Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


111. Ice Skating


I’ve just put the shepherd pie dish into the oven when I hear the doorbell ring three times. Zayn looks up at me from a comic book, from his place on the sofa across the kitchen, and smiles at me in anticipation.

“Those will be our guests. Come on lazy lump.” I nudge him with the toes of my slipper boots and he nearly catches it before I hop out of his reach. I’m doing a little dance on the way to the door when I feel Zayn right behind me, grabbing my waist before I reach the door.

“Hellooo!” I open the door with a big smile and see Niall standing in front. He hands me a bottle of wine and then decides to pass it to Zayn on second thought. I wonder why until I see a cute little bunch of flowers making its way through my door in Rosie’s outstretched arms.

“Hey,” she’s shivering slightly –it looks cold enough to snow tonight. “It occurred to us on the way here that we never actually congratulated you for finishing your charity tour.”

“Awww, thank you. Look Zayn,” I turn towards him and he’s looking down at me with adoring eyes that melt my insides. “Look what they brought me.” It’s a bunch of baby pink and lilac gerberas. “These are so cute. I’m going to have to put them out on display.”

“Well anyway, they’re for you and the wine’s for the meal as a little thank you, so yeahh…”

“Sick…” Zayn’s still too busy checking out the wine, and me with the flowers, to remember to invite them in off the doorstep and close the door. He suddenly remembers to play hostess like someone’s just kicked him back into gear. “Oh, well come on in I guess. Don’t mind her –she’ll be cooing over that bouquet until dinner’s ready.” He wanders down the corridor, taking their coats and the bottle of wine with him.

“Should I… um, take my shoes off?” Rosie’s hovering, not really sure of what to do. I’m being such a crap host tonight.

“Oh sorry, no it’s fine, just go straight through.” No one takes their shoes off in this house unless they decide to –it doesn’t matter as long as they don’t go upstairs onto the carpets; that’s our only rule here.

Niall takes her hand and bounces from leg to leg as he follows after Zayn, walking at his normal excited and energetic pace. I go through with them and ask them if they want any drinks.

“Um… have you got any beers?”

“Yeah, I’ll get one out for you. What about you Rosie?”

“I’m not sure… Well, what are you having?”

“I think I’ll have some lemonade mixed with one of the beers. Do you want some too? I can water it down with lemonade if you don’t want it strong?”

“Yeah, that sounds cool. Thanks Perrie.” As I’m pouring the drinks I see Niall swat Rosie’s arm playfully. They look so happy together –I didn’t really get to notice it last night. Niall looks like a teenager again –she’s given him a new and even bigger burst of life and youth.

“Hey!” She pouts at him. “What was that for?”

“Underage drinking. Bad.” Oh shit. I forgot. I stand up straight and Niall just laughs with a wave of his hand. “No, I was just kidding.”

Zayn speaks up from beside me after taking a long drink from his bottle of Carling. “Mate, you can’t even talk. Who was it sneaking drinks from the bar in the factor studio’s every night we got through to ‘celebrate’?”

“Shutup!” We all laugh as Niall gets embarrassed. “And besides, Louis is the one to blame for that. He’s a bad influence.”

“To be honest, I think we all were.” That’s true –Zayn’s the ‘quiet and mysterious’ one out of the group but not in my eyes. I wasn’t that easily fooled when I first met him pouring vinegar in Ollie Mur’s jacket pockets on the xtra factor when they all came to visit us on our show. Zayn’s just a mix of all of the boys; mischievous and troublesome included.

Rosie’s interested in our experiences on the XFactor so we all decide to sit down at the table and have a laidback chat about it. I check the food occasionally and when I decide that it’ll be done in an hour I give Rose a tour of the house, stopping at the huge double doors that lead into the garden. She’s in shock at the sight.

“You have an ice-rink!”

“Yeah. Us girls have hired one every year for the past two years –it’s a good hobby for the winter.” I can’t take my eyes off of her shocked expression; it’s a right picture and it makes me smile lightly. “Zayn!”

He comes strolling into the living room from the kitchen casually, noticing what we’re looking at. “You want me to get the ice skates out?”

“Yeah baby. Ask Niall too.” Niall will probably want to skate too –I’ve seen him do it before and he’s good. “What shoe size are you Rosie?”

“Oh, a six.”

“Get Jade’s. They’ll fit her.”

“Okey dokey.” Zayn nips back out of the room and before long I’ve got my white skates on. Everyone else is hanging back, waiting for me to go first, so I unlock the door and step straight out onto the ice. We had the rink designed like that so that it’s easier and more compelling to go skating. I ring around, making a few small circles as Zayn steps out with his coat on. He takes my hand and spins me round a few times.

Although Zayn’s not a very good dancer he’s a surprisingly great skater –probably after all the lessons I’ve given him over the years that we’ve been together.

Niall steps out next with a shrug and a final “Oh, what the hell?” And we are left waiting for Rosie. She holds onto the glass door, timidly eyeing us with doubt.

“What’s up? Can you skate?” For some unknown reason to me, Niall cracks up from the other side of the rink where he lounges against the side.

“Last time I tried the lower half of my body was black and purple.”

“Oh.” I stifle a giggle and skate forward to take her hand. That would explain her lack of enthusiasm when spotting Jade’s pink and black skates that she quite obviously knew would fit her perfectly. “Here, take my hand. Zayn, take her other one.”

We clutch her gloved hands and within three seconds we’ve helped her to step down onto the ice safely. “Niall, you’re doing a great job of helping me.” Rosie rolls her eyes at me as Niall laughs again and takes his phone out. “Thanks you two.” She mutters to me and Zayn, this time dropping the sarcasm.

“Say cheese love.”

“You better not be taking a picture of me.”

“Nope, say hello to Instagram.” It’s a video then. I stick my tongue out at him and assure Rosie that we’ll do a few laps to get her started. She’s really rigid and stiff as Zayn and I guide her round easily. Niall kicks his leg against the barrier is hysterical laughter and then blows a kiss to his girlfriend to make up for it. He stops recording and looks down at his phone, either uploading or captioning it.

“I hate you Horan.”

“Love you too Stephens.”

This time Zayn sticks up for Rosie, making us girls laugh. “Mate, if you’re such a pro why don’t we have a race?”

“You’re on.” Niall claps his hands together, and Zayn lets go of Rosie to skate over to him, leaving her with just one hand clinging onto me. In her panic she nearly pulls the two of us over, so I quickly change direction to skate in front of her, going backwards.

“Oh, shit. I’m gonna fall.”

“Calm down, don’t worry.” Once I take her other hand she starts to relax a bit more. “I thought you did dance? You should have good balance.”

“I do ballet. Ice skating’s basically everything that you strive to stop from happening in ballet.” That explains it. Hardly any ballerinas are good at ice skating –I should know, a few of my friends do professional ballet and they’re crap at skating to be honest.

“Hey, you have good posture though!” The compliment takes a while to sink in, as she watches the ice in deep concentration; watching where we’re going and to see what her feet are doing.

“Oh… thank you!”

“No problem.” Rosie’s starting to make her own pace, slowing down and turning without as much of my input –although she doesn’t realise yet. “Hey you’re starting to get it, think you could do it one handed now?”

“Yeah, okay,” She takes a deep breath “I’ll try.”

“Great.” We’ve been skating for half an hour, and Rosie’s just found the confidence to skate by my side without any hands, when I suggest we sit down together so that the boys can muck about and play fight on the ice –even though I’ve told them not to about a thousand times.

We skate towards the door of the house, where there’s a slight step so that we can sit on the rug inside of the door, side by side with our boots resting on the ice. “Are they always like this?” Rosie’s talking about the way that Zayn and Niall are acting around each other. Niall’s on the floor and Zayn’s beside him, pretending to beat him up but occasionally doing the three-poke thing that they’ve made a common thing between the two of them. Interviews, concerts, free time –you name it and they’d be likely to do it. Zayn started it after the boys found out that Niall was ticklish. The three poke consists of three pokes –as the name would suggest- to the nipples and bellybutton. I roll my eyes fondly and lean back to get my bare hands out of the cold.

“Yeah, they think they’re in some kind of ‘bromance’. I’m sure of it.”

“God help us…”

“I’ve been saying that for the past two years and still haven’t received any help with the two of them.” Rosie can’t help but giggle and I join in with her. “Do you think they’ll get better in time?”

“Doubt it.”

“Good, cause I don’t think so either.”

“Jokiness aside, I love how close they all are. All of their band.”

“Yeah… me too. It’s refreshing to see such strong friendships these days.” She nods along with me and I pluck up the courage to say what I’ve been meaning to say. “I wanted you to come round tonight so that we could start again. This is my way of asking to put the past behind us.”

She eyes me for a few seconds and I’m worried, until her face softens with a smile. “Yeah, sure. I’d like to be friends with you… I was actually a bit disappointed last night. I thought we would have been able to get to know each other and bust out a few Little Mix jams at parties together, talk about boys and your future marriage… that kind of stuff.” I follow her gaze to where Zayn is taking a running skate at Niall who’s crouching on the ice. Both of us gasp as Zayn pretends to skate to narrowly and hit him, but instead my gorgeously stupid fiancé just flings himself on top of Niall’s back like a kid. That boy really worries me sometimes.

“That sounds fun… I mean, maybe it’s not too late. We’re talking now; I guess we could still do all of that stuff –if you’re willing to forgive my impoliteness though babe.”

“Yeah, I’d like that…”

“Me too…” I start to pick at my nails when I remember our beauty stylist telling me to break the habit. I’ve got to check on the food and now would be a great moment to give Niall and Rosie some peace –not that I’ll be restraining myself from peeking at them out of the kitchen window. “Right, well… dinner and the cluttered table call. Zayn babe, can you come help me?” I may have just fluttered my eyelashes a little bit to convince him –but a girl has to do what a girl has to do, right?


“Are you sure I can’t help instead.” She’s keen to get off the ice –it’s blatantly obvious.

“No, you stay here and keep an eye out for him.” I raise an eyebrow at Niall. “He needs special attention.” With a dramatic wink I leave Rosie and head in the direction of my nearly fully cooked Shepherd’s pie.


I’m lying out on the ice, winded from my race and overall messing around with Zayn when it occurs to me that I’m alone with my beautiful girlfriend who sits on the step down that would normally lead down to the patio. Rosie sits with her face in her hands, watching me with a ghost of a smile.

 I don’t even have to call her over; I just pat the ice next to me and wait for her to join me as I watch the stars above. I hate London for star gazing –it’s so polluted compared to the tiny unpopulated village, where I’ve spent practically the whole of my life, back in Ireland.

“Hey you.” Her gloved hand wraps in mine and we both tilt our heads to look at each other at the same time.

“You finished racing and being beaten up now?”

“Yeah… Unless you’re down-“

“No thanks.” We both laugh and watch as our breath creates small white clouds in front of our faces that slowly drift above us and merge into one. “Aren’t you getting cold down here?”

“Yeah, let’s get up.” I jump up first so that I can pull Rosie to her shaky feet. “You’re still not confident on the ice yet are you?” I don’t need to wait for the shake of her head before I wrap my arms around her waist, bending over slightly to secure them there tightly, with my chin resting over her shoulder. “Lucky for you I’m a pro.” I start to slide forward so that she is skating backwards and is forced to wrap her arms around my neck. I’m doing all of the work for the two of us.

“How are you so good?” We’re skating round the ice in a tight hug whilst Rosie just keeps her feet a good distance apart and lets herself be pushed around.

“Hmm… just a little bit of practice here and there whenever I can. Why are you so bad?”

“Hey!” We both laugh. “I’ve only ever skated like twice, okay?”

“Okay, okay.” I can’t help but smirk, she just has that effect on me, but she mistakes it for me taking the piss out of her and hits me on the arm softly –a lot softer than she probably means to hurt me. “Hey! I’m not taking the piss… I promise.” She pouts and I decide to hold her to the spot, skating round her to make us spin a few times. The motion surprises her pleasantly but then she must have slipped because we both get thrown off balance and she lands on top of me on the ice.

I’m winded and Rosie squeals a little as she tries to stop herself from falling on me as quite as hard as she would have. Her arms fly out to the side to support her feathery weight, although it could hardly cause any more damage than if she had landed straight on top of me. My head hits the ice quite hard and I’m thankful for my thick coat’s hood which stopped the impact from being quite as threatening to my health. “Oh my god, are you okay?” She’s lying over me, legs straddling my hips and her hands are running down either side of my face, tracing the contours of my cheekbones to see the effect that toppling over has had on me. “I’m sorry. I told you I’m clumsy –ice skating isn’t my thing –remember the bruises?” She’s touching my face worriedly, searching for something that I’m not quite aware of yet.

Her brown curls fall out of her pony tail to block the kitchen window view where I know our friends will be laughing after watching us fall over. Maybe I shouldn’t have attempted the spin –stupid show off that I am. She’s gushing and I can tell she’s worried. “Talk to me Niall. Are you okay? I’m seriously sorry, do you need help? I’m worried.” I’m not usually this silent; maybe she thinks I need medical help. I raise one side of my lips in thought before pushing myself up on my elbows.

“There’s nothing to be sorry for. It was only an accident…” She seems relieved that I’m talking again –even though it’s more of a purr. “But if this is your idea of ice skating then I’m sure I could get used to it.” Before she can say anything else, or get up from where we sit, I close the distance between us with a long kiss and hold her down with one hand on her waist. I’m fine; all I need is my beautiful girlfriend –nothing else. Rosie giggles nervously and I know that I’ve succeeded in getting her to smile again. It just makes the second kiss more pleasurable when both of us are grinning against each other’s lips with upturned smiles.


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