Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


78. London Heathrow


"Should I put my swimming trunks in?" Niall frowns at the dilemma whilst holding up what looks like a pair of navy blue boxers with tiny white stars on them.

"Are you likely to go swimming?"


"There's you answer then."

He still 'umm's and 'aah's over the choice of leaving them here or taking them with him. "You never know… I might want to model them down the Boulevard."

"Your fans would love that."

"Too right they would." We laugh at the image we've created in our heads and he throws them behind us into the now-cluttered wardrobe.

I turn to watch his blue eyes dart around his suitcase as he does some last minute checking and picks up multiple items from the top to see what's underneath. The Disney bag that we picked up today is safely nestled in between his clothes, although the t-shirt he brought for me is in the boot of my car. "Everything okay? Need anything else?"

"Nope, just my passport, boarding pass, travel bag and laptop now."

"So you're nearly done?" 

"Yeah, do you think I should get changed? I know I said there won't be many people there but there will still be paps. Especially when we’re saying goodbye –you should prepare yourself for that."

I bite my lip whilst I think and then remember that he had to wear the baggy vest and jeans for the second time after staying round mine last night. "Yeah. You don't look bad but you probably shouldn't wear those clothes for a third day."


He picks up the tight white t-shirt, navy blue button down shirt and white wash jeans -that still have patches of blue in the less worn parts- so that he can take them into the bathroom to get changed. I replace the now empty spot on the duvet and call him back before he can disappear to get changed.

“Niall.” He turns at the sound of my voice, a cute smile playing on his lips next to his dimple. “You know you said that there will be paps and cameras there?”


“How do you want me to act?”

“You don’t need to ask me that. You don’t need to pretend anything in front of them or get me to tell you who to be. Don’t ever let the cameras control your life. That’s one thing I learnt a long time.” He’s so knowledgable and reassuring when it comes to stuff like this.


“So be yourself and no one else. Be who you really are because that’s always the person that will make you the best person you can possibly be.”

“Soo, if I want to kiss you at the airport then I can?”

“You can kiss me whenever you want love. I couldn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks about it. Besides, they’d probably love to get a good shot of a sexy couple like us.” I laugh nervously and he ducks into the bathroom to leave me to my own thoughts.

“Don’t be too long.”

“I won’t.” He calls through the door and I can hear the cheeky wink in his voice. I imagine him running his fingers through his long gradient blonde hair and it flopping over his face. I question how long I will be able to go without being this close to him –only metres between our hearts. A week seems almost impossible at this moment in time.


As we walk through the airport doors for the departure lounge at London Heathrow, an eerily silent demeanour falls over us once we've left the paparazzi's shouts behind us.

“Over here!”

“Can we get a smile?”

“Look at the happy couple!”

“To your left please boys –to your left!”

“Hi, I’m from! Can you answer some questions for us?”

Security guards are guarding us from every angle and Niall and I, who are leading the huge group, come to a standstill; not far into the huge room that is scattered with people, to wait for the others. I see that Harvey has his eyes trained on me from a short distance away; I smile because that’s where they are supposed to be. On me at all times.

We lean on the suitcase trolley's bar, hip to hip with our arms crossed around each other’s back. I am wearing a navy blue beanie that is pulled tight over the top of my hair. Niall is wearing his red ‘LA’ Snapback -no matter how much I persuaded him to wear his ‘NYC’ cap he wouldn't listen.

Why would you turn up to New York wearing a hat with 'LA' written across it? I question the way that my boyfriend's mind sometimes works, but the thought just makes me giggle.

Zayn enters through the door, pushing his own trolley in front of him, with his jaw set into a hard line that makes the contours of his face more pronounced. He doesn't get on with the paps -not when he thinks they're invading his personal space (which they probably were doing, as seen as he's only just walked in). Rachel follows him in calmly -running a hand over her forehead to push all of the stray stands of hair away- and then Harry strides through the doors; beaming and waving at the people he left behind him. What a strange guy, I think, but that's just Harry for you. Strange -in a lovely and harmless sort of way.

He catches up to the rest of the group, with his trolley that only carries a large duffel bag. There's practically no need for him to be using it except for the fact that he doesn't want to be holding his small amount of luggage over his shoulder, where his over-night-flight bag already rests.

We all huddle together nearer the centre of the room. As soon as we are together again, without even needing to say a word to coordinate ourselves, we walk towards the line of paparazzi and fans that signify that that is the place where the boys are supposed to go. There's no need to work it out -the press wouldn't be there if we weren't supposed to be there too.

I look up to give Niall a reassuring look and to say that I'll be fine. I can imagine that he finds it hard to predict whenever I’m about to have a nervous breakdown in front of a crowd (especially since the first time it happened) and so it's the least I can do. His arm tightens around my waist and we both lean against the trolley to budge his heavy suitcase forward with every step. When the checkout is only a small distance away, with the press firmly and safely held back behind us, by long metal railings, the camera flashes start going. That's our queue to start saying goodbye. There's an unspoken agreement between Niall and I to say goodbye to each other last, so I avoid his gaze and make my way around each of the boys one by one. The other girlfriends seem to be doing the same as me, except for Perrie who I have still not met, which leaves Harry, Zayn and Rachel clustered together. 

I make my way over to them and appreciate how quiet the camera people are being -probably under strict instructions from management, which were the conditions to get in here- but I still appreciate it. The sharp flashes of white are the only thing announcing their presence except for the odd cough or shuffling of feet on the faux-marble ground.

Zayn opens his arms before I can reach him. "See you soon."

"Yep. Only a week. I'll be fine." My comment is mostly to comfort myself.

Zayn must pick up on it because he whispers by my ear "Don't worry. The first trip away from each other is always the worst. Luckily for you it was shorter than the tour we went on, straight after I got together with Pez."

I can't even imagine Niall having to go away for a whole tour –not right now anyway.

"Look after him Zayn."

"He'll be fine. He’s a grown man… well, nearly.” We both burst out laughing. “You’ll be fine too - just try to keep yourself busy and we'll be back before you even know it."

"Okay." I pull my arms away and he gives me a meaningful look before finding his way to El and Sophia.

“Come here you.” Harry gives me a cuddle and then drops his arms to nudge me with his hip. “I can see you’re upset but don’t miss me too much. You’ll make Niall jealous.”

“Shut up you.” I laugh at the cheeky green eyed boy –seeing straight through his sarcastic and cocky front. “Have a good flight.”

“Oh I will –I’ve got plenty of Breaking Bad episodes downloaded onto my iPad.” He gives me a wink and I go over to find Louis.

“See ya Lou.”

He turns blindly, looks down at me, and then throws one arms around my shoulder. “There you are. I just wanted to tell you not to worry. The first trip’s always-”

“Yeah, the first is always the worst but once you’re past it they’ll start to get easier.” Louis looks startled that I beat him to it. “Zayn already told me.” I explain to him and Louis gives me a brief nod.

“That explains it. I can trust you to get my girlfriend back to the apartments in one piece?”

“You trusted me to get you both here.” I point out with a cheeky smile and he laughs.

“I suppose you’re right. See you soon Rosy Posy. Don’t go getting into too much trouble.” I roll my eyes with a grin and Louis scratches his stubble, already on the look-out for whoever he hasn’t said goodbye to yet.

Liam and Sophia are already wrapped in a tight hug so I just wave to him in an amused fashion over Soph’s shoulder; Liam gives me a little wave back with a wink and the mouthing of a word. I think he said ‘skype’ but I couldn’t be sure so I just turn around with a nod and a smile, to head back over to Niall’s trolley, when I find he’s already standing behind me.

“Oh, hey.”

He’s smiling sadly and I know that he can’t bear to leave –just as I can’t bear to let him go. Louis and Zayn were right. This is hard.

“Gonna miss you beautiful.” He closes the distance between us and cuddles me into his arms so that I am so close I have to breathe through his t-shirt and he has to bury his face into my freshly washed hair. He inhales the smell and I spend a moment with my eyes closed so that I can block out all of the sounds and sights around us; separating us from the blur of camera flashes and busy people.

“I’m gonna miss you lots too. A week seems so long when I have to watch you walk away from me.”

“I know. It’ll be harder for me to make myself walk away.”

“I know.”

I don’t understand how it’s possible but we press together even closer than before and start to rock from side to side. “Promise you’ll let me know when you get there.”

“It’ll be late-”

“Just promise. I’m going to be worried sick.”

“You shouldn’t be –but okay, I promise.”

“Thank you.”

“Look I don’t really know what to say, because I’ve never had to say goodbye to someone like you before I go away with the boys, but…”

He’s mumbling and is probably unaware of half of what he’s saying. “Niall… just fucking kiss me.” And before I know it, we are kissing each other. His hands are running through my hair, his lips leaning closer and closer to press against mine and he strategically places himself between me and the cameras to stop them from getting any good shots. My hands are tugging at the collar of his black leather jacket, getting a grip on something that I know is real; in stark comparison to the surreal and crazy kiss we are having.

Someone in the crowd of people wolf-whistles, and I welcome the sound as I feel Niall’s lips turn up at the corners against my own –forcing my mouth into a similar smile. He pecks me on the lips -one quick, last time- before he releases me just a little bit to rest his forehead against mine.

“This is so hard.”

“Tell me about it.” I have to giggle to stop myself from crying, or doing something equally as crazy and irrational –to say that he’s only leaving for a week.

“I love you Rosie.”

“Love you too Nialler.”

“Don’t forget that t-shirt babe. I want to see a picture of it online.”

“You will.”

“Oh and when you’re walking out remember to strut your stuff.” His eyes glitter in amusement “Oh and don’t fall over. I want my girl to look gorgeous if she’s going to be all over the newspapers in the morning. Not sprawled on the floor.” I laugh quietly at his joke and then the mood turns serious. His blue eyes look straight up into my own, intense and passionate behind his dark pupils.  “I’ll call you as often as possible but time difference is gonna be a drag. I’ll text you if it gets bad or I’m really busy.”

“You better.”


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