Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


138. Melodic Serenading


Harry and I had gotten up early this morning, waking up to the sight of each other for the third time and excited for the day –as most people are on a frosty Christmas morning- however we quickly fell back asleep after sipping large mugs of hot chocolate, layered with cream and marshmallows. When we woke up for the second time, Harry’s arms were around me as I had fallen asleep against his chest –and it was Gemma who had come in to the sight, coughing loudly and smirking as she slid back out into the corridor behind.

At first I was worried as to what she might have thought. I didn’t know how Harry wanted to play things around his family and especially his mother and sister. I didn’t know whether he wanted to stick to the Kendall story around them, or be able to be himself -but when he seemed pretty relaxed about it I decided not to ask questions and was able to push it to back of my mind –or so I thought until Harry and I walked into the living room and I was greeted by enormous smiles from both Gemma and Anne.

Harry’s mum has laid out a whole spread of breakfast things on the coffee table, and Gemma’s just put some festive music on, for whilst we’re opening our presents.

“Okay Rachel,” Robin starts with a smile, taking a croissant from the table. “So on Christmas morning, what we usually do is open the presents from each other before we go onto any others.”

“Sounds good.” I go to sit on the cosy sofa between Harry and Gemma with my glass of orange juice and try to ignore the stare that Gemma is making obvious to me –trying to grab my attention with her smile.

“So are there any Christmas traditions that you have in your family?” Anne asks sweetly, handing me my first present.

“No, not really, we usually go to church in the late evening/early morning for the midnight mass, but that’s it. Everything else just fits around that and my parent’s friends’ parties.”

“Oh, okay.” I look around the room to find everyone’s eyes on the present that I’m holding. “That one’s from me and Robin. You can open it, don’t be shy love.”

I accept Anne’s encouraging grin and start to tear the package open. Inside is a beautiful navy blue dress that I can imagine touching the floor, even with a pair of heels on –this looks to be strictly formal wear. The material is silky and light –I think its chiffon. I unfold it in my hands and find an open back that falls to where my waist would be. Inside of the material is a basic heart neckline inner-dress that will fall to just above my knees. It’s a beautiful dress and I truly love it. There’s a tag inside that labels it as being a designer brand, and although I don’t recognize it, Gemma tells me it’s a really good quality and the boutiques that sell it nearby are lovely. I can imagine this being the type of dress that Rosie would encourage me to buy. Harry takes it out of my hand to have a look whilst I thank his amazing mother and step-father.

“Thanks Anne! Thanks Robin! It’s beautiful, I love it!” They shrug it off and pass Gemma her present next. First of all, she gets a joke present of a pack of blonde hair dye to get rid of her crazy dye job, but she just retorts that it will come in handy for re-dying her roots. Gemma’s other presents from her mum and Robin consist of a box of Chanel perfume, a new golden watch and a pair of suede ankle boots.

Next is Anne who receives a Minnie mouse onesie from Gemma and also a book series that she’s been wanting for a while. “Have you read these Rach?” I shake my head in faint recognition. “Well they’re really good –you might want to borrow them. Harry tells me you’re a reader.” I look up at him in interest and he raises an eyebrow innocently.

“Yeah I am. That’d be cool.”

Harry gets aftershave from Robin and a new pair of boots –similar to the ones that Gemma got, but a darker shade of brown and Harry’s are leather instead of suede.

It takes ages to open all of our presents, but by the end of it everyone is happy –especially with the presents that I managed to sneak out and buy with Harry for everybody yesterday afternoon.

For Anne, I ended up buying a new set of Essie pastel nail polishes (something she absolutely loves).

For Gemma, I brought a new coat that I found in the sale section of Topshop –a baby blue boyfriend coat that, funnily enough, matches the exact shade of nail polish that she’s been wearing this morning. I’m absolutely sure that she’ll look stunning in it on a trip into town or on a night out.

For Robin, Harry helped to pick out an assortment of ties from a men’s designer British suit label called Aquascutum. He thanked me for them profusely and said how handy they’d come in for his work suits. Last, but by no means least, is Harry, but he and I made a prior arrangement that we would open each other’s presents when we were alone, later on into the day.

It’s just gone 1:25pm when we manage to find a bit of free time to wander back upstairs. We take our usual places on Harry’s duvet covers; me sitting upright with my legs crossed and he lounges towards one hip, supporting himself on an elbow and bending one leg, so that his knee is nearly at the same height as my face.

About an hour and a half later we have opened all of our presents. Harry’s extremely happy with his expensive cufflinks, new docking station, reusable takeaway Starbucks cup (due to his abnormal love of coffee), beanie, hoodie, checked flannel shirt and daisy bandana. I thought the latter would be a nice idea, especially after all of our talks of daisy prints. You never know –he may even wear it one day.

“Okay. We’re done.” I smile, still so content with his generosity that I can hardly take my eyes off of him from across the duvet covers.

I managed to come out of this present-opening-session with a baby-blue leather journal (apparently he brought Rosie a pink one), some new colours of the Maybelline gel nail polish that I love so much, a green iPod shuffle –because I have more music on iTunes than I can store on my phone- some lush bath bombs and a whole bag's worth of beautiful, dangling, Claire’s earrings. What I love about Harry’s presents is that he makes no attempt to show off the money that everyone know he has –instead he just buys little practical gifts- gifts that I know will be loved and used, just as much as any other large presents I could have been brought. I’ve been so lucky this year –it’s more than I could have expected… especially when you factor in the presents from all of the boys and their girlfriends too…

“Hm…” He squints cunningly. “No, we’re not done just yet.”

“What? Another  present?” I look down at the huge pile of presents between us and can’t help but think ‘you cannot be serious’.

“Yeah,” he shrugs his shoulders, relaxing to one side with an elbow on the bed beside him. “I guess you could say that.”

“Okay…” I cross my legs and wait for him to hand it to me, but he makes no effort to move. I start to smirk and wonder if I should look away –I’ve been staring at him for a pretty long time now. Oh well.

“What?” He laughs, noticing the way that I’m looking at him.

“Nothing. Nothing.”

He raises an eyebrow and then leans towards the edge of his bed. “Are you ready?”

“Yeah,” I nod, curiosity playing in mind as I try to look over the side of his bed to see what he’s reaching for. I can’t see, but he only takes a few seconds before reaches under the bed and pulls out his old, beaten up guitar.

“Oh,” I start, nervously. He’s not seriously giving me his guitar is he?

“Don’t worry, it’s not for you.” He guffaws at my expression and I feel myself start to relax, that is until he prepares himself and starts to play a song. I recognize it mildly.

“Hey, was you playing this to me last night?”

“Yep, I’ve had this ready for a while now…”

“A while?”

“A few weeks.” He smirks and I think back to a couple of weeks after we met.

I want to ask what it is that he has ‘had ready’, but I guess he’s getting to that part now… It’s in that moment that I realise he’s about to serenade me, and my mouth falls open until I remind myself to close it and bite down on my lower lip, whilst Harry starts to play more confidently and starts singing to the melody.

‘Forget what they’re saying,

They’ve said it before’.

Harry looks up at me and threatens to giggle before looking back down at the chords that he is playing with his thin and nimble fingers.

‘It means nothing to us.

Now close the door.

But if you choose to go I’ll take it,

I know I’ve pushed you to the floor,

Cause it ain’t fair to hurt you baby.

You’re the paper that I tore.

And though it hurts to stop this love, I don’t want to hurt you no more baby, you can count on me this time, I don’t want feel your heart beat breaking. And after all the things we’ve been through, I know I’m lucky to have you, cause you’re the one bright star that blows my mind and baby all I want is you’.

I can’t even begin to comprehend what he is doing right now. Harry is singing a song that he’s written himself –using his own lyrics, guitar melody –everything. It’s beautiful.

‘Our lips were once connected.

You’re the girl that I adore.

Flying sparks around room.

But I can’t guard your heart no more.

But if you choose to go I’ll take it,

I know I’ve pushed you to the floor,

Cause it ain’t fair to hurt you baby,

You’re the paper that I tore.

And though it hurts to stop this love, I don’t want to hurt you no more baby, you can count on me this time, I don’t want feel your heart beat breaking, and after all the things we’ve been through, I know I’m lucky to have you, cause you’re the one bright star that blows my mind and Rach all I want is you… you… and baby all I want is you… yeah.’

And that’s it. The song that Harry wrote… for me. “Wow… I didnt realise you were that good... at writing songs I mean. Did you do that all by yourself?”

“All of it." I think he's about to blush when his forest-green eyes look away from my own. "You like it?” He asks nervously, taking my hands in his as he places the guitar down on the floor gently.

“It’s my song.” I smile, shaking my head lightly in amazement and shock. “How couldn’t I? Have you sung it to any of the boys?”

“No, I wanted you to hear it first obviously… would you want me to?”

“Of course… It’s good enough to be made into a record –maybe they could even put it on the next album. You’re a great songwriter, I never even realised.” Some of the lyrics replay in my mind, provoking many confusing thoughts. ‘Cause you’re the one bright star that blows my mind and Rach all I want is you…’

“What?” He squeezes my hands and lowers his face to get a better look at me.

“Did you really mean it? All of it?” I bite my lip again, although I know it will end up in a bruise or a busted lip. I can’t help it though –I’m nervous.

“Every last word. It’s all from my heart.” That’s where he places my hands, on the left side of his chest against the soft polyester of his pyjama top.

“In that case, I love it even more.” I beam with every last tooth and tears threaten to brim over the edge of my eyelashes.

He leans forward with a similar smile playing on his lips, but before he can break the distance I lean back slightly. “Harry, I need to know that this isn’t just for the day. If it is then I’m not going to be able to handle it, not knowing where we are and being just as confused as everybody else.”

“Let’s see if this is clear enough…” He leans forward again and whispers “Trust me.”

I do trust him, I trust him with every piece of me. Part way through the kiss he breaks away to mumble “I want this.” That’s what persuades me to lean into him, making us parallel to the mattress as he leans back against the pillows. “I want you.” He rolls over me and I love his sudden dominance, especially as the kiss turns more urgent and electrifying. “I want us and this and you for every day.”

“Any day?” My hands run through his hair and stay there.

“Every day and for as many days as possible.”

He looks me in the eyes and that’s when this romance between us becomes real. I’m actually looking at him –he’s right in front of me. Harry Styles and I are one, and the close proximity is just as terrifying as it is beautiful. If you’d have told me 2 months ago that I would eventually be in this same position, I would probably have laughed and called you crazy. Hell, I might have even locked myself inside for days upon end at the horrifying thought of having to kiss a celebrity.

But it’s not like that. In my eyes, Harry isn’t a celebrity, and -no matter how cliché it sounds- he’s just a normal, beautiful person with an abnormal career. He is my friend. I know exactly who he is and he probably knows me better than I know myself. My heart pounds with every muscle that is moved, every blink that is made and every point of contact with each other’s skin- his being much lighter than my own.

“Are you sure about this? The contract-”

“Fuck the contract.” Well that’s a change of opinion. His eyes are scrunched up as he rests his forehead against my own and breathes just as heavily as I do for a lack of oxygen from the kiss.

“I want this too. But I want it to be real. I can't pretend Harry. And I can't stop my feelings either!”

“It is real.” And that is the last thing I hear before I press my lips back against Harry’s and pay every last fragment of my attention to him. Just him. It’s always been him, and I can see it just being him for a very long time. Dare I say it, but we are together. I am in a relationship with Harry fucking Styles.


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