Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


65. "Incredible Singer"


When we get to the boys’ apartment, Rosie helps me to get my suitcase out and we leave the private car park –locking it behind us with one of Rose’s keys- so that we can file onto the crowded pavement before entering the lobby.

As I take in the white marble, high ceilings and strangely prepared (and very early) Christmas trees, I do nothing about the jaw that hangs open in shock. “Wait until you see our apartment.” Rosie laughs and taps my chin to close my gaping mouth. She makes her way over to a little counter where an attendant is sitting. “Could you tell the boys that we have arrived and that I’m just going to take Rach up to our apartment to settle her in before we find them.”

“Of course Miss Stephens.” The boys’ staff normally referred to them by their first names, however Rosie and I are always addressed as Miss Stephens and Miss Stormes. It is courteous but I can’t help letting it remind me that it is because we are still strangers to them. Strangers like we should be to the boys –would be if Niall hadn’t taken such an interest in my friend. How exactly did all of this happen?

Rosie leads me into a small elevator –probably only big enough for 10 people if they were crammed in together, not comfortably. When she touches a key card onto a panel and the elevator doors open at the second floor, I just stare in amazement. Rosie’s house is amazing but a different type of amazing to this. This is modern and expensive and really really… I couldn’t even think of the word.

“Excessive?” Rosie finds the exact word that I was looking for and we both giggle together as I nod.

“That’s exactly the word. It’s quite… something, huh?”

She just laughs in return, and points me toward my room, so that she can run off to gather a spare change of clothes.

Once I throw my suitcase onto the white duvet covers and observe the room, I find it less excessive than the huge living area outside, complete with kitchen and two sofas, and more homely size. It’s comfy and small, but big enough for me to manage in over the next few days. It’s perfect.

I look out of the window and can see a perfect winter view of the Thames and the London eye is surprisingly only a few streets down on the opposite side of the river. It’s beautiful. I hadn’t realised that we were so close to the Thames as we had come in from the other side –signifying that I was standing at the back of the apartments.

I am extracting a black pair of leather disco pants that I will wear with a white crop top and a light blue denim shirt. I throw them on quickly and Rosie does the same once she enters my room with a light blue pair of jeans. She also wears a plain white shirt that is loose on her thin frame. It is sleeveless, with patterns cut into the material at the bottom. It is just short enough to show off a thin strip of tanned flesh and the material ripples like water as she moves. For something so simple, she looks flawless.

I look in the mirror and observe that I don’t look so bad either. Both of our flat stomachs –or parts of them- are shown off in our choice of outfits. Rosie goes to turn some music on and I recognize the music. It’s her favourite song called ’Classic’ by MKTO. She must be playing it off of her iPod. “Just so you know,” she shouts over the music “there’s only one bathroom and it’s an en suite through my bedroom door.”

I wasn’t bothered by that as Rosie showed me around her room and what was left to show of the flat. It had only gotten half way through the song when we were jumping up and down on the sofas, dancing and making new moves. Rosie was going all out –belting the lyrics out so that her beautiful voice could be heard over the music. I left Rosie facing the window to turn around and stopped dead in my tracks.

All 5 boys had appeared in our room and were standing just in front of the elevator doors. Liam and Niall were just standing there with their mouths open. We hadn't been expecting visitors just yet, but that was why the moment was so beautiful. It was unexpected and innocent.

The song had started again, after obviously being put on repeat and Rosie still hadn’t noticed her audience. “Uh, girl, you're shining, like a 5th Avenue diamond, and they don't make you like they used to, you're never going out of style.”

Well, this was one way of getting her to sing for the boys; especially when she would normally refuse them each time they all pleaded to listen. I was determined to get her to sing –fortunately, I hadn’t had to do much work to get it to happen.

Harry was shaking his head with a smirk, obviously impressed, as was Zayn also, as he tapped his foot on the floor and mouthed ‘woah’ at me. I nodded enthusiastically.

Uh, pretty baby, this world might have gone crazy, the way you saved me, who could blame me, when I just wanna make you… smile.” She had noticed. Partly because Louis had jumped onto the sofa that I was on. and was dancing with me, but also because Harry had started a slow clap.

“Well Niall…” He laughed over the loud music “That’s one way of finding out that your girlfriend is a fucking incredible singer.”

As Louis spun me round and round, I realised that Zayn had already run over to start doing some crazy dancing, with just the two of us. I only just managed to see Liam stick his thumbs up at Rosie whilst Harry stood there incredulously.  

I felt relieved, because I knew that now that they had heard Rosie perform, she wouldn't be too nervous about doing it again; it was only the idea of the first time that scared her -she had told me. My plan was coming together.

Rosie had stopped singing, but was still smiling greatly, as she ducked her head and went a subtle shade of cherry pink, and Niall… well, Niall looked like the proudest boyfriend alive.


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