Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


26. Mrs Winters


The next day was just like any other average day at school, for Rachel and I. Rachel spent most of the morning with her boyfriend Miles, we both went through our lessons ordinarily and I heard a few whispered conversations about me, but from what I could gather, they were just about the limo that had picked us up after school yesterday.

“Gosh. I know she’s rich but she doesn’t have to brag about it.” One girl, who was brave enough, said loudly to her friends as I walked past her in the corridor. She was about four years my junior and was most likely one of the few screwed up people of our generation that had no respect for anyone. I just held my head high as I smiled at her and carried on my journey to class.

The group of boys who witnessed our ride yesterday must have put the word out, because practically the whole school knew by lunch time. It was hilarious to see that while the little girls bitched with jealousy, most boys were shouting my name to try and get my attention.

At break time a guy year eleven had done exactly that, to get a mouthful off of a ‘helpful’ Miles. “Shut up, you’re not worth a second of her time. And why don’t you take a photo, it might last longer!” Rachel was wooed by this act of valour; I, however, rolled my eyes and told Rachel I’d see her at lunch. If that’s what he thought I meant by ‘redeeming himself’ then he had another thing coming.

Me and Rachel were sitting in the library by ourselves for the first time today; eating our lunch and minding our own business as we finished some coursework, when the door was flung open and a little, indignant, blonde girl stormed into the library and threw something onto a table that was two away from ours. I scrutinized the girl and the little group around the table and recognized them as being about 14 years old. She screamed at them “Look!”

It shocked the other girls but within seconds the moans had stopped and they were all hovering over the object. A few gasped while some of the others shrugged and smiled. There was obviously a mixture of different emotions sitting on the table and Rachel, who was also watching, looked at me with her eyebrow raised.

I wandered over, pretending to look on a book shelf behind them all when I saw that the object was none other than a newspaper. The biggest and boldest caption on the page said ‘Niall’s Mystery Girl Makes First Public Appearance’.

Well fuck.

The blonde, who had run in to show them, piped up and the other girls listened. She obviously called the shots in this group of friends and wanted to be the first person to dish out their opinions.

“I don’t know who this girl thinks she is. This completely ruins my chances with Niall now and the newspaper’s right! She’s obviously changing him for the worse.” What? “She’s probably just another one of those snobby girls who goes to private school and is giving her body to him so that she can feed off his wallet. The urge to laugh was irrepressible but the fear that I felt, was enough to overrule my being. If only the girl knew that, instead of feeding off of his wallet, the victim of her abuse was standing right behind her, listening to every single thing she said, in the grammar school that they shared and that there were no words to describe her expression, other than panic.

Two girls mumbled their bitter agreement whilst the other three shook their heads, at the ring leader, in total disbelief. “No, I’m sorry, but if he’s happy then you should be too ‘Elle.” I completely agreed with her. If the blonde was a true fan of 1D then she would be happy for Niall, if he found love, like the 3 others were.

That’s if we were even in love –I told myself quickly.

“I agree.” Another one chimed in.

“And me. Plus, you’re not this girl Chantelle.” The speaker pointed at the picture of an undercover-me who was tucked under one of Niall’s arms. “If he’s going out with her, then that means that she’s his type of girl, and that means that you’re obviously now.”

This angered the ring reader and she clenched her fists before snatching up the newspaper from one of the girls who were reading it. God... young girls and their hormones –I was so glad that I had matured out of that stage of puberty pretty quickly. “Yeah, well it’s in every newspaper today anyway so why don’t you all go and check it out for yourselves!” She strutted out of the library, slamming the doors on her way. Woah.

I quickly went back to my seat where Rachel was scrutinizing the panic on my face and whispered at her urgently “Rach, it’s the photos of me and you-know-who! They’re front page news!”

“No way.” Rachel looked shocked, but not as shocked as I felt inside. My stomach was already doing back flips about today’s audition –now it was doing a full-on gymnastics routine.

“Yes way.” She opened a new internet tab on the laptop that was sat in front of her and found the first article that popped up, regarding me and Niall, on Google.

Rachel started reading and I put my head on my arms as I listened to every word.

“Yesterday, at approximately 18:45, Niall James Horan –a former member of the world’s biggest boy band One Direction-was photographed leaving H&M, in Westfield’s shopping centre, with a mysterious girl tucked under his arm.”

“It appears that the couple were out for a shopping trip as Niall Horan was holding multiple bags of clothing. What we have to ask ourselves is: does this girl really have a place in her heart for our favourite, Irish band member, or are her fingers just making a reach for his pockets?”

“When asked about his relationship with the slim blonde-“ they could only see one strand of blonde dip-dyed hair that was peeking out of the grey beanie “-Niall made no comments, as he simply walked straight through the crowd of fans; paying no attention to any of them whatsoever.”

I couldn’t take it any longer, my fists were clenched and I cried out “Bullshit! The only fans that were there were being pushed back by the huge swarm of paparazzi. He never even got to see any of them!”

Rachel shushed me, and I checked that the group of girls had not heard me, as I remembered where we were.

“We asked a source for the identity of the girl but they replied ‘I have never seen this girl before in my life. If there’s anything going on between them then they’ve been keeping it a pretty big secret!’ Unfortunately for his fans, it seems we’d all agree that Niall’s secret lover has already changed his open and friendly personality for the worst!”

“We will all be waiting to see if Niall’s sweetheart, who still keeps her identity a secret, can take the pressure that comes with dating one of the world’s most favourite celebrities. Whoever this girl is, we wish her the best of luck and hope that she knows what she is doing. After all, 50 million twitter followers are not the best people to get on the wrong side of!”


“Are you okay? What they’ve said is out of order Rosie, but you can’t take any of this to heart! At the end of the day, all they want is a good story that will attract attention and that’s obviously what it’s done!”

“But none of it is true!”

“It’s speculation! That’s what the media does,” Rachel started to laugh “but you just have to laugh at them like this, because at the end of the day, you know that you’re not dating him, so does your best friend, so does your family and so do the boys! That’s all that matters!”

I still wasn’t convinced.

“Look on the bright side! Your ‘boyfriend’ has an interview today on national TV so he’ll be able to clear it all up.”

“I guess...” I gave her a smile for her efforts and the bell rang.

“Come on, you’ve got music now, cheer up my lovely.” We embraced as we walked under the doorway “Do some good practice, find a beautiful song for you to sing at rehearsals and I’ll meet you outside your classroom to get you ready.”

After we went our separate ways, I tuned out the voices around me and walked into the music studio only 2 minutes later.

I loved music. It was my favourite subject and Mrs Winters was also my favourite teacher. She was helping us to get our audition pieces ready for the End of Term Winter Show auditions that were taking place after school today. It wasn’t just for singing, but anything that would get the audience excited, within reason –basically a talent show.

I was auditioning twice for singing and dance –it was what was expected of me as I took A-Levels in both subjects and it was common knowledge that I went to ballet classes outside of school.

“What will you be singing, Rosie?” Mrs Winters came to sit next to me on the piano stool and looked at me.

“I’m really not sure...”

“Just do something that comes from the heart. I’m sure you’ll find a beautiful song.”

It was then, as she started to get up, that I suddenly thought of the most perfect song that had come from nowhere else but straight from the centre of my warm, gooey heart. “Wait. I have one!”

I tried my best to remember the melody as my fingers glided up and down the piano, giving Mrs Winters a brief preview of the song.

“That’s beautiful Rosie. Keep practicing it, I’ll play it for you when you sing if you print off the sheet music for me, but don’t sing it with me. I want it to be a surprise for me at the auditions and for you to improvise with the music –you always do better when you improvise.” She squeezed my hand and I got on with what I needed to do. I printed off the sheet music as Mrs Winters said, and sang along to the song –memorizing the lyrics- with my headphones in. This was going to be perfect.


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