Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


155. 'Outside. Now.'

Authors Note:

Guess what everybody? Today is the 21st, which means... I'm back! I survived my exams, although they were completely terrifying and horrific all at once, and now I'm back to devoting my time to this book -the one that i have missed soooo much, along with all of you patient fans. I cant believe any of you might still be here to read this, so anyway... lets get back to the story :) feel free to go back and refresh your memory with some of the chapters and, if you havent already seen, I've updated part of chapter 152 with Rachel's POV, so dont forget to read through that :) Enjoy, and keep reading! Nialls_Tribute xo


"They're all really nice. You’re gonna be one stylish bump bearer." I hand the bags of clothing back to Carla and hum over an outfit of my own.
"Thanks. Do you need any help?"
"Hmm... Yeah I'm just trying to decide... Do I wear this blue, denim, button-down shirt with these pale blue skinnies, or do I wear an oversized jumper with these leggings?
"I don't know..." She rifles through the two outfits I've set out on my bed and suddenly reorders them.
"Forget that. What do you think about the shirt with the leggings?"
"I like it!" I pick them up and shove them into a small bag, along with a change of underwear and some comfy socks. I've missed my fluffy socks at Niall's place. 
For the first time that I've ever packed a bag for spending the night away, I purposely pack one outfit, and one outfit only, so that I won't be discouraged about coming back home as promised.
"So you're definitely coming home tomorrow?"
"That's the plan!" I grin. In the time that I've been at home I've had enough time to eat, wash and dry my laundry, do the dishes and also sneak away with Carla to have a look at all of the gorgeous pairs of clothes that she's been in need of getting for a few weeks now.
"Great. I've missed having girly time with you. Maybe we can do something when you get back? Go and get a coffee or something?"
"I'm up for that." I pat Carla's hand making a silent promise to spend more time with her. I can't imagine what being pregnant must feel like at such a young age -she's probably terrified and in need of some girl time. Especially since she’s moved here, away from her extremely close and regularly visiting mum, but particularly from all of her girlfriends who live ‘a while away’ and are ‘far too busy’ at work to come over or do anything about their lonely, pregnant best friend. Well sucks to them –that’s my opinion.
“Right.” I pull the strap of my bag over one shoulder and walk steadily behind Carla, out into the first floor hallway. “See you tomorrow?”
“Don’t be gone too long.” She pulls me in close and leaves a fond kiss on my cheek. I’m running a little bit late but that shouldn’t matter; the studio isn’t that far away.

We’re standing beside three cars, all parked just outside of the studio. Mine, Harry’s and Thom’s chauffer car. We’ll be driving in convoy, however the boys thought it’d be easier to get Thom to bring an extra car, just so that it’s not as cramped in the back on mine and Harry’s cars.
Louis opens the back door of my Range rover, signalling that he and Eleanor will be accompanying Niall and I, however he leans on the door as everyone works out the plan for this evening. Most of us are reluctant about going straight back to the flats, and so we are trying to put a plan of action together.
"Is anyone else starving?" Niall asks the group, making all of the boys moan in agreement.
"Ah Niall! I hadn't even noticed until you brought it up." Louis complains.
"Mate, I'm hungry too. Haven't eaten all day." Liam grumbles.
Niall looks over at Li like he's crazy, making everyone laugh with his horrified expression. "You're dead to me..."
"Hey, Thom can we stop off somewhere?" Zayn asks the chauffer who is leaning out from his driving seat to hear our ideas.
"Yeah, sure, I'll see what I can find. If you all want to follow me I’ll find somewhere to stop." We all nod in agreement and start towards the cars. “Forgot to mention lads and ladies, it’s the long way home tonight. They just closed the M25 because of an accident so it’ll be the good old streets of South London tonight.” 

Great. I, in particular, know how lethal those roads can be in traffic.

We're actually not that far away from where I live once we start driving down the road for a few minutes, however I know that my mother is unlikely to have enough food for the boys, Eleanor and I at this time, so it’s a good job that Thom is scouting the streets for a place to eat, along with Liam who sits as his passenger.
It’s not long before the black, SUV van in front swings left; meaning that Niall has to put his arm out on the dash board to steady himself as we enter a dark, secluded car park.
"All right!" Louis says from behind me, taking in the sight of the pub, however my own stomach starts to turn.
"They should still be doing some food here..." Thom guesses on the street outside as the door is swung open and the guys flow out from each and every parked car.
I'm just getting out when the realization of where we are hits hard; my legs tensing up before I can step down onto the pavement. Niall impatiently comes round to my side to pull me from the car, but I grab his wrist before he can get too far.
"Niall, this isn't a good idea."
"Why not? He won't be here Rosie."
"Niall." I repeat. It's the same place we went when Niall got back from Ireland. 'My parents own this place,' I recall Jace saying. "Just trust me on this."
"Look, I'm hungry." 'Hangry' more like. The boys all disappear into the pub before I can stop them.
I stroll after them in exasperation, finding Niall at the bar and pushing myself between him and Zayn. looking around anxiously.
"Niall, the guy that... you know... his parents own this place."
He starts to take more interest in what I'm saying and briefly looks around before turning back to me. "If that's what you're worried about, just stick with me. If any trouble comes up then we can leave."
I must admit, I'm nervous to even be here. I don't like the feeling of this place anymore -it brings back too many bad memories and I just can't lodge the thought that something bad is going to happen.
Five minutes later, we've ordered our drinks and a few plates of hot, thick cut chips at the bar; taking them over to a large table to share and eat over conversation. There's a football match playing live on the TV that Louis, Harry and Liam look pretty interested in, so I spend my time talking to Zayn about his latest art projects. Apparently he's been doing some prints and canvas spray paintings to donate to charity. How good of him.
Zayn's just asking me about my textiles lessons, sounding genuinely interested, when Louis looks up at someone standing behind me, who bravely says something to the six of us. I dont turn around. I already know who it is. Fuck.
"Come back for more did you?"
It's not a loud statement; quietly amused and cocky to be truthful, but every single one of the boys around me looks up. Niall's gone to the toilet, leaving a vacant space beside me.
"And you are?" Louis laughs from opposite me, staring intently at Jace with his face in his hands and a sarcastic smile for an expression. Eleanor looks apprehensive of him and curls an arm through one of Louis'.
"I'm sure Rosie can explain."
I turn away from Zayn, to look behind me, facing Jace for the first time since I slapped him.
"Piss off," is all I manage to get out before laughing pathetically.
I turn back to Zayn, making an obvious point of ignoring Jace. He just narrows his eyes at me as if trying to read my mind, and bless him, like the kind angel he is, Zayn stands up for me, rising from his seat.
"Look mate. You have no business with Rosie or the rest of us. Just walk away. We don't want no trouble." I see his fists curl slightly as he waits for a reaction.
"Is your boyfriend not here?" Jace directs at the back of my head. "Of course not. He can't stand up for you anyway -not like these guys." I really wish we'd left as soon as we got here now.
Zayn takes an intimidating step towards him, real anger blowing through his features now.

"Careful what you say." Harry says quietly under his breath, with dark eyes, fast to react.
"Sorry? Did you say something kid?" Liam takes Zayn's fist, using it to hold him back mildly.
They're sizing each other up, pushing their chests out when I pull Zayn back by his two arms. Zayn's a foot taller but I'd hate for him to get hurt or into trouble because of me. Jace snickers; not understanding when to stop. This is his territory -he thinks he can do what he wants.
"Where's your boyfriend Rosie? You can't get this guy to protect you for ever." Zayn challengingly raises an eyebrow at his statement and looks like he'd rather be stepping closer to the guy from my school than stepping away. I'm worried about what to say to diffuse the situation when Niall comes to my rescue, standing in the small distance between myself and Jace.
Harry's hands are suddenly on my shoulders and I worry what's going to happen.
"Here he is."
"Outside. Now." Niall growls, his accent making his voice even more intimidating than his darkened eyes.
"Niall lets just leave? Remember? Lets just go." I get nothing but a stern reassuring nod.
Jace keeps his eyes on my boyfriend for a few more seconds before letting out a laugh.


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