Roses for Roselyn (Niall and Harry Fanfictions)

She was just an ordinary, grounded girl with a young, obsessive sister... little did she know that her sister's biggest idol was obsessing over her. Join Rosie and Rachel on their journey in love, friendship, obsession, fame and passion. What will happen? Who will happen? And most importantly, how will they cope with the disadvantages of 'the good life'?


71. Girl Talk


I am lounging on the sofa opposite Rachel when my phone buzzes from beside me. It’s Eleanor.

‘Morning! Soph and I will be coming down to your apartment in about 5 minutes! Get us a cuppa ready? :) El x’

I throw my phone to Rach so that she can see the text and then I get up to make Eleanor and Sophia’s drinks. Last night, after we got back to the apartment, we had all gotten on so well that we had decided to spend the day together whilst the boys were off doing work-related interviews and activities.

I knew Eleanor likes her tea just as I like mine –one sugar and milk, not too strong- but I wasn’t sure about Sophia, so I waited until a bleep sounded and I could let them in from the elevator before I asked.

“Just milk, no sugars. Thanks Rosie.”

I hand them the polka dot, blue mugs -we had found them in the cupboards on arrival along with the coffee and tea supplies. The milk and sugar I had borrowed from Niall’s apartment.

“No problem.”

“Hey Rosie where did you get this? It’s really pretty!” El’s fingers find my navy blue dress that fits my body with tight long sleeves and a love heart neck line. It’s made out of the same material as winter jumpers are but it’s stretchy so that the above-the-knee skirt never gets pulled up higher than mid-thigh.

Sophia nods in agreement as I settle on the sofa next to her and explain where I got it from. “Oh it’s new! I brought it from a little boutique in Dagenham when we went shopping with Harry yesterday.” Rachel smiles as I gesture to her when I say ‘we’.

“It’s a good fit!”

“Surprisingly I didn’t even bother trying it on.”

“Lucky! I could never do that –my legs and chest and hips are all different sizes.” We all laugh as Sophia sighs and blows on her cup of tea.

“I heard the burgundy dress was a good fit though?”

“Oh yeah!” Sophia smiles at me in realisation. “You two were the one’s who helped Liam right? I was really really surprised! It fit like a glove and he said even he didn’t know what size to get, how did you know?”

“Just judgement.” I smile at her “I’m glad you two had a good anniversary –it sounds like one to remember!”

Sophia does nothing except proudly hold up the Pandora bracelet that's clasped around her wrist. I take her hand to admire it on her arm and see a new one that has already been placed on it. It’s a small pink bow.

“Hey, when did you get this one?”

“Funnily enough Liam brought it for her on their first date –he just forget all about it. It looks pretty right?”

“It suits the bracelet perfectly. Thank god he didn’t get the other one.”

“Don’t even tell me.” Sophia laughs and we all giggle.

“So you two know that we’re at Uni, what are you doing again? Sixth form?” El moves the conversation swiftly on and I let Rachel tell them about what we’re doing back in Croydon.

“Yeah that’s right.”

“So you’re studying…?”

Rachel smiles at Sophia a she answers her question without hesitation.

“I’m doing media, photography, art and psychology.”

“That’s a weird combination.”

“Yeah,” she lifts one corner of her mouth and I know what she’s about to say “I still haven’t quite figured out what I wanna do yet.”

“Well that’s alright, your both younger than us so we wouldn’t expect you to.”

“Only a little bit younger than me.” Eleanor winks in my direction and I decide that I really like her bubbly personality that’s much calmer than Louis’s excitable one.

“Oh no, Rosie already knows what she wants to do! She's doing all the performance arts and fashion design by the way.”

“Does she?” It’s news to Eleanor but Sophia smirks.

“Oh yeah, Liam told me her voice is remarkable. He thinks if they get you in touch with the right people you could be something special.”

It makes my heart warm to know that Liam thinks that –which means his mind is probably is probably in the same place that other boys’ thoughts are as well- but I just shake my head. “No… I’m still not sure. I don’t know.”

The others look at me like I’m crazy –including my best friend who knows the exact reason why I’m not sure about doing it. “Why?” It’s Sophia who asks and even she sits back, looking a little bit disheartened.

“Well… to be honest, I’m not sure that I could handle it. I mean, yeah, it seems great –an absolutely amazing opportunity… but I just don’t know if I could handle the attention.” All eyes on me, whilst I’m talking such a sentimental subject, causes my face to flush red. I feel hot as I try to carry on. “Its just that I’ve always been a bit of a shy person in crowds –I would never even perform at school until I got into sixth form.” Rachel nods understandingly –she wasn’t even aware of my voice back when we were 14 years old. “And I really like Niall,” my voice cracks and I know what’s coming next “but I’m not even sure if I can handle any of this attention yet, never mind any attention that might come with a career in the industry, as well as a relationship.”

The tears start spilling down my cheeks, whilst I admit to myself the things that I have been trying to hide from everyone, over the last week. It is scary and it has been on my mind for the most part of every day. “Hey…” Sophia’s soft hand finds its way around the top of my arm and I let out a small sob into my hands. Not even two seconds pass and suddenly Rachel and Eleanor have found their way over to me.

I pull my hand away to see that Rachel and Sophia are both cuddling me from the sides whilst El sits in front of me on the floor and is rubbing one hand over my knee.

“Don’t cry sweetie. It’s okay because the best part about all of this is that me and Soph have been in the exact same position as this too. It wasn’t easy for us either –don’t forget that.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you felt like this?” Rachel whispers from my left and I wipe my tears away shakily. It does feel like a weight has been lifted from my chest and the pressure has started to fall from the headache that was building up under my temples.

“So many good things were happening to me that I felt like I was being a coward if I admitted any of these worries. Plus it doesn’t help when people keep reminding you about how lucky you are–because, I know that I am extremely lucky, but they also don’t understand the things that make you worry. You know… The things you wouldn’t have to worry about in, like, a normal relationship.”

“I know exactly what you mean babe. When me and Liam were dating, I kept saying no whenever he would ask me to be his girlfriend because of the fact that I was worried about the press and the fans and just stupid little things, that I’m able to handle now, like needing to nip down to the shops in the middle of the night or having to look my best whenever I walk out of the house.”

“Unfortunately, when he finally sat me down and talked through those kind of worries with me and I came round to the idea, it backfired because someone told the press how many times I had said no –not that they knew the reasoning behind it. 2 days later I was being labelled as an evil family wrecker who wanted nothing more than Liam’s wealth and was jealous of my friend who was his ex. I was basically told by some of my friends who had read the articles that I was a bitch. Does friendships didn't last long but it still really hurt at the time.”

“Wow…” I stare at her as she finishes speaking and wonder how she manages to look so strong through everything that she’s been through with press and fans alike. “Is it better now?”

“It’s better in the way that I know how to avoid it and ignore all the horrible comments. Liam doesn’t let me see them. Most of his fans are still hung up on the fact that him and Dani are over… it was such a public relationship and she was my friend. I guess I’ve just got to learn how to live as the Wicked Witch of the West.”

My heart pounds with love for Sophia. She’s so caring and like the mummy of all of us girls –she doesn’t deserve a title of being evil. That’s not fair. “Sophia you aren’t evil or wicked or mean. You’re anything but and one day they’ll realise that.”

“Thanks hunny. But we’ll see.” She leans against me quickly, nudging me in the arm with a smile when El shouts out.

“See you’re not the only one who has found it hard –and I’m not a stranger to it either. My story time now!” I laugh as Eleanor crosses her lugs on the white carpet and smiles like a little girl whilst taking small sips of tea. “So Harry and Louis… they’re extremely good friends right?”

“Well... I don’t know. They all seem as equally friendly right?” Rachel asks me and I nod along confused where this is going.

“Right, well on twitter -facebook, tumblr, wherever- there is this conspiracy that Larry are actually a gay couple and I’m just a cover up girlfriend who’s been employed to keep them both in the closet.”

I first watch her smile and then look down at her lap where the hands holding her mug and clenching so hard that they’ve gone white. “Larry as in Louis and Harry?” El nods at me.

“Well that’s horrible. It’s so untrue.”

“It’s ridiculous.” I splutter. How can people honestly think that? If they had seen the way that Louis had run to her last night in the train station, or the way that he had swept El off of her feet as they kissed. Even the way that they had shared each other’s meals or the way that Louis supported her in the minivan when she had fallen asleep against his shoulder. The way that he held one of her hands in two of his or even just the way he smiled at El, like he could never get bored of watching her. “That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard.”

“But it’s what the fans think. Not all of them –it’s true- but enough that they’ve split the fandom. It’s better now, because they’ve seen us together more, but at the start it was ridiculous. If anything, it’s made Harry and Louis more cautious of their friendship. They used to be tight but now all of them are just as equals. It’s kind of sad to be honest.”

“So I guess I’ve come off lightly?”

“Like you wouldn’t understand. Maybe the fandom’s just grown up a bit but the response that you guys have had has been so different to anything that we’ve ever had. Even Perrie went through a little bit of a rough patch.”

“Yeah, when Liam first mentioned you I went on twitter to find you and was prepared to give you a bit of back up. Instead, I saw all the messages you were getting and it just kind of shocked me. If it’s that good for you then I’m sure it will get better for me, Eleanor and Perrie.”

“Plus, Sophia and I got a lot of stuff about Liam and Louis’ exes. Luckily for you, Mr Horan has been single for quite some time?”

“Really?” My voice is almost excited.

“Of course, El, do you remember his last girlfriend because I actually can’t…” They both look each other as they think back.

“No, since I’ve been with Lou he hasn’t actually had a girlfriend.” I’m totally shocked by her statement. When I first met him I tried hard to hide my feelings; thinking that I didn’t want to be just one of the many girls in a long line of kisses, romancing and dates.

“Are you serious?” Even Rachel’s a bit shocked. “No offense Rosie but I thought he was a player when you first told me about how you guys met.”

“How did you meet?”

“You never told us!”

El and Soph both start complaining until I tell them all about how we met last Wednesday –even though it feels like a whole life away. Well, it was; none of these amazing things had happened to me and I couldn’t even imagine making friends with 7 completely unforgettable people.

I had only just started describing how our eyes had met, with a crazy smile on my face and a tingling blush in my cheeks, when El started cooing.

“Aw that’s so cute! Like a proper fairy-tale! Aww!”

“El, shush. I want to hear the rest of it!”

I explained everything and even started explaining how I felt at each point. I hadn’t explained it in this much detail before and it was nice to just have some girl time to talk about boys and feel like I was 16 again.

“So he came out to find you?”


“That is actually precious.” Sophia was eyeing Eleanor whilst she talked. “Don’t you think they were made for each other?”

“YES!” Eleanor rolled over to kneel onto her knees part way through the conversation and is now rocking on her knees, jiggling herself up and down like she needs to go to the toilet. I eye her with an amused smile.

“You alright El?”

“YES!” Suddenly she springs up and throws her arms around my neck. “Group hug!” The others eventually join in and together, we all create a bundle of each other’s hair, clothes and a beautiful mix of each other’s perfumes. "I'm so glad that you're making him happy -I've been waiting for a perfect girlfriend to come along for him for so long! You can't even understand how perfect you are for him and how glad I am that your best friend isn't a total bitch either. Both of you are perfect to come into all of our lives."

"We've set up a little family together, all of the boys and their girlfriends and you're so welcome to be a part of it."

"Us girls need to stick together whenever the boys aren't home. That's why we need you."

“I’m glad we’re all in this together.”

“We totally are.” I rub all signs of tears from my face and give a big smile. “If you guys are this strong, even after all the things you’ve been through, then the least I can do is show a smile.”

“That’s right babe. You’ll get over the attention soon, I promise.” Sophia’s accent is so similar to Liam’s that her voice already feels familiar -even the way that she refers to me as babe like Liam does. Eleanor’s is different but they both remind me of friends. Perhaps, I think, it’s because they already are my friends.

“Trust me, it might even start to become natural to you. I think I’d probably miss it if it all disappeared now. I’m kind of used to it.”

“Course you are –don’t even lie- you like the attention of it.” Sophia flicks El’s long hair, which is straight today, jokingly and rubs my shoulder.

“Of course I am! Some days it’s just a drag, but other days it can actually be quite fun!”

“I didn’t mind it the first time we got spotted. I thought it was pretty incredible at how many people were there and it was just plain funny to just slip through them like I totally wasn’t on a shopping trip with Liam and Niall from One Direction.” Rachel laughs from beside my elbow and I’m thankful that she’s here too. She’s a comforting part of home that makes everything crazy feel more natural and homely.

We spend the next hour laughing about crazy pap stories. Some are more serious and just deserve a fierce nod or frown, but they are trying not to scare me so for the most part they are just hilarious.

“So you fell over in front of them?”


“What did they say?”

“Well one of them pulled me up by my elbow, with the help of one of the security guys, and another said ‘Careful love, there’s a curb there.’ I was just like ‘Oh, thanks for warning me.’ It wasn’t funny at the time but I had a good laugh at the pictures the next day. Somehow I made front page news on one of the New York newspapers. I think they captioned it ‘Liam’s girlfriend Sophia gets more than she bargained for as she takes two flights from John F Kennedy Airport’ or something like that.”

“Oh my god.” Rachel is uncontrollably laughing with Eleanor and I am trying to cover mine up with my hand.

“Aw, I’m sorry Sophia, I shouldn’t laugh.” The fact that she joins in with her deep, dirty giggle makes me feel a lot better about the laugh that’s escaping my own mouth.

It’s almost half three when we all start to get hungry and I ask everybody what their plans are for tonight.

“Liam’s taking me out to watch a movie and then we might stop by a bar or club when it finishes. Depends if Liam’s tired or not.”

“I think me and Louis will just stay here. Have some food and a few drinks. Oh, that reminds me –I don’t know what he’s been doing with himself but all our cupboards and the fridge are empty.”

“That’s probably ‘cause they stayed around my house for a few nights and since then we’ve all just been eating out and ordering take-outs. I have to go out and get some food anyway because I was planning on cooking Niall a meal tonight, wanna come?”

“Oh, girlfriend duties call, huh?” Sophia gives me a wink and I tell her it’s a surprise so not to tell him. “Oh I won’t. The boys won’t be back until later anyway so we could all go out for lunch and then accompany you to the supermarket? Is that okay, what are your plans Rachel?

“Oh, Harry’s going to give me a lift into central London later so that I can meet up with my sister and he can meet some friends.” El raises her eyebrow at me and I decide that I’ll explain to her later. She’s trust worthy enough and has probably been picking up all of Harry’s flirty comments, just as I had. “Yeah, that sounds like a plan.”

“Right then Ladies!” Sophia stands up and so do I. Eleanor grabs my hand to pull herself up and then skips over to the door –she’s so full of energy all the time and I love the way that she walks with a bounce in her step.

I throw on my brown heeled boots, leaving my legs bare for the second day running. “What are you doing girl! You’re going to catch a cold.” Sophia jokingly tuts at my legs and I hastily pull on a coat and scarf to prove that I’m making up for it.

Eleanor pulls on a pair of vans that have flowers on them to match her floral shirt and Sophia’s style is very mature with a pair of jeans, a white knit jumper, a black leather jacket and a pair of shoes similar to mine. Rachel runs from her room, dressed in her stereotypical shorts, tights, converses and tank with a grey hoodie.

When we get into the elevator I admire our appearances in the mirrors. We’re not a bad looking group of girls to be fair; good health, clear skin, great fashion sense. To be fair we do look great together and being with the three over girls gives me a huge confidence boost as we step out into the crowded London street which is much busier than I’ve ever seen it before.


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