Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


94. Home is in the Heart


I’m now sitting in my real pyjamas, savouring each small piece of Galaxy chocolate and hugging a cushion between my chest and my knees. “You want some?” Harry declines the chocolate from my left but Louis, Sophia and Liam all take one. 

After chatting, eating and watching movies with Harry all day, the others eventually ventured up; wondering if we wanted to go out, only to find me and Harry watching some comedy film called Role Models. At the sight, they decided to join us because we didn't want to go out again with our hang overs still intact from last night. 

Now we are watching Taken 2, a film that only Liam and Sophia have seen before now. Eleanor’s out at a party with a friend, and is staying up in Manchester with family until Wednesday.

Louis would have gone with her, but there’s some sort of business that the boys are going to have to do this week. I don’t know where Zayn is –probably out with mates or doing whatever else he can get up to in London without Perrie and his trusty band mates. Niall and Rosie are still in Croydon, a place that I should go home to tonight unless I want social services picking a fight with my parents for my absence from school.

Harry disappears off into the kitchen behind us and returns 5 minutes later with the tubs of ice-cream, bowls and spoons.

“Ah thanks mate.” Louis looks at the ice cream with a type of longing that I’ve never seen aimed at 3 tubs of ice cream before.

“Good job I got three huh?”

I smile as Harry winks at me, and I have to admit that I’m glad. I’m not entirely sure that I would have been willing to give up my ginormous share of ice cream if there had been any less than 2 pots on the coffee table.

I serve myself a scoop of each and eat it calmly throughout the movie. I jump at one point and I think that Harry does too, because he moves ever so slightly closer to me and I have to stifle a giggle. At least it's not a horror movie. Whilst the ice cream is soothing my rotten headache I couldn't imagine the screaming being any more beneficial to me. Plus, I know that Harry doesn't particularly like horrors.

Half an hour later, the film finishes and everyone is getting up to stretch their legs; commenting on the brilliant acting of Liam Neeson.

Harry and I are the only two still sitting on one of his couches when I ask "Have you ever met him before?"

Haz gives me a small smile like I'm being precious or something. "No, do you really think I've met everyone in the celebrity world?"

"Yeah... Maybe… You're like super famous-"

"To, like, ten year old girls."

"I think you guys underestimate yourselves."

"I don't. We're just normal guys who've been given some extremely crazy opportunities..."

"Yeah, maybe..." I smile to myself, picking bits of fluff off of the sleeves of my flannel pyjamas. "Can you get a car ready for me?"

"To go home?" He looks almost disappointed.

"Yeah, my family have some friends over tonight so there's gonna be a big meal -mum texted me saying she'd like it if I were there."

"Oh okay. I'll call a driver now."

"Thanks Harry. I’ll just go and get dressed."

I didn't particularly mind sitting here with everyone in my pyjamas, I was comfortable, but going outside in them would just be plain embarrassing -especially if there are still paps around, who are still trying to convince people of mine and Harry's supposed 'dating'.

I change into the high waist jeans, black vans and a white, halter neck crop top that I brought with me. I try to flatten my hair but it doesn't work so I just secure it in a high ponytail. I have no makeup on but that's not something that I particularly care about so I just gather all of my things into the brown leather bag that has one long strap to sling over my shoulder. I put the clutch inside the bag also, and replace my phone into my back jeans pocket.

When I step back into the room, Sophia and Louis are arguing over Thai or Chinese -probably the choices of restaurant for this evening.

"Thom will be here for you in 5 minutes so I’ll take you down, if you want?"

"Yeah, sure." Liam is standing right between the two of us so I go to hug him first.

"See you later Liam."

"Yeah, bye babe. We'll hopefully see you sometime this week."


Louis is next. He wraps and arm around me awkwardly and then surprises me by picking me up to spin around a few times.

"Jesus Lou."

"Sorry," he laughs "see you later!"

"Bye Sophia." I hug the light brunette next and savour her cuddle. She's always been very cuddly and motherly towards the rest of us girls; even though the age difference is barely there -she's just more mature.

"See you all later." I smile as the doors close on me and Harry and the escalator whisks us downstairs. As soon as we step into the grand lobby, the sweet receptionist -who is manning the doors- informs is that my ride is waiting outside. Harry walks me as close to the doors as possible before we would be forced to step out. There aren't any paps watching us so we're safe for now. 

"Thanks for being such a great host."

"Don't mention it. I like it when people come to stay with me or I start to feel lonely."

"I could tell." He basically wouldn't let me lift a finger since I stepped out if his bedroom after getting showered. I wasn't even allowed to pick up the remote by myself.

There’s a short silence before he interrupts it calmly. “I wish you could have stayed longer…” Well that came as a surprise to me. I was beginning to think that my presence was starting to annoy him. Ever since the others came in he was acting… oh.

“Really? Well I enjoyed it anyway.”

“Of course. You’re welcome to stay here any time Rachel… money is no fun unless you have people to spend time with.” What’s that supposed to mean? It’s another of Harry’s cryptic codes. I fight the urge to laugh. Maybe he means that it’s alright having a nice flat, but it isn’t worth anything if you have no one to enjoy it with? Maybe… “Right, well I'll see you soon love. You know you've got school tomorrow right?"

"Have I?"

"Yep, Niall texted me earlier to tell you."

"Oh okay then... That could be interesting."

"Yep." His dimples are back. "Don't let Rosie get into any more fights."

"Oh, I'll try not to." I give him a joyful wink and double-check my back pocket for my phone before I leave without it.

"Right, see you then?"

He holds his arms out and I step straight into his embrace, tightening my arms around his torso.

"Bye Harry."

"Call me when you get home, just so I know you got back alright?"

He really doesn't need to worry. "Okay." He lets me go and I give him a little wave as the receptionist buzzes the door open for me "Bye then."

"Bye Rachel."

Before I know it I'm in the back of the Thom's car and we're driving away from the block of flats. I look back at the lights that shine on the sixth floor. I know that I'm going back home to my family, to the place that I belong, so why does my heart drop as the building and it's lights get smaller and smaller in the back window of the BMW? Am I possibly leaving something even more important behind?


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