes under the covers to stretch them.

“Can you remember anything?”

“No, not much… Why? Is there something that I should know?”

“You ran away a few times to go play Hide-and-Seek, tried to join a group of 5 guys about 4 years older than you and I had to carry you home because you refused to put your shoes on. But that’s it. You’re as cheeky and mischievous as hell when you’re drunk but that’s it. Nothing else happened.”

I have to let the breath of air that I've been holding. Thank god for that. I’ve been known for my outrageous and confident behaviour whilst under the influence of alcohol but it now seems that I was quite well behaved last night –apart from the table of boys’ thing which makes me laugh. I can only imagine the horrified expression on Harry's face as I had started to walk over. Poor guy.

“So it was a good night then?”

“It was a great night. I would say that we should do it again… but... well we might have to bring more people next time so that I can let loose –babysitting isn't my usual forte for nights out.”

“I think that’s a good idea.” He holds his hand up for a high five. I slap his hand gently and smile with all of my teeth. For the most part of what I can remember, I did have a lot of fun last night with Harry. Especially on the dance floor. The only thing that I had been worried about is what I couldn’t remember.

When you’re on a night out with someone for whom you’re still deciding your feelings, it doesn’t always end up with the best of situations, but it seems like I’ve been quite lucky this time. I mean, I didn’t exactly try to kiss him did I? God -that would have been so awkward.

“Rachel?” Harry looks at me like he’s about to say something, but then the look is gone, only to be replaced with a dimpled smile. “Actually, nothing. Go get a shower and I’ll be back with your clothes. It’s definitely at Niall’s right?”


“Okay well I’ll have to use the spare key. He told me that he and Rosie went back to her house last night.”

“That’s cool.” He’s about to leave the room when I call him back. “Towels?”

“Oh they’ll be in there. Just use one off the rack.”

“Harry?” He turns back one last time. “Thank you. You took care of me really well. I know I’m lucky to have you as a friend.”

He scoots out of the door and calls back a very sarcastic and Harry-like response. “Naww. Don’t worry about it, Pumpkin Pie.” I laugh quietly as he exaggerates the name for me. “Now don’t make a mess. I’ll be back in a second. And I’m not done taking care of you yet –we’ve still got ice-cream remember?”

“Yeah, I’ll see you in a second Hunny Bunny.”

I hear him enter the elevator, laughing loudly at my pet name for him –we always try to call each other the most grotesque and overly-cute names possible, to see who breaks down into giggles first. Apparently, today, I won –and that hardly ever happens.


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