Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


38. One Direction Interrogation


The boys all looked away from Zayn, who was talking about Perrie's charity concert last night, in turn, to look up at something behind me. Someone gave a little cough and I turned round to find Rosie's glistening eyes. "Hey guys. Sorry we're a bit late - I had to find somewhere to park." She smiled around the table before turning to her right and gesturing to Rach "This is Rachel." The boys and I got up, to greet them both properly. After Rosie and Rachel had been passed around the circle from hug to hug, with a quick peck on the cheek, they came back to where they had started and I got the chance to welcome them.

"Hello lovely Rachel. How are you?" I held my arms out wide for the olive skinned girl, who had grown a lot in her high heels and kissed her cheek quickly. She told me she was great and asked me how I was "Yeah, I'm as jolly as a giant." we laughed together. "It’s amazing to see you again. Harry saved you a space next to him and Louis. Goodluck." I gave her a quick jokey wink. She laughed nervously at Rosie and walked around to the opposite side of the table, once again.

"Hey beautiful." Rosie was peering at me shyly so I pulled her into a hug that lasted a little bit longer than all the others before kissing her cheek, closer to her lips, quickly and leading her to sit in the seat between me and Liam. She looked jaw-droppingly stunning in a tight baby pink dress that made her cheeks look even pinker and more tanned. "So... you had to look for a place to park? I never knew you drove!"

"Neither did I! I got my license today -I passed! London was kinda scary for my first legal drive though." Everyone cheered loudly for the beautiful beaming girl and some of the nearby tables filled with business men and women looked over to see what all the fuss was about. As Louis and Harry were examining one of Rachel's expensive looking, silver bracelets I smiled at the table next to ours apologetically, as I took a drink from the beer in front of me.

One of the older women must have recognised me or one of the other boys; her eyes grew to twice the size and she looked away -embarrassed at the pissed off glare that she had been giving us.

Zayn and Rosie had already started a conversation over the table "So yeah, I'm borrowing Justin's Range Rover until mum and dad get back -he's driving their Porsche or BMW – I cant even remember. The bastards probably taking it in turns in each of the cars - just to take advantage of it." Everyone laughed.

"So Rachel, tell us about yourself." Louis was trying to intimidate her with his eyes that were forming an exaggerated squint. He put his elbow halfway across the table and lay his head on his hand.

"What do you want to know?" Louis’ attempts to intimidate her weren't working. She still wore her smile (acting just as comfortable around us as she had been from the start). Louis’ eyes brightened, and he looked around the table excitedly, as the rest of us boys groaned knowing what was going to come next.

"Uh oh. Wrong question." I muttered and shook my head at a confused Rosie.

"Okay... If that's how you want to do it... Lets play... 'one direction interrogationnn'!" Louis’ loud voice -that was resembling the voiceover man's voice, from The Xfactor- boomed across half of the restaurant and I couldn’t help but start screaming with laughter. We looked like mad men as we chuckled together and Liam had his head in his hands, beside Rosie.

Harry high fived Louis over Rachel's head as Zayn whispered loudly across the table. "Louis shussssh! The ninjas are out to get us remember!" He looked around comically and it didn't help me to quieten my uncontrollable laughter.

Louis replied in the same comical whisper as Zayn, with a huge grin, while he corrected his previous sentence. "Okay, sorry bro. Let’s play 'One direction interrogation'!"

"So who's going first?"

"I am." Harry burst out. He gave a cheeky smile to Rachel. God only knew what he was going to ask her. I cringed inwardly when, surprisingly, he asked sweetly "How old are you?" Ok, so that wasn’t what I had expected him to ask. Hazza’s questions were normally a lot weirder and more personal.

"That's easy." There were laughs "I'm 18 in February so I’m 17 now.”

"What day in February, huh?" Liam asked curiously.

"February the 10th." 

"That's just after my birthday." Harry smiled and she held up her hand for a high five which he returned.

"Yay for February babies!"

"When's your birthday Rosie? We never gave you the 1D interrogation treatment." Zayn chuckled to himself.

"Thank god for that. And it's quite soon actually -the 17th of January."

So she was still 17. We'd have to arrange something special for her 18th, when it got nearer to the time. Liam caught my eye with a smile and I spoke up next.

"What's your favourite food?" Rachel took a minute to think but Rosie spoke up straight away.

"She likes this dish that my mum does... It's, like, a spicy tomato rice with pieces of sausage and omelette."

"Oh yeah. That stuff is goooood!" Rach clicked her fingers at Rosie as she remembered "I ask for it whenever I go round their house. Rosie's favourite is seafood by the way. Crab, calamari, muscles, octopus, whitebait, salmon -give her any of that and shell eat it." Rosie looked at her friend, appearing to be amused as she explained.

"Sorry for my friend's awful puns. She just said 'shell' eat it. Geddit?" Louis seemed to find it hilarious. He cracked up and had to hold onto the edge of the table to stop himself from falling off of his chair.

I saw my window of opportunity to make another joke, so shouted out "Oh 'cod' Rachel! You're jokes are so bad."

It really wasn’t that humorous –pretty sad to be honest- but all 7 of us sat at the table, crying with laughter until a waiter came over to ask us what drinks we wanted -probably as an attempt to quieten us down.

“Just a water for me please.”

Rach picked up the menu, glanced at it briefly, and then placed it back down onto the cream table cloth. “And I’ll have half a pint of lemonade.” She muttered her thanks to the waiter as he disappeared towards the bar. “Okay next question –but no fish jokes from anyone this time.” We laughed silently in agreement. Louis put his hand straight in the air –waiting for Rachel’s consent for him to talk, like he was a small child at school. “Yes Louis?”

“What’s your favourite colour?”

“Hm... I think it’s red.”

“Well that would explain a lot.” Liam laughed as he gestured to her bright red dress.

“Liam! Wait! I had two questions to ask. Put your hand up if you want to speak.” Louis stared Liam down as he took a sip of coke and raised his hands in defence. A motion of his hand, used to zip his lips, confirmed that Louis could continue talking. “That’s better. Don’t do it again.” The disappointed look on Louis’ face was enough to reduce me to tears of laughter, but instead we all bit our lips –pretending that his strict voice had done its job –even though it was obviously just a prank. Louis gave some sort of satisfied smirk as he started talking again “Okay Miss Stormes, so... the million dollar question. Are you in a relationship?” The table was hushed as Rachel smiled and replied pretty fast; especially compared to how slow Louis had asked her the question, for excess tension.

“Yes, I am. His name’s Miles.” I couldn’t help but notice one of my certain friend's smiles drop, ever so slightly.

I, however, was about to smile with the others when Rosie coughed loudly beside me and muttered into her lap, to correct her friend’s statement “Er no. His name is Prick.”

There were a few whistles and Rosie looked up to shrug her shoulders. “It’s true.”

“Ouch. No offense Rach, but coming from your best friend... that’s bad.” Liam’s head bounced back and forth between the two girls waiting for some kind of explanation that never came.

“Come on, we want to know all the gossip.” Zayn sat forward on the edge of his chair.

Rosie looked at her friend, who shrugged, giving her the signal to tell us. “He’s a cheat. She knows I hate him, don’t worry –it’s nothing new.”


“Why are you still together?”

“What the hell?”

There were a flurry of questions but Harry just leant over the table to bump fists with Rosie. “I agree with you babe. He is a prick.” Hazza turned in his seat. “He’s a prick to do that to you Rachel.”

“Yeah, I get it. I’ve been told by everyone. Can we change subject?” Her smile didn't disappear but you could tell that she was less comfortable with the topic of conversation.




As if on cue, a new waiter appeared “Can I take your orders?” We each picked up a menu, and Rosie rested one of her hands on my knee, as she read quickly. We all decided what we wanted and as she turned around towards me and the waiter to order I gave her a tiny, childish wink that would go unnoticed by anybody else on the table.


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